My poor little feet

Bek Rowe


That’s our plan then, the Glass Tower once again. I really dread that place, considering my last visit ended up with me being reborn. I wonder if there is a chance to re-rebirth myself back to what I originally was? I don’t think so; Larmaxle wouldn’t make it that easy for me. After talking with Ashryns mother, we reconvene the next morning and gather our supplies. I have a new found power!! I summon an otherworldly steed to my bidding. I can summon a wolf? Or maybe a pony, nah that’s too comical and would make me look stupid. (Gasp) a dragon type creature, maybe a giant lizard or something? I don’t know, ill figure it out later.

So southeast we head, but having some rather large canyons in our way we have to take a more southerly route for the most part. As luck would have it, our journey of almost 2 weeks went by completely uneventful to my surprise. I half expected to be ambushed by the magisterium, since Ashryns mother no longer leads them. (Laughs internally and sarcastically) oh yeah, she used to lead them. Centuries ago, and for 10 years she did. Now, she has no clue who leads them, or who is out to get us. But I still say that it is, no I won’t say it lest he find us again. So we head out, to the place of my doom.

We travel on for days!! I just wish I could fly everywhere I go, my little feet hurt so bad. (gives a little sob of discomfort). We pass the canyons again, without attacks. We make camp, day after day without attacks. I’m starting to wonder if this happens on purpose. Is the magisterium trying to scare us? Cause it may be working on me some, but I will deny it in a heartbeat.

Finally we arrive. The cursed tower looms before us. After this, I refuse to set foot in this place again, unless it is a matter of life and death, and one of those has to include me. Yet here we are, same glass looking stone as before. At least I’ve had some work to do on the way here so I wasn’t worrying to much about it. I’ve been translating some spell books for Ashryn. Oh that woman, what a woman she is. Honestly, I enjoy doing this for her, not that I will always enjoy doing things for her but this I do. And these books are quite fascinating I must say. Nightwinds personal spell book? Nightwind, that name is familiar- OH! I know! In that letter we found in the study, someone named Z asked for his help post haste. Now who is Z? Maybe Ashryns mother will know. But who’s to say she will even tell me if she does? That woman knows how to keep secrets and make things confusing.

But I must put these books away for now, I know someone who would like them as well. Xander, of course, Ill translate them for him as well, although I don’t think we speak the same languages. I suppose I’ll have to put it in elvish for him.

The tower is the same when we last were here. Same glass stone, same 8 mile high tower. Same big thick wooden doors and foyer inside, same doors on the far end leading to the same fountain room. I’m considering drinking from the fountain again, but of course Cutter shouts out, “Don’t drink the water!” for some unknown reason. And as he does so we are met by a ghost, spirit being in the form of a dragonborn. My first thought is, that its Gormogon. And I am going to become what I once was! But alas, it was not so. For the apparition speaks to us, in a stern voice. “You bring the thief back I see.”(He gestures towards Tssanis) “My master says you are not welcome here, but if you leave the thief you may depart and your lives be spared. If you do not heed his warnings and leave her here and take yourselves out, you will be met with resistance.” Of course we don’t listen; we straight up tell him that we can’t do that. We need to reach the top and perform the awakening for Balasar. The apparition says “As you wish”, and faded away as we continued on our journey upwards.

We find the hidden stairs like last time, my feet hurt still and are so soar, and travel upwards or we attempt to do so, when we are beset upon by some strange dust and wind moving, bugs?? I really do not know what these things are, but they are a nuisance. Just like those treasure trolls, they push us, cover us in dust, and gang up on us just to wear us down. No one heard them coming but Xander, but little good it did as we had no time to act. Once we defeated these pests we decided to catch our breath and wits here in the fountain room, when once again they get the drop on us. We dispatch them with relative ease and decide we should head up the stairs before more come.

As we did so we come to a four way hallway, maybe I can rest my feet. There is a bowl? A hole? Some huge dip in the center of the room, completely smooth stone it’s made from. At each corner of the room around the bowl are smaller fountains. Everyone is stumped as this shouldn’t be here in a circular tower, and because we see nothing to indicate anything. I jump in the dip. Why did you do that? You’re so dumb! I have a bad habit of jumping into things. Nothing happens, so I get pulled out from it. They are all just walking and looking, talking and walking, that I decide to taste the water from the small fountain.

SMACK!! Out of nowhere this hand or force and pushes me into the dip. And then out from holes in the side of the bowl, came four metal orbs, circling the bowl.  And with them, I or we all hear a buzzing sound, or charging sound, like lightning. And sure enough, they shoot out lighting and spin around me a few times. If I was anybody else, or a normal being I would’ve been burnt like a pig in a roast, but I have Larmaxles protection which he gave me the ability to resist damage from lightning. I don’t however have protection when they are hit and blow up in my face!! Which is my fault really, but the next one is all on Xander. I yell out not to shoot them but he does.  Xander don’t do that again! I don’t know if he heard me or not, but he does a second time, and third. I’m alive, I’m alive!!!! I quickly scramble out of there and continue on our straight forward journey through this cursed place.

 Hallway, after hallway, after hallway, after hallway again we pass through only to come to another four way hallway with another dip in the center. Not to be the scared kobold in the group, I nonchalantly strut out into the main area when, yes you guessed it, I get smacked again but a force from the pools. As I land inside and attempt to climb out, the four holes open and not water, but oil start to pour out into the basin. (oh shit oh shit oh shit) I think as I really start to panic. Because the next sound I hear, above my heart beating in my ears, is click,click,click. Whoomp! Goodness gracious great balls of fire!! Ignite the oil in the basin, with me in it! It’s not a grand day for a kobold-b-que.

Cutter actually saves me, by tossing me a rope. Well what did you expect? Its rope, tossed in oil and fire, it’ll catch on fire. He cares about his precious rope, not like we can’t find more later. Xander being Xander, shoots these fire orbs and they all explode, just about killing me because in the process. We survived that part, so I’m not to overly mad.  But I’m still mad I got burned.

The next room we come to, as we continue our forwardly trek through this place, leads us to another circular room. This one however, there is only one way out. I see it before anyone else does. One of the dragon statues that’s in the room has a little hole in its mouth. I don’t want any more balls of lightning or fire shot at me so I mention it to cutter. He’s good at trap stuff and all, so we go look at it, and what happens!!??? We get shot with a ball of green goo. His hits him in the waist, mine gets me square in the face. Oh the horror! So we quickly try to get through, but everyone seems to get a snot rocket at them, and get stuck in place. And that is when I hear, them. Like me, kobolds, jumping out of the walls, leaping out of fountains to fly around us. Ugh, these buggers are annoying little pests! I would have tried to talk them down but we were attacked before I had a chance.

So fight them we do, pests, nuisance, and dirt under my claw things. But they still manage to give us a hard fight. They get dispatched and we press on. Another round room?!?! How many round rooms are in this round tower that we have crossed out of since going straight? I think I want my home to be not at all round, if I ever have on. I’ll make it straight, square, and short.

(Rumble, grind, crunch) the sound I hear is not what I want to hear. The walls start to slide behind us, blocking our way back. The sides start to shift in, getting ready to crush us. We are about to be squashed!! We are all trying to shove ourselves in this small doorway, trying to open the door. When suddenly it opens, and we fall inside just as the last bit of wall blocks our path. We found ourselves in a bedroom? There’s a table, desk, two chairs by the fireplace, one of them has Ashryns mother sit- what? I do a double take back to the fire place, look at the Tssanis with us, and quickly jump into the seat next to the fireplace.

She says for me to get out of the chair, so her daughter can sit.(I almost sob, “but I want to rest my feet, they are so soar”) She doesn’t like it being infested with pests! “I resent that statement madam or whoever you are”. But really I am a pest, just like my cousins in the previous room, of the previous room. But still, it hurt, to be called a pest, (sniff sniff). So I vacate the seat to stand next to it, closer to Ashryn, the lust of my eyes, the longing of my, uh yeah. (Clears throat)

Everyone is shocked to say the least. We have a Tssanis with us, now we see another one before us? How, who what? I’m not really paying attention to what her “mother” is saying, I’m trying to sneak a chance to cop-a-feel on Ashryn, but I don’t get that chance, just as I’m about to though, she’s joined by Xander, balasar, so I shout group hug! To hide the real mission I was planning. We try to bargain with the owner of the tower, Adalestik, dragon brother to Ashardalak, which apparently there are more of them and a sister as well. And I find out that my master, Ashardalak is in the human lands to the north. Must go see him, hope he doesn’t find out I tried to change my allegiance. (Hehehe)

Cutter gives Adalestik 1000 platinum pieces along with the dark green crystal of Arendia and some 100ish vials of residuum to Adalestik so we can leave, go to the tower top, and then to the bottom safely with Ashryns mother, (new mother, second mother, real?) I don’t know. However, balasar, oh great and naïve balasar, you have not bargained for your ritual. The dragon wants to know what his ritual is worth. Apparently it’s worth nothing to him, because he stumbles, and mumbles and offers 75 gold pieces?? Wow, so I, as I am choking because the dragon didn’t like me calling him a coward and scared, offer 1000 of my own platinum pieces to let us go to the tower top safely and complete his ritual. Oh he will owe me for this, I’m not going to expect him to pay me back, and I doubt he ever will get the coin. But sometime, somewhere I will need his help. And help he shall, for it’s a dragonborn honor to repay a debt.



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