The lady in the tower

Tale of anger rage and hate

So here we are, trapped in a little room with this woman who says she is Ashryn's mom and the whole group is stuck in this world of disbelief.  I am all about just taking her head off since she is (1) the head of the magisterium and (2) called us here for this trap knowing Ashryn would follow her mother anywhere…. Even if it were a clone.  Well Ashryn has this massive breakdown and I let her know that I am going to follow her no matter what but trust is not just something that should be given out so I will be watching my back with this one.   Well after all the tears and everything, we all decide that it would be a good time to go to sleep and figure out what to do from there.
Morning comes and there is food for all of us…. Not sure how she did this but here there was tons of food for all of us to eat and next I hear Ashryn wants to take out the owner of the tower.  Killing dragons is not really something I want to do but this guy has it coming and with a few clicks and pops and hidden crawl spaces, ashryn's mom is armed to the T.  To be honest I would expect nothing less from someone who allowed the dragon to take them prisoner while they just sat there and gathered amounts of knowledge that would take a normal person years.  
So away we go and as we are leaving we run into three dragon born warriors and they drop down this battle standard.  We have seen this before or something very similar so the group decides it is time to begin the battle and we make not so quick work out of these three as they were skillful warriors.  None the less we vanquished our foes and I took the battle standard and ran with it.  As we entered the next room, the owner of the tower appears and we commence the battle.  
I go first being quick with the bow and draw back to take a shot and the dragon vanishes so I wait, and I wait and I wait.  Patience is not my thing so this is killing me but I finally get to let some shots off after the dragon reappears and destroys the standard.  Well I am not sure what everyone thought when we said we were killing a dragon, but apparently no one came prepared to fight something that doesn't actually stay on the ground other than me so I was the target till he realized that I moved to fast for him so he started bashing on the rest of the group.  Well as we are beating him nearly to death, Ashryn runs underneath and gives the killing blow in true dragon slayer form.  (It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen…. The rage the anger all let out in one blow) well apparently this was not the best idea because as the dragon died it fell on Ashryn.  Ballasr and cutter spent a bit of time lifting and moving the dragon as I came in and placed braces to attempt to hold the dragon using swords.  We finally got to Ashryn just as she was going out (and with pretty busted bones to boot) and saved her life with balaasar carrying her out.  Before we left I cut out both the dragons canine teeth to use as a memento of our victorious moment in time.  
We leave the tower as it is collapsing around us to find a spot to rest for the next couple of days so maybe Ashryn can heal before we venture any further down the road and look for Gerald if we are building this army or just have mommy dearest travel with the group…….



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