Stupidty, true friends and enemies

the adventures of Tobi

As soon as the fight ended, I saw the collars that the wizards had…. They seemed to have some sort of ability to cast magic so I decided to dawn a collar and as soon as I did everything begins to flash in front of me and I am somewhere else…

Standing on the head of a very large serpent, forty feet or more above the sea. He communicates only in imagery, but you get the idea that he's taken notice of you. He demands your service for his power. You oblige him by taking a knee on the scaly flat portion of his gigantic head.  It is then that I receive a vision of what appears to be some sort of conflict you are to be involved in. Your friends stand on one side, half surrounding de Rollo. Behind him, also half surrounding are a half dozen young people of various races, each wearing ratty clothes, walking forward to form a line of defense in from of the two wizards.

As soon as I open my eyes all I feel is an invisible rope yank me to through the tree line and I use the little agility and control I have to not get smashed by every tree on the way.  I hear a cruel voice from in front of me, but don't see the speaker. "Well, well, well…I expected it to take quite a while before I was able to get another child. So glad you could join me."

“Who are you?” I said in a very arrogant tone.

"Your new master. At least, until I present you as a gift to my own. Perhaps he will spare me for failing to kill you and your friends if I give one with the spark." Said the mysterious figure

“Sleep” says my new master “since we have a long walk in the morning and leaving may make things a little uncomfortable for you”

Well in hopes of a rescue attempt I stayed awake until some scouts were coming I noticed them and the next thing I know I was used to kill one of them.  My new master used me to kill one of the scouts with magic.  After this I just laid down and went to sleep since I figured there would be little I would be able to do if my friends came to recue me and I did not want to accidently harm them. 

When I wake in the morning, I try everything I can to slow progress of the walk, by telling my new master that my leg is jacked up and we have to take it slow. 

“Either walk or get dragged” he says the choice is yours.

So we start off and am trying to keep the pace slow but as I got further away, my throat starts to close off.  So I catch up until I hear some noise in the background then I stop and little a little more.  I hear “Xanderrrrrrrr” 

“I’m sorry guys” I shouted right as I shouted that I suddenly was yanked back and decided that I was no longer walking so I sat.  Well who needs to walk when you can go unconcsience and get dragged through the woods hitting every tree of the way until we get to the destination?  Well after we got there I realized that this was my vision, but there was no major battle, no major fight…. Cutter attempted to kill his dad which was amusing… he failed but it was a good attempt I mean he just vanished it was great.  Well after that cutter got into an eleven dual for me.  Like he was my new master if he won… slightly odd but I will role with it.  I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes but Cutter legit is lethal with his blade… he slit the mage from ear to ear and hit some throat in there also.  Well after he won my freedom he was given a choice to be his dad’s heir but he blew him off…. Understandable now, but we head back to the village and stay another night before heading to Ashryn’s hometown. 

En route, we find a massive canyon that leads all the way out to the see so we get there and dare not get in the water since our little friend cannot swim so we scale down and eventually make it to Glennadale where the town is split in half with wounded everywhere.  We make it to Ashryn’s mother’s house and go inside and revelations are made.  She use to be the head of the group trying to kill us but that was a long time ago.  She knows almost everything and has not been very forthcoming.  I trust Ashryn but everyone and their family secrets is starting to get really old.  Balaasar losing his family before the last battle how did I forget that this guy is all about killing things now but apparently never went through the rite.  Oh I’m having a vision (At some point in life Balaasar was trained by the best fighter in the clan and was given right to passage and is an adult I guess) that may have been something new with these powers and I guess the visions are hit and miss.  So after the talk we all decide that we need to go back to colossus and that is where the next chapter begins. 



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