Dining with family

Bek- game 13

Where to begin? Ashryn isn’t immune to fire; I don’t know anyone who is. Xander still makes stupid decisions, like putting on things he has no clue what they do.  Collars from controlled magic doers equals not good! Staffs from evil magic doers, not good also. But Ashryn is safe from the fire, and we follow Xanders trail. And to my wildest imaginations who do we find? De Rollo again! Cutter tries to kill him I guess, sneakily, but fails horribly. Then he wants to duel the magic man for purchase of Xander? I guess since Xander put the collar on he is a slave now? But they duel it out, and cutter lighting fast slices the guys’ throat. Much respect to him I give. So that’s done and over with, but de Rollo leaves alive. He will die one day I hope. Before we depart from Estilliana, Ashryn has some magic to do. She makes these bottomless bags, much like what Faith had, one for each of us, quite impressive. Then sends a message to her mother through magic again, also impressive. Then we depart, the quaint elven village going to stop at estis’ house since it’s on the way to Gylanadel. As we begin our peaceful travel we find another canyon that has been made thanks to the ways being destroyed, or parts of them I guess. We follow it to the west, until we can find a smaller crossing which we have no luck. Therefore we, or I decide to climb down and then up the other side while the rest are fussing with ropes. They see how easy it was for me and follow suite. But balasar, being bulky and heavy doesn’t fair well on the down climb, much to my chagrin, he does better on the up climb though. North we go, and come to another canyon, there are a lot of them it seems, popping out of the ground, like daisies!! But we reach Gylanadel and see that the canyon we followed leads right to Lady Tssanis’ house. Luckily she survived and is well, some of the city didn’t make it, and some of the villagers are banged up and broken. But Tssanis has food for us, and shelter and we begin to tell her our tale from last we were here. We find out that she of all people used to run the magisterium many years ago to gain power, to reunite her with ashryns father for one night, to make her. My jaw drops, my head explodes. Now we need to find the new ruler, stop him make magic be used for good and not evil. We all talk, she tells us of things we didn’t know, we eat food, I comment to Xander since balasar seems to be smitten with mother and daughter, that he wants the mother/daughter duo! Ashryn tries to kick me in the shin but it doesn’t work. And then, when all is done for that we depart to sleep and rest. And what happens next, well that is just about to be seen.



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