new owner, new power?

That could have gone worse… luckily no one died, however it got really REALLY close.

After a good night's rest in mother's cell/room we began to gear up, even mom had some equipment that she either had before or gathered over the years. She pulled them out of a bunch of secret cabinets and spaces from a bunch of random spots around the room. My favorite was the bookshelf one; she moved a few books and a back panel, pulling out a pair of forearm guards. (I mean that's about what I would expect from my mother, she is a swift and sharp thinker. Even though she raised me through a proxy it really doesn't seem like anything is different) After gearing up we were allowed to leave the cell and proceed up a staircase. It was assumed that the staircase would take us up to the roof in order to perform the Awakening ritual. While we went up I whipped up some magic in order to speak with my mother more privately. (At the time… ow, “mom! Please, not too tight with the wrappings.” okay… yes at the time I didn't want my friends to know my insane idea. At the point in time I was in question of my mental state) I told her my plan to overthrow the Dragon, well it wasn't really a plan she sorta just guessed after I said I needed some help… and honestly I was waiting for her to talk me out of it. She didn't, in fact it was more like a subtle encouragement. I made it really clear, I had no plan. So she suggested that we wait till after the Awakening to make it known so that Balasar would be… well, she put it more like… he would be more useful. Which… I mean… it would make sense from what little I did read from that section. (Which reminds me! I got two new books in this really cool sounding language, no problem reading it either. Almost as easy as speaking Elvish, and a little easier than the common language. However I feel a bit bad that Bek and Cal spent all that time translating the book for me… I looked at a book before I went to bed, it was in Gnomish so I about put it down, but then I noticed I understood the few words I glanced at so… I started reading and realized. I COULD READ IT! but my excitement died like a few seconds after, cause I woke up to everyone getting ready and me being pissy)

After it was all over I struggled to subtly tell them about my insane idea. And to try to convey how crazy it was I chose to use one of Cutter’s famous words, “barmy”, he used a few more before but I wouldn't want to seem like a berk. Surprisingly they didn't all look at me like I was an addlecove, Balasar jumped right into agreement. (I know Bek jokes around about some triangle thing going on, but I'm starting to think he may not be far off. Like that was REALLY fast) Xander was in agreement, but I think that was mainly because he didn't actually want to make a deal in the first place. Bek took agreement just between Xander and Balasar (I think I was the only one who heard him the first time, ‘cause Xander turned to him and said he was the only one left to agree or not. I'm glad there wasn't any attitude with the confusion)

Cutter was the real last one to fully agree. He was very clear that this was going to be a bad idea, and that it maybe should be done sometime else. But he wouldn't let us all go without him, (I think it was more he doesn't want anyone of us to do something that dumb alone, and I would agree. Even though I about did it, anyone trying to do something like that alone is truly a berk… I'm having too much fun with these words, they sound real neat) After the agreements were struck, we all headed back down.


(I seemed to miss a part, apparently my family has the equivalent to a family house guard that can be summoned by name. Which is pretty cool, I wonder if I could call him if I needed him? What was his name again…?)


Instead of passing past my mother's holding room we appeared in a ridiculously large cave-ish kind of room and standing at it's center were three Dragonborn and another one of those Battle Standards. They spoke… “Do you really wish to fight? Go back on the deal?” There was no hesitation, I stepped forward closer to them and replied… “Yes, I do.” They readied themselves into their stances. We shifted to ours; and the battle began… The fight held a lot of difficulty. The Dragonborn warriors were hard to hit… and hit really hard, without fail. Xander, Balasar, My mother, the guard and I held back to fend off the brunt force of these servants… In the meantime Bek and Cutter (Well I lost track of Cutter within the first 30 seconds, but I know where he ended up. I don’t remember him moving so fast before. Though I have noticed that he can “fade into the fog of battle”) headed toward the standard. It looked like Cutters was going to break it, but he totally failed. Bek, however, pulled it out then instantly placed it back in. Doing so I noticed a faint glow sparkle from the standard, and within the same instant I could move much faster than before. The Dragon’s warriors also became slower, much slower, the opportunities turned to our favor it seems. I told you Dragon, You’re DEAD! (sigh, it’s still there… man that feeling is- different…) Soon as there was an opening though they took it back, but luckily for us it wasn’t for long at all. Cutter pulled it out faster than the winds upon a mountain top, then tossed it like a spear near Xander. Who picked it up, placed it, and began to defend it fiercely. The openings right after that were so wide… so, they fell… almost pathetically… Cutter held onto one of them and it struggled with such power, just Cutter had more of it. That one got gutted… there was really no reason for it to struggle anymore. Tides turn… whether in favor or against… they will always shift. This moment it shifted for us… but before this battle’s atmosphere vaporized… a more terror filled aura filled the room. The pressure was massive… and it reeked- the others felt it… but not like I do. Heheh… Ahah HEHEH! FINALLY!!


(I… Don’t remember the fight… It’s really fuzzy… It’s not really in color either, like an incomplete memory that I didn't actually have… but from what I can piece together, we suffered a good amount of pain… The Dragon ate the standard… Everyone was reduced in their normal battle ability… Except Xander… he was in his zone… Mother was within her strengths as well… Me? Again… I don’t remember… but. I do remember the final strike. Right in that Dragon’s center! I rose up his height and struck him down… the Falcata pierced right through with such ease… Blood ran down the blade and hilt and onto my hand… What happened next… was more suffering than I have endured before. That I remember.)

I can’t breathe! It’s- really heavy. I can’t move. All I feel is the scales pressing hard onto me, and the blood trailing from the wound. I didn’t let go of the sword. My wrist doesn’t feel right at all, that pain is abnormally strong. I can’t catch much air, and even trying just hurts more and more. The ground pressing into my back… I can feel the stone with the bones of my spine. How long can I last? Are they trying to get me out? I can’t tell right now… this is how I die… suffocated by a dead dragon… Ashryn that’s really not how you’re going out, is it? No. It can’t be. I refuse… to die… right now… I… i……… is the… pressure let… letting off…? i cant tell at… all… not… for sure… maybe just… trying… i could… GASP!!!!!

(and just as I felt like, maybe that was it… everything lifted from me. All the weight was gone. I still couldn’t move, and I still can’t really move. It feels really sore to try. Balasar carried me out… Mother led us out of the collapsing plane. The tower was falling. Most of it at least. It seems that the Dragon and the tower had a connection that ceased when he died. In turn began the deconstruction process of the magical plane within the tower. It fell. Leaving behind the original version of the tower. Only six stories tall. Though I really wanted to overthrow that dragon, take what was his and what we gave him. Including the tower itself. I don’t feel it’s safe to check it out just yet… but Cutter and Xander are very, what’s a the phrase for it… dead set… on going in to find the horde. I just don’t want to fall asleep then wake up to half my friends, or even all of them, being dead because of that tower. Sigh… well on a whole other note, I had an idea… laying here gives me some time to really think on stuff… maybe… we could all benefit from the Enchantment ritual. Balasar got him a new weapon from the Dragonborn warriors. So why not get us all some extra upgrades… I feel like adding some heat to my Katars could really scorch the field. Heh. With Cutter trying to keep my mind cool with the barmy ideas, maybe frost up his dagger for him. Might help chill the intensity during a fight. Xander… eh- well actually I’m not sure what he would need or want. Maybe I’ll just hand him one of the books and tell him to read until he finds something that sounds cool to him.)



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