Adventures, as crazy as they can be... The long awaited recap.

{ Shush, I'm reading... }

Alright, it seems I've got a lot more time to kill. Me and Grog are watching the front right now…


So the Dragon asked of us, through Bek, to return a ruby of large size that was stolen from him. Wait- hold on Ashryn back up… before all that happened. Okay so very dramatic jump and “pff” Gormogon was dead, or so we would have believed. A God known as Larmaxle, in the form of a brilliant silver, showed us this afterlife vision of Gormogon going through what seemed as a trial. Cards revealed his past, and then his fate. Which in the end he was given the choice of cards, and the one he chose was servant. And servant it would be, blinking away the vision there stood in the center was a Kobold, scales similar to Gormogons colors but with and added on streaks of silver, like lighting. ( Speaking of streaking, it took a while for any of us to realize that he had no clothes on, by the time we figured it out it was like our new secondary mission: find Gormogon new clothes. )


We were allowed to leave the tower, in fact ordered to pretty much leave right away. Which of course we did, cause you know we just ended up outside the front door. There… wasn’t really anything left of Gormogon’s old body, not even gear. It was all just dust, mist, mixed into the earth and grass. Not at all a pretty sight… However, with that we decided to take ourselves back through The Ways. We wanted nothing of the tower after that, and Gormogon most of all was done with it. Of course, I hate to admit things, but that tower really drives my curiosities… and had a decent collection of books. But, as we went through the ways I again tried to make light, and it just won’t work… I really wish I didn’t need some crystal to channel the magic cause being only able to perform in Arendia might be what gets us killed one day.


Anyway- The Ways were pretty much the same… up until we noticed a light in the distance again. ( I did notice something about Gormogon’s new body at this point, he spotted the light way before us. By the sound of his light steps he was a bit more confident of where he was going. Though we had a light as well, in the very back, he moved ahead like there was no real problem. I’m guessing he can actually see in that pitch blackness, which I think is pretty cool. ) Now um, before I continue… cause I know if I start calling him Gormogon in my little memory journal, craziness talking to myself thing I’m gonna call him Gormogon outside of my head. He refers to himself as Bek now. I think it was Bek Rowe? I forget when exactly he asked to be called that… okay. Now we couldn’t really see the person but, we doused our light to “hide” on the path… yes “hide”… ( I’m a lunatic in my head I swear ) Cutter backed further from us, which I’m glad he did it gives us quite the edge when a possible enemy mis-counts their foes, Bek went ahead a bit I think. Eventually Bek spoke out, and a female voice responded, we got real edgy when she spoke of a large group coming behind her as back-up. Then the funniest of this was she spouted some code thing that boggled us all, I don’t know what everyone else thought but I was thinking that if we got it wrong ( mainly Bek he was the one speaking ) that she would just straight blow us off the bridge. Which really isn’t far fetched at all but it sorta is a developing fear… falling off things. Yeaaaah- but for good reasons we apparently got it wrong and eventually we formed a very small friendly group. Or, would have been friendly right away if Balasar didn’t lose his mind suddenly. Charged right at the poor girl and the swing was heavy with fatal intent, you could feel death just standing over us all, Xander was quick and precise ( In thinking. Striking. Moving- Just pretty much everything he did within that split second was amazing ) firing a single arrow into Balasar’s hand, it stopped the attack barely but it stopped it. The lady then spoke “STOP” raising her hand in the direction of her attacker and almost as if Balasar had no will to disobey, he stopped. I decided to stand in between him and the lady, who as I tried to calm Balasar down revealed herself as… um… UHH- oooh crap… Tiefling that’s what she said right, phew okay, and said her name was Faith. Shortly after that though Balasar did break free and went in again… the feeling hit me again as well, death… just full of death. This time I reacted, with a full swing at Balasar’s left arm ( the sad thing is, I was intent to chop it off… I knew I wouldn’t hit him if I wasn’t with full drive and I didn’t know Faith well enough for her life to singly be my reasoning for defending her but it was still the majority of it. ) Once again, barely not hitting her and ONCE AGAIN she commanded him to stop. As he was stopped Faith performed what seemed to be one of those rituals I read about, though this one particularly I didn’t read about. ( She did it every time we took a break, so I gathered enough information to perform it myself if I needed to. It seems to mask something, maybe something that resonates from her that drove Balasar to attack her I’ll figure it out. ) She carried this interesting bag, one that could hold anything and pretty much everything as long as you could put in of course. I thought that would be awesome to have and really helpful for our group, but like a little kid I basically said “can I have one?” Of course she said no, but because that was the only one she had. So then I instead asked if it was possible to make one, she took a look around at the group doing something with her fingers that made a box shape and said “yeah you could make one.” We had a good conversation, Bek talked about how he died and was brought back bragged about how tall he was ( Nah I’m just picking, but she believed him… what was funny is that nobody heard what she said right after my gosh it was really hard not to laugh, I think I about lost control of my own self for a moment. After he was done she spoke aloud saying that was sad and a terrible thing to have happen. But all quietly after that she says “and for any women he’s with.” It sucks I can’t piece it together perfectly but it was really funny at the time. ) We slept a few times in The Ways, which she referred to as The Dragon Paths, eventually as were getting ready to split off the Magisterium shows up…


You can’t have a week without them just dropping by, not even knock, and just barge in and start eating your food that you had just prepared- Oh, well yeah that’s a metaphor but the idea is the same. But there was a lot of them and they went full force upon us. The first group took a bit to dispatch the second however we had to flee from. Faith tried her best to defend us as we ran but exhaustion was catching up, Balasar took her up just as she looked like collapsing I jumped in front of them to take hits. My body can handle it. The only reason we made it out was a room that we discovered in The Ways, which we had seen up till then, inside Faith used what was left of her power to close the entrance. The room was solid stone, much like the paths, and a single stone table with a cloth draped over it was the only thing in the room. No more than a few minutes later the room shook and all of us were pressed into the floor.


When it all finally stopped… the door was open again and on the other side a perpendicular hallway with stairs on both ends, one lead up and the other led down. To shorten this a bit, down led a dead end and took a while to get to, up led to a very empty city. ( Now by this point is when we finally realized, hey Bek has no clothes at all. None. So along with getting salt which is what Cutter says we will need to eat as long as we are here- he found out we were in the Wastes. He found this really pretty looking curtain and made it into a little poncho for him. It was blue with pink zig zags, or was it pink with blue zig zags? ) After spending a while to look for anything, including a way off the city island, we eventually found FLOATING boats. Yep, they fly and we used a little row boat to… row through the air… ( Ew that sounded terrible ) When we crashed, slash landed, slash could have died by flying boat, Faith took her leave wished us luck and left. We gave our wishes as well and made our way which brings me back to that really big, well long neck ( cause that’s all I saw ) gold colored, actually living, talking, Dragon and it apparently says something along the lines of this. “Bring me my Red Ruby that was stolen from me, and I will not kill you and your families.” First, what the hell? Second, are you kidding me?! Third, I don’t know what he actually said but that's how I understood Bek’s translation. I think that all goes into one thing, you know what yeah whatever. So of course we are given the tiniest of directions of where it could be, ( I swear there should have been some guy sitting on a rock telling us all that we will never be given any real direction other than what he is saying right now, and to not die. I honestly believe I would feel a bit better if I at least got that ) we head to Cauln. It just so happened that Cutter knew of something just like the Dragon described and it was at his house, in his father’s vault. It seemed convenient, oh yeah we can just ask your dad about this ruby thing. No… Cutter’s dad just had to be a jerk and now we cook up a ‘Master’ plan to steal it. Annnnnnnnd our thief is none other than…. BEK congratulations young- monster, man, for your achievements… honestly it is a good idea. No one knows Bek, and for the time being no one knows we travel with a Kobold that so happens to be the culprit of a break in at the De Rollo Estate. At the same time Cutter is supposed to distract his sister, just so Bek can get through her room window. Xander is covering the back of the house while me and Grog cover front. Which leads us to our now.


