Game 14


We had our chat with Ashryn's mom.  Turns out she can perform the awakening ritual for Balasar to make him an adult, personally I don't see why that matters, why we need to perform some ritual, let the dragonborn grow into being an adult naturally I say, he's already there anyway.

We leave in the morning for the Glass Tower, the location mentioned in my mother's diary and by Ashryn's mother, Tssani, who both mention it being the only place that an awakening can be performed with a 100% success rate, without the awakened dying in the process.

We make our way back from where we came, along the ravine that comes into Galanadel and then past the other which cuts through our path, and after about a week of travel, with no difficulty, we arrive at the Glass Tower and enter.

We make our way into the main room, past the foier and into the fountain room, and see the ghostly apparition of a dragonborn.  He tells us that we aren't welcome here, but his master will let us go with our lives if we give up "the thief".  Tssani apparently stole something from here long ago, and the tower's master wants her.  We tell the apparition that we wont give her up, but that we need access to the tower to perform the awakening.  It doesn't go our way, and we end up fighting a bunch of some sort of wind imp.  We clean them out pretty easily, even if they did get the jump on us, and we try to take a short break to recoup in the faountain room but are attacked by more imps.

We climb the tower after the long fight, some of us are beaten up, but we manage.  We then come to a circular room at a cross roads, three other doorways leading out to gods know where.  We've managed to even figure out that our path and this room have put us well outside the physical bounds of the tower's walls.  Where ever we where, it seemed to me that this tower sort of acted like the Ways.

The first circle room we come to has a bowl carved out of the floor at its center, and four pools of water along the edges of the room.  Bek pokes the water in one pool and is immediately slapped by a hand made of water and flung into the bowl, which is about 40 feet across and 10 feet deep.  Then some liquid metal things come out of the pools from the sides of the bowl and start circling the bowl, zapping Bek with lightning.  Xander takes a few shots at them and they explode in a wide burst, zapping everyone else in the room.  We manage to quickly find the way out and flee the room.

Our path takes us through more rooms like the last.  One such room had pools full of oil, and instead of liquid metal there were balls of fire.  Bek, again, gets knocked into the bowl, but this time the bowl begins to flood with oil, which is then lit aflame.  He manages to get out, at the cost of my rope getting charred, Xander destroys the fireballs, and we flee.

We them find ourselves in a large oval shaped room, and as we enter, we are attacked by kobolds.  Not a fight that's overly difficult, but we manage to get by, and leave the room.

Then there's a room that just tries to collapse on us, but everyone makes a mad scamble for the door and we get out.

Then…Then there's the real trick of this tower.  Ashryn's mother, sitting in a lonely bedchamber, all alone, and apparently here for nearly 200 years.  Everyone is shocked.  Bek runs right up to her and sits in the chair next to her, but this second Tssani says she'd like Ashryn to sit, if only the chair weren't infested.  INFESTED?!  This Tssani doesn't seem to care at all about us.  We talk with her, and find out that the Tssani we have been traveling with is a doppler.  Not only is THIS Ashryn's real mother, but that she's also STILL the leader of the Magisterium, albeit, not the acting leader, what with being locked up in this tower.  

Ashryn calls out to the master of the tower, who responds with a booming voice.  We know from Bek that the owner is another Dragon, so I subtly try to let Ashryn know to make sure we don't give away all our secrets to it.  Ashryn says she wants her mother freed, but the dragon says it wants something in return.  The Progenitor spheres are mentioned, and Ashryn says we have two.  The dragon asks if we happen to have a dark green one, to with I let Ashryn know that that seems like a trick question, if we say we have the dark green sphere, then the dragon will know that we have more than what we've already said we had.  Ashryn's face tells me she already was thinking this as well. 

We agree to let the dragon have the dark green Progenitor sphere, the green one being the sphere needed for him to do magic in his homeland, the Elven lands.  But the dragon still wont let Tssani free.  So I ask if he'll take coin for her freedom.  1,000 platinum and 120 vials of residium to let the real Tssani go.  The dragon agrees, thankfully.  Then Balasar pipes up, he wants to make sure we can use the circle at the top of the tower for his awakening.  Ashryn pays the dragon 1,000 more platinum, and we are able to leave and do our buisness.


Ashryn doesn’t pay anything to anyone. Bek pays the 1000 platinum for balasar

Game 14

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