Sarin Cryus


Ashryn’s best friend, they grew up together in the city.
Tall and black haired, brown eyes.


Sarin’s Tale
A door cracked open slowly, an elf man came trudging in, slowed by his thoughts. ‘I don’t want to believe it…’ he thought, ‘just when I was beginning to understand my new life… something happens.’ His confusion became grief. ‘Ashryn, I’m sorry to leave you without an explanation, and a proper goodbye.’ The man spoke aloud softly, shifting his glance from the floor to a table with fabric and thread laid across it. Every color, every design, was made to compliment everything about her. Every ounce of his soul went into creating the finest quality cloak for her to wear. Nothing was more heart than seeing Ashryn’s face when he gifted it, but nothing else hurt him more than saying the final goodbye. Yet even she would not realize it until it was to late. The young elf almost couldn’t hold in his distress; his bottom lip quivered, head hung low, and fingers clinched within each other. His composure was broken, shattered into hundreds of pieces. The elf knew of nothing that could fix what had been fractured and knew that it never will be. It was only mere days ago that he even became considered as a man, yet he already found himself lost in a hidden tide of life. Sarin Cryus once would have been known as a great leather worker or a fine tailor. Now caught within a web of secrets spun by those of power and offered freedom in captivity. It was his only choice now. ‘Oh… Ashryn… If only I could tell you…’ once more he spoke aloud to himself. ‘But you must find out on your own.’ Sarin let out a quivering sigh then a short whimper. Within his final gift was another, a small crystal, used as a detail, tailored into the cloaks design. In realization, he snapped and pulled out parchment, quill, and ink… then began to write…
(Written in elvish) My Dearest Ashryn, I only wish that I could have told you. Alas, it was against the rule and therefore I could not even tell you I was leaving. As a friend I cared for you as best I could, truly getting to know you. I would never give up those memories or even take back any time I spent with you. However, I felt I have broken our friendship because of this secret… I know what happened that day, why you late, they know who you are now Ashryn. They know where you are. They are the secret, they have found me… and I know that you will find out some truths and then you will find them. I know you well enough to know that you will stand with your thoughts and hold onto it as if it were the last belief the world has… Please, I beg you, don’t fight them. I don’t want you hurt, not by them. But… by the time you find this you may already have. Just know that if you have decided to fight back I will stand behind you to the death. You will need their power No, you will need a greater power. Like those of mighty dragons you would read to me about. May that be your inspiration Ashryn, use that against them. If I one day learn how to contact you, I will tell you everything I’ve learned. Hopefully, way before they figure out how close we were. I know I am not wrong, you will fight. But that means- you may ha that to- fight, me.
My one regret…
Sarin Cryus
As sarin wrote, tears welled up inside him, some even trickled free. He paused so no tear would land onto the parchment. In fact he refused to ever let Ashryn know that he cried, even through singular tear marks on the paper. When he finished he packed his belongings even then he almost broke down. It was to much to take in even over a periods of time. Ashryn only left about three weeks ago, Sarin had only been a man for roughly one week. Yet her he stood with knowledge he shouldn’t have known and offered into this group of powerful people. Confusion still riled inside him, fear and sadness wanted control but he had barely enough will to keep it at bay. After gathering his things, he picked a select few items, the ones that help most value to his memories…
A blue scarf with purple edges and stitching, handmade by his mother… he wore it for the first time the same day he first met Ashryn.
Silver thread… a gift, Sarin could never forget the giggle she gave when he first told Ashryn he enjoyed sowing. He thought she was picking fun at first till the next day she gave it to him. It was used in the cloak.
The clothes he wore when he got selected by the best leather worker in town. Whose wife also worked with various leathers and cloths. They both trained him in a variety of skills. Master Falter and his wife took turns each week. Sarin trained with another young lad, a dwarf actually, named Garm.
Of course he packed up his tailor’s kit, a good luck gift from his mentor and family. Garm decided to stay and work under Master Falter.
And last, a little invention of his father. Sarin’s dad was known as a tinkerer, made little knick-knacks here and there when spare time was available. This, however still within testing, was his latest and close to most intelligent of his creations. Sarin took to calling it the Wrist Blade or sometimes the Hidden Saber. It was a piercing blade hidden in a wrist guard, meant to penetrate through most armor and still hit vital areas easily. To pull out the blade it was a simple wrist flick that activated the spring mechanics and locked it in place. To reset, you simply unlock and pull back the small lever. Sarin made his own touches of course, which slightly enhanced the retracting and extending functions.
All this and the very clothes he wore, the rest he tucked into a bag and tossed into the fireplace. Sarin lit it and watched as the fire slowly creeped onto it. “All I need is the items that define me. So that if I am ever lost in life or doubting my choices, I can be reminded of who I am.” He thought aloud and chuckled slightly. “Seems your ‘wisdom’ rubbed onto me, even if it is just for the little important things.” He watched the bag and it’s contents burn slowly, occasionally the fire died down but Sarin managed to keep it going when it would flicker. Close to the last minutes of the bag’s fabric and leathers, a knock came to Sarin’s front door…
“Mr. Cryus, I see you are home… may I come in?” A voice spoke. It was male, and demanded respect and attention when heard. Though it wasn’t harsh but it wasn’t soft either. Sarin came to the door and opened it, gesturing his arms to allow him in. “Yes, come in… I’m just, packing.” Sarin spoke. The man stroked his chin and shrugged. “I see, well I’m sad to say you won’t need but a few things-” he paused, noticing the contents of which kept the fire burning. After quickly analyzing it he continued on. “Oh, well you must have already known… I am sorry but I’m glad to see your practicing.” Sarin frowned, “of course Master Quaril.” Addressing the human. Quaril straightened his stance and shifted to face Sarin once again. “You are quick to improve Mr. Cryus, you have much potential in you. However you must release your pain, if you let emotions cloud your mind it will cause destruction. It is hard to control power if you cannot control yourself.” He lectured on. Sarin only frowned and stared at the floor. “Dear boy, does leaving all this behind hurt you so?” Sarin did not speak but shook his head slowly in response. “Ah… then it must be a girl. Someone you must be leaving behind? Your best friend perhaps?” Sarin did not look up but his eyes began to widen. Quaril began to laugh, “do not worry it is possible you will see her again, it all depends.”
“Depends?! On what, does it depend?” Sarin rose his head sharply to meet Quaril’s eyes. “In good time young man, in good time.” He walked over and tapped on Sarin’s head then continued to the door. “For now, it seems to be a great time to leave. I will await you outside, do try to not take long.” Quaril walked out and shut the door behind him, leaving Sarin once more alone.
Sarin pocketed his things and strapped on the gauntlet. Then headed over to his desk where the letter lay at rest. It looked as the ink had dried so he folded it and seal it into an envelope, finally he signed it. Saarinen was relieved that Master Quaril did not notice the note but knew that surely he would be curious of it if he carried it around and later attempted to mail it. So instead he put it in his work desk then used a brown string to lay secret pathways across the floor. He did this three times: one five feet from the left of the door, another connected his work and writing desks which rest at two separate ends of the building, and last lightly tucked into a flower vase that held a single white rose. Each string led to the drawer and was tied to the handle. It was hidden to everyone without a keen eye for small details. One trait he knew Ashryn has occasionally, if she was to come looking for him most likely she would head to Master Falter first which would lead her here. Hopefully she will find the letter. Sarin walked towards his front door, gave one last glance over of his home, straightened his clothing and stepped out to join the human.

‘One day…’ he thought ‘One day, I will see you again… and when we meet once again I hope it’s as friends and not enemies.

Sarin’s three months…

I’ve spent so much time here, training to become the strongest Wizard in the Magisterium. In the first month I went through repeating drills of basic spell casting. Master Quaril worked with me in all my training sessions. He had the brilliant idea to practice every spell I knew but by casting a single spell… over and over and over again.
“Again.” Quaril commanded. Once more Sarin raises his left arm and stretches it toward an ethereal target. Just as the few times before, without a word, he flicks his fingers to a pronged claw and lightning bolts out, striking the target dead center. “Interesting…” Quaril stroked upon his beard. Sarin turned his head to face his master, “You’ve had me doing this for days… I’m ready to move on to the next set.” He lowered his steaming hand and placed it into a pocket. “I’ve mastered every other basic spell. It would be nice to move on, instead of me having to do all other spells in an independent study.” Quaril continued to stroke his beard, almost like he wasn’t really listening to what was being spoken. Frustrated by the ignorance Sarin stuffed his hands deeper into his pockets and looked down to the floor. “Look… Master… I know there is something going on and if you don’t train me with more spells how will I be ready-” Quaril raised his hand swiftly to stop Sarin from continuing. “That’s not how this works. I’m not teaching you right now anyway, I’m assessing you. Not many mages can master a spell without speaking the word, most can do one or two of the simplest of spells. You however have just showed me a medium level spell and for the fourth time in a row casted it with ease…” He continued on as his words started to feel more of a lecture. “Interesting is it not? That you have ascended quicker than all the beginners and apprentices before you. Yet you still feel as if you have energy to learn MORE? It’s fascinating.” Sarin frowned during the entire length of Quaril’s speech “So… does this mean you’re not going to teach me anymore spells? Because that’s what it’s begining to sound like.” Quaril chuckled lightly and stroked on his beard once again. “You’ve shown more eagerness than before, what’s driving you now?” Sarin’s eyes widened, and it felt a little harder to swallow.

Well he seemed to figure out that I had learned of scrying and had been working on travel spells… I had notes scattered around my room of everything, some torn or burnt, most stuffed into a case. I saw Ashryn in some of my scrys… a few of the people she was traveling with, a watched them pass a tower of glass only twice… It’s been saddening watching Ashryn and her friends suffer… but each time I must have missed by who… I didn’t know before today… well Quaril showed me my power after that last day in the first month. How to bend the energy into powerful electric attacks. Bending the will and aura of others; whether to push them distances, raise them into the sky, press them into the ground, or stop them completely… Lightning and fire is dangerous and unchecked can destroy everything, a controller of this power must understand this in order to master it. Quaril was a good teacher, but after I surpassed him another of higher ranking had to mentor me… as much as I tried to refuse he would not allow me to go unsupervised.
“There… I’ve… done it…” exhaustion was taking a toll on Sarin, this spell was not meant for him to be casting. Quaril was impressed watching as his student has been growing quickly, too quickly… it was becoming difficult to tire the boy out in order to get him to rest. So he moved Sarin on to casting spells that even Quaril himself had trouble casting. “I cannot believe what I have just seen… you actually successfully casted a chain lightning…” He stroked his beard and shut his eyes before continuing his observations. “Ah, but you have expended everything you have to do that spell. Without an enhancement you won’t be able to cast that spell fluently at this time. However, just casting it is an amazing factor to my methodes. We must begin the next sets Immediately-” He was cut off as another member of the Magisterium entered into the room, nothing signified a higher standing but by the way Quaril spoke and stood showed that this particular one was more powerful than him. Sarin watched from a distance, again shoving his left hand back in his pocket… he didn’t fully hear the conversation but Quaril become slowly more upset as the conversation continued on. When it finally got louder, Sarin focused in. “He has excelled over you Master Quaril, you can no longer mentor him.” “but he is my student, I trained him for almost three months!” “and now he is no longer your student, he will continue his studies more independently and with help from the higher mage.” Quaril scoffed at him and turned away, going down the hallway. Sarin couldn’t make eye contact with Quaril or the other mage.

That was two weeks ago, since then I have been studying in my office. Keeping my abilities at peak power, if Quaril disliked whoever that man is then there’s a decent reason of why that doesn’t involve personal gains or losses. Its taken time to gain full control of my split hand powers, my left allows channeling of electricity and other magical destructive energies. My right is more complicated, using the common arcane power to channel but… also another form of power that allows me to manipulate objects and people. Mainly move them. Not much else but the combined powers have made it easier in challenges. In turn this will become effective in my combat as well, using some other enhancements should boost my speed so I won’t be an easy target either.

As a mental note, my last scry of Ashryn must have failed… all I saw was darkness and all I could hear was her talking. Occasionally I would say something, mainly as a natural response to someone telling the story. But I think she may have heard my voice, rather a faint mumble. This led me to believe my spell may have failed and instead backfired into some weak form of a two way communication.

Reminder, I am to tag along on a field assignment in a few days. Details are unknown. Even basic information is unknown to me. I’ll keep with a laid back approach, only basics. No need to be serious if they won’t give me real information to prepare on. However, this is also because of my current concerns with the state of our archmages. The attacks I discovered where happening have had no real backing or reasoning. So no need to get serious until it turns vile. I’ll take this as a way to watch the group I am to be with, if anything turns to a point of “evil action” then I will have to step in…

Sarin Cryus

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