Rule number one was don’t kill anybody, and for that reason I made some knockout spore dust bags. ( Maybe I should name them, how about the sleep spore? Or maybe… dust of tiredness! Nah, now I’m just being stupid over sacks of dust ) They work simple enough, about put Xander and I out when we were making it though the effects take a while so it seems we shook off the minor dosages, just toss them the sacks ‘explode’ and the gas is released into the nearby air. Once the target breathes it in the time starts ticking, just um… exactly when the time strikes is my only missing piece so good luck Bek might need it. I am sure it works at least.


I wonder how it’s going in there. Oh I see Cutter and his sister, maybe I should get low- OH MY GOSH! REALLY!? WHAT IS THAT NOISE!? OW!


OH NO!! BEK!!! He must have been caught, CRAP! Xander should be rushing in by now! Let me catch up to Cutter…


So…… this is how it goes now… just… why? Sarin… I wish I could go back, to the normal life. When we were kids, just playing… I might be a warrior but- I still have a fragile heart. The one thing I can’t do right now is cry… though nobody can see me right now. Nobody can hear me either. Maybe- no let me think of everything logically. Do my thing. Assess the week- er, month? I don’t know anymore… I almost couldn’t care. They- just burn villages now?! Is that it?! Fathers! Just KILL their OWN CHILDREN! This… this isn’t the world I thought I would grow up with. What if… mom just told me about this stuff before hand? When I was younger? Maybe I could handle this…


I’m breaking down… in the room I was invited to stay in… The Lady was kind enough after- sigh… okay. I don’t remember where I left off. I-


I remember that we managed to get the ruby… and some witch in the basement… after striking a deal with Cutter’s father… we said way too much. Though if we ever have to explain anything fully and with good reason, I trust Xander would be able to carry us through it. He asked of my name, and of a few others. Our ‘true name’ means something special to him. It holds power, from what my book supports and of course… what Mr. De Rollo words supports. Maximilian De Rollo… I’ll play your game. Which I already understand from Cutter that- it will be my last and fatal mistake. So, maybe this cannot be my fight… no not maybe… this was never my fight. It’s been Cutter’s. Not Bek’s… not Xander’s… not Balasar’s… and surely not mine. Cu- Max’s Father… is HIS challenge. HIS test. Or however he chooses to see it.


I managed to get the woman we found some clothes from Sarin’s mentors. But- no Sarin… we were leaving in the morning too… so, I didn’t get to check on the house he was staying in… I hope he’s doing okay. Maybe the Magisterium hasn’t found out about our connection to use it against me… I could always send him a message? But… It might freak him out to hear about magic suddenly with my voice in his head… ( Heh, If he doesn’t hear it already… heh heh… sigh, it kinda helped I guess ) We gave the Dragon back his ruby/crystal… I- I’m really foggy right now… maybe the heat is getting to me, heh… It’s never actually bothered me that much before. However back in the flow, he allowed us sanctuary but it didn’t last long. Honestly I’d rather just skip that area before Cutter’s father found us again… We were attacked by men of the sands, his sister and father but we made an escape… into a pool of water that led into a section of The Ways… before so, Cutter made that very choice… and took hold of his dying sister as we passed through. She asked for final favors, one being a kiss the other begin he read a diary. I noticed something during the kiss… a spark jumped from her lips to his… almost like an aura of magic. Not a weak one either it’s glow was very noticeable… once again though there was no safety from this monster. The fight above us, held off by the Golden Dragon, moved into The Ways where a full direct attack was countered almost by the very will of Cutter. A warning, as Azahra, the woman’s name, joined in the battle her very blade coated in darkness, the Dragon spoke… the power would break the world. Bek did something behind us all and a barrier appeared blocking us from all the power that fueled the atmospheres ever growing pressure. With a quick explosion and sudden release of all that pressure we blacked out. When I finally woke it seemed everyone else was awake and searching the room. The way we came… was disintegrated, nothing left of it at all. Around us was a hoard of values. Gold and Platinum stretched everywhere, every colored crystal ( this… this is what I needed. Finally. I now can match their power. ) and books laid into a large bookshelf.


We cleared this place out, and oddly made a new companion. His name is Ca’le’stos, Bek began calling him Cal for short, ( rides on the poor guy’s shoulders ) and he say that he is what they call a warforged and there are many like him. He particularly was sleeping in The Ways and the Dragon promised to guard his book which I happened to pick up and actually that’s how we met him. I picked up a book, and a statue speaks to me and scares the ever burning soul out of me. Well that is my short introduction of him, he seems nice, though he says “sir” a lot even to me but maybe that’s just something he was used to doing before he went and slept for… however long… his book looked really old…


I… am so tired… it was like- just being in the center of the hottest inferno in existence… my skin felt like it was burning off yet… I’m not actually hurt… visibly… maybe after some rest I can catch up and the better my rest, the better I’ll feel right?




Sigh… thanks mom. I- just I really couldn’t have ever believed this. I’m not supposed to exist yet… I do. How do I act? Great full? Thankful? Proud? I don’t know. Just… I don’t think I would have really ever believed this, even hearing my mom say it… do I cry? Do I panic? I’m lost… Do I burst to anger? Do I act like a spoiled child? Maybe I just accept it. Build on it. Grow from it, or with it…


Well everyone seems to be heading to bed, I need to clear my mind a bit more… so let me side track it a bit…


After meeting Mr. Metal Cal and gathering everything we could, Cal was kind enough to carry my bags ( more gentlemanly than the others I may say, it’s almost cliche. Though Xander brought the idea to light. I was reading myself to carry all those crystals. ) { It didn’t become an issue long after though? } ( Who?- I’m losing my mind, I’m clearly insane. Is this the side effect of being half after-life?! Cause WOOHOO insanity…. You know what, just continue Ashryn. ) We found a chessboard like the ones before but the piece on it was made of clay. Without moving it we went inside to Xander and Bek’s really quick realization of being in the vault part of Cutter’s house. It was filled of Residuum, a key ingredient in my new books, used in rituals. This will be so helpful. Everyone just starts taking what they can. The vault was locked so we backtracked and decided to move the piece to a new spot, now leading to a new exit in a peaceful little elven village. We try to come out without being seen, Cutter does this strut thing as he exited and, eh, Cal came out and people just freaked. Ran for the biggest looking building here, a bell started ringing so most of us scattered to the woods. I followed for a second then it occurred to me that I could get in their and calm them down and be ‘diplomatic’ so I curved off the group and made for the building, Xander was behind me really quickly and we both made it inside. EVERYONE was getting ready to fight, including the children, we got called out by a guardsman to gear up. Finding we already were he asked us to see the Marshal for orders. Instantly we went and struck up a quick conversation to explain our reasons for being here, suspicion grew over us so if it meant the life of my friends or my pride. I’d rather sacrifice my pride of my own achievements for what I was born with. ( Not the only thing I’m going to need to learn to accept and actually just… make use of my life ) { You really shouldn’t let that go to waste, it is a very valuable gift. } ( I know I can hear someone else… no nevermind ) So I gave my official name and the heat started to lower off us, however when we tried to be subtly convincing he had us go up with him to his office. And there I tried the simple “This is just a misunderstanding, me and my group were traveling the metal one is with us. We don’t mean harm. Just to pass by, maybe rest.” but his questions started to pry into us so it was best to let Xander take the rest of the talking through, I said word for word “be conservative” and yeah no that’s not at all how it starts out. First thing he says is have you heard of the Magisterium. This very question almost killed us the last time, in fact it was asked pretty much in the same order. Of course we get something that I should have expected, do we oppose? Or are we with? I tried to counter question, failed horribly. Xander rolls around it with a slight answer but yet a real answer. I don’t know sometimes, he has definitely improved at his people skills so… Well eventually it turns to our favor, allies. He instructs some scouts to find the rest of our group and bring them back. After they finally make it back the next surprise happened.


A commotion downstairs grabs the Marshal’s attention and less than a few minutes later he comes up with a quick remark. “Thought you said it was only these three others!” Trying to get on us like we were lying, and really we weren’t lying not even a little bit. But it just so happens that the stranger he throws into the room isn’t actually a stranger. Balasar!


First off, he really has some soft feet for a Dragon-kin. Secondly, he looks really banged up. Scars and all sorts. Third, after going through a short period of catch up we find out his village was wiped. Then we figure he may be under a scry, so with quick team search skills we find it and I blast it. Luckily all the we blabbered out in front of the Marshal actually helped, because he decided that we are to speak to The Lady of the Glade. Thus we did… our discussion was brief. Figuring that this village would be under attack very soon we decided to stay and fight and help develop a plan to defend it effectively. The irony of this was we originally asked that we wait and ready up, but by the time she convinced us that this was a bad strategy they were already here.


The fight went by like waves. As each on crashes down, little by little the sand washes away… thus we drug out the northeastern flanks and headed around the east to southeast sides to strike the commander. Our plan was almost flawless, performed with snap! But then the small backfire came… and the mage fled. I took his standard. And as the battles fog began to lift I picked up his staff that he left behind- That’s when…

`The Vision…`

I bursted into flames, with much luck I hurt no one. That is until Cutter touched me. I’m so sorry… but I really didn’t have to mind set to be apologizing. I was soaked and ALL my normal clothes burned completely. I was literally standing in front of a bunch of men in a short green waist long cloak and the hide armor from the hoard. Luckily my ribbon didn’t burn away… or my hair. Or my SKIN for that matter. UGH that was just really really REALLY bad. Balasar was nice to hand me his thick fur ( FLUFFY ) cloak and The Lady escorted me back to the tree. She gave us a place to stay and me personally a separate room up in the tree. Even offered me some of her spare clothes so I could actually have something to wear. The rest was either gone, singed, wet or a very weird combination of soaked and burned. In the morning she asked me about what had happened. So I explained to the best of what I could at the moment, and asked questions. In return she answered the best she could, and gave me questions to ask my mother.


Apparently Xander pulled a stupid on this one… He likes to disappear sometimes but not under these circumstances. Two scouts never returned from a night search that was going on. I missed it entirely, so from what I understood it as at the time was “Xander poofed away after the fight around the same time I exploded.” Imagine one of my thoughts for just a split second. Oh my gosh I disintegrated Xander! Oh yeah that was a in and out thought. But there was a trail of left behind and he was actually no where near me when it happened so. Plus? He was still gone so is that even a plus? We followed the trail, it looked like dragging for a while. Eventually finding the two scouts and what seemed to be like a ‘camp.’ It was pretty much just grass flattened out enough like someone laid on it for a while, two someones to be in fact. There was a bit of blood and one of the two was limping, Cutter found some of Xander’s cloak, a torn corner piece. If I’m giving credit, Balasar actually found the blood but this entire search required us five collectively. We were catching up, but within my estimated time to actually make contact a bunch of little balls of fire flew directly at us. We ducked, tucked, and covered. Xander screams an apology before being choked to silence then that silence killed by thumping and lots of leaves and twigs and just the wilderness breaking as, I assumed, Xander was dragged about like a sock doll.


