Game 13

I was unconscious at the end of the fight with the Magestirium, but not before knocking out the so called "puppet master" who was leading the other magic doers while he hid behind a wall of fire.

As I wake up, we come to find Ashryn in some sort of pain before she catches fire.  She's screaming and holdering head, and the fire doesn't seem to actually be affecting her, other than putting off a lot of heat.  She manages to put herself out, and I run over to her to see if she needs help (she WAS just on fire).  As I put my hand on her shoulder, I felt an immense heat and actually burn my hand a little.  It was like putting your hand on a still hot stove top.

Ashryn cools off, pun not intended but hey, and the Lady of the Glade asks to speak with her.  Balasar and I come to find out that Xander is missing as well.  We make sure Bek and Ca'le'stos are alright, and then we ask the marshal if he might send out a group to look for Xander.  I'd honestly like to go myself, but everyone is beaten up pretty bad after that fight.  Balasar and I decide to get some rest  before we set out looking for Xander the next morning.

First off though, we had to grab Ashryn, so in the morning, we head up to the Lady's place, where she apparently let Ashryn stay for the night.  Ashryn seems perfectly fine now, though you could tell she had something heavy on her mind.  I know that look, I'm still probably showing it as well.  We ask the marshal if he's happened on any news of Xander, and he tells us that two of the elves he sent out didn't return, and asks us to bring them back if we find them.  He also told us that the two scouts that didn't return were sent to the East, so that's where we head off to.

A few miles out of the elf village of Estilliana, we find Xander's trail, but it appears that someone is with him, someone limping and being dragged behind.  We end up finding a small camp in the woods, fit for two people.  Apparently whoever is with Xander slept in the same camp.  I also find a bit of Xander's torn cloak, and Ashryn finds a small amount of blood.  This is enough of a clue to make us thing that Xander might be in more trouble than we thought. 

Following the trail a while longer, we are attacked by bolts of fire from out of nowhere.  I attempt to sneak around and Ashryn calls out for Xander, and we DO hear him call back, saying sorry, but he's then muffled.  Then there's this sound of someone running through the woods, someone who isn't worried about not making a sound, whoever has Xander is running off in a dead sprint through the woods, so we give chase.

As we chase the "puppet master" from before, we come to a clearing.  We were led right into an ambush.  Six men, all standing behind their leader, my father.  The puppet master hands off a gem to my father, which he then places into a bracelet.  Everyone is at a stand still.  None of us thought we'd see my father again, and I doubt he thought he'd see us.  I pull my ninja mask over my face, going invisible, and sprint to my father, attempting to make a clean knock out and take the gem, which he tells us is the key to Xander's freedom.  I don't hit where it count's though, this isn't an ordinary target, so my father doesn't drop. 

I back off, and ready for a fight, but my father holds his men off and my group don't seem like they really want to fight either.  I tell my father to let Xander go, but he says nothing is gained without a price.  Rather than make a deal with him, I tell him to let me win my friend's freedom back, after all my father's "gift" was taken from us, and dad doesn't like holding onto stolen goods.  So ask to fight the man who brought Xander here.  My father smiles, and says we'll partake in an ancient elven duel, something called an "Iaijutsu Duel".

He explains, the two of us, the puppet master and myself, will stand within striking distance of each other.  There is no count down, or any sort of display or show, we just stand, and strike, but the timing is what counts, there's honor in waiting for your opponent to draw first, but striking before he's able to.  The duel is about patience, speed and skill.  Father also says that someone needs to officiate, and that official can even be someone from my party, which my father even gives me the choice of picking.  I choose Ashryn.

We stand in silence for quite a while, a few minutes actually.  The man in front of me quakes in fear, opposite of my still and resolute focus.  One of us will die here.  HE, will die here.  I can hear Ashryn even start to shake to my side.  The air is heavy and the mood tense.  I don't even notice the breeze anymore.

He draws his dagger first, and in the split second that metal shines past the leather of the dagger's sheath, my blade had already drawn blood.  Everyone is still and quiet for a second longer before father mutters a "very well" and tosses me the gem, saying that I have to order Xander to remove the choker he's wearing.  My father leaves, and his men follow suit.  I wