Balasar adventure

When we got to cauln and messenger came looking for like he knew I would be there. He said my dad had fallen ill. Before I could tell everyone they were gone. So I decided I go home and visit him since this was a pretty simple job we were doing. The ride home was uneventful. Once I made it home every one there greeted me with support. I visited my dad and he was more then happy to see me even though he is really ill. After spending a few days with him I decided to go visit my trainer and see how he has been. My trainer togar was really pleased to see me and see how much I have become a skilled warrior and he wanted to take me on a hunting trip for some bears and wolves so we can have food and clothes. After killing a few wolves and some bears we managed to get a good bit of meat and pelts that we rigged a cloak for me to wear. On the way home we were talking about random stuff and then came to the question of what I've been up to. I wanted to tell him but I couldn't. Before I could say anything we noticed a fire in the village we hurry back home. When we got there it was a bandit raid of like 30-40 people and they just over took the entire village. Me and togar put up a valiant defense but togar took an arrow to the head and went down in a slump. That when I got surrounded and I took half the bastards down with me but it was to much and I went down and knocked out. I awoke to being dragged to this area of fire and I was still in a daze but I just couldn't tell where I was. That when I saw him the one of fire and I knew this was the magesterium that organized the raid on my people. He took me and forced me to kneel before him. He started saying the magesterium has been following my group for a while and that we have put up quite the fight and troubles for them. As he cont. he pulled a blade out and said now it's time for a lesson on the on the consequences of my actions and slashed a gash in my chest and he whispered a message to give to the group. "Turn yourselves in Now or y'all will suffer the same fate" after that I was knocked out and when I woke I was back in my village I decided to see if there was anyone still alive but as far I could tell none. In my head I kept thinking please let some of my people have survived this. The whole time I'm collecting my gear and any supplies I could scavengin, found a abandoned horse at the stable and took off back to cauln to meet up with the group. On my travels there I noticed ruins and lots of them like the world was being split in two, I keep thinking I need to get back I need to get back. A few days later of almost getting to cauln I start getting sense of being watched and I rememeber that seeing eye thing from Estis house and I knew I was being watched so I decided to change my plans and go straight to him maybe he can help with this problem I now face. So I keep traveling and somehow I ended up in this elvin village and I see a building on the ground and decided to see if they can help when I just get weapons drawn on me.



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