For a second time we caught up… and for the second time we saw the Fire Mage. But for the third time, we see De Rollo the supposed dead father. Of course no longer dead. ( Or never was ) Around Xander’s neck was one of those collars and I could not even resist screaming at him how much of a freaking IDIOT he was by putting that around his neck before giving it a proper examination. The moment heats up. Cutter actually disappears, completely. After a short focus I could see him again but he made a charge and halfway through… he was gone again. Quickly reappearing as the hilt of his dagger cracks against the bridge of De Rollo’s nose. But it slowed down. I could hear faintly their negotiation, something of joining. I shook my head. To think that after killing his sister right in front of him, Cutter would just decide suddenly to join him. It was really arrogant. Cutter continued, very assertively. Not dealing, not asking, demanding. In the end it was to be a dual, one I have been familiarized with before… in fact Jeremy did demonstrate one with me as practice, it’s qualities are helpful in battle and no dual could ever be so quick yet so long. Very similar to the stroke of a sword. Quick but ever lasting effects. The Elven Duel… also known as a Iaijutsu duel. Cutter asked me forward to call the match, in respect iI spoke softly in Elvish to ready and gave a nod. My body began to tremble, I could feel it again… it was heavy… I don’t feel it in battle as much but… this duel and when Balasar raged onto Faith. That’s when I’ve felt it. It’s weight is bearable but not for this long, four full minutes with no swing. No twitch. But in a matter of a second, Cutter’s dagger swung out faster than the mage, Alexander, could even draw his blade a quarter inch from the scabbard. Just like that… dead. I’ve seen lethality in many forms but- Cutter just showed me a form that I didn’t expect to see. I was scared, If Alexander drew first and landed it would have been done for Max- Cutter! ( Why there? Of all times to mix preferred names… ) I wouldn’t have let it happen, I would have dropped all meaning of honor to stop that from happening.


As our ‘Prize’ Xander was allowed freedom from his magic slavery and the spoils of the mage was left to Cutter as well. But he allowed me to the items and the rest as well. I took his books, which I’m trouble actually reading still but I’m slowly understanding it, a powder that masks scent ( maybe similar to Faith’s ritual ) and his bloodied clothes… they look nice and it can be cleaned. Since I couldn’t fully understand the books I asked for translation help, both Bek and Cal are going to help out with it. I know it will take a while. Within the meantime after our returning I decided to go to the lake and practice with fire. It took a little while at first but I managed it and more than once it started to get hot again and I swear I smelt the fabric singeing so I jumped in. Once. Twice. Okay six times. It’s not something you want to do multiple times okay! One time in public catching on fire is enough. I don’t need anymore clothes burning up in front of people. JEEZ


Xander visited me over there, startling me. ( He was being peeky or nosey I’m sure of it ) He told me about this vision he had, about the fight… but it didn’t actually happen. Instead Cutter rewrote that vision. After tha was done, we talked about disenchants and enchants ( now I know he is peeking, watching me read my books… though I’m not secretive about it at all. I’ve looked at them while I walk a few times ) In turn we took those collars and dispelled its power, and this substance flowed out. At first I really didn’t see it coming so I panicked and put a bowl in the center. The Lady gave me a clay urn to collect the rest. What I gathered I used to create Faith’s magic bottomless bag, or maybe bag of holding sounds more catchy, about six of them and send a message to my mother. Apparently it has a limit of words… and it cut me off in the middle of speaking… but mom replied with ease and from her tone she wasn’t as shocked as I thought she would have been ( I think I may know why now, or maybe I’m just really dwelling to much on this fact, I’m such a girl sometimes… wow that come out so stupid. Should I just engulf myself in fire now? No? Oh yeah, soft bed yeah good point me )


It was time to leave… the travel could have been the same. We stopped by Estis’s place but it was pretty much leveled, bodies spread around. None were him though, so that was a relief. As The Lady spoke of before to us, the world has broken, divided, split, however you wish to put it. Canyons far as the eye can see… wide for almost the same… { Exaggerator. } My home, about as I feared but luckily not exactly… people still walked around… injured… sad. Broken hearts, torn souls… this is what magic can do… no- I’d rather it be used for the opposite. Helping to save people, rebuild what has been lost.


Home… A warm hug… A great meal… A- talk… This night doesn’t need to be re-lived… not right now… I’m only just escaping it to reach slumber. And it is finally found…


There’s just one more family I have to know is okay. One more main person. I miss his lightning jokes right now… at least he could come up with something to make me smile right now. The others are asleep by now I’m sure.

{ No need to be grounded, heh, should be spreading those wings that angels have. Maybe that’s why you always like feathered pillows. }



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