Balasar Shadow-Bane


When I was just a little dragonborn, I always dreamed of becoming a soldier and protector of our generals and protector of any high profile people such as royalty.

From that moment on I begun training. I focused on my strength and speed, I was so intense on training that I started to notice that I was getting stronger and faster then all the other young dragons I was working with. This also gained the notice of the best fighter in our clan that he wanted to take me under his wing.

At that time I didn’t want to start that training that I made a promise to my mother to stay in school and learn. I only managed to get half way through when that horrible day struck.

That day I remember I was just leaving when my father pulled me aside and said that mother was killed in a robbery by some bandits. I was so distraught that I just left and never looked back. I ended up in with some bad crowds in my hunt for the bandits that I became the smartest and meanest dragonborn in the town. I used everything in my power to look for this group of bandits that I finally found them.

For 3 days I watched these bandits planning and waiting to strike. The day finally came to strike but I underestimated how many they were. It turned into an 8 on 1 fight and through just sheer strength I managed to take down 3 of the 8, but the other 5 got the jump on and left my half dead lying on the side of the road.

That was when I saw a familiar face, the face of the greatest fighter I’ve known carry me back to his post to patch me up. When I came to he was there just giving me a disappointing look.

He said , “kid you were foolish to think you could have taken them on, on your own.”

I sensed he was trying to prove a point just by the way he was talking to me. That when he made me the offer. The offer which was study under him to be the a top rate fighter or leave and be a left to fend for myself as I had damn near brought dishonor on my family.

So for many months I trained and trained. Learning new fighting styles and how to hold my own on the battlefield. He even taught me enough that I became well trained at healing others on the fields of battle.

As the months were slowly turning to a year my master started to see that I was excelling past even him that he felt it was time for me to see the world and practice everything that I had learned in the past few months.

On my last day my master brought me two items he held onto for a long time and that was his personal armor and weapon, his own personal scale armor and a MorningStar. When I left him he said that I was the greatest student he ever had and that I would make a fine soldier and protector and he always saw me as a son.

So in my travels and gaining George Francis III, my trusty steed I set out to start my own adventure and explore outside my home.

I managed to come to a city called manthos, a weird city of another race of smooth, different color people that were short and weak. As I walked the main market area and all eyes on my I see another dragonborn:

Balasar Shadow-Bane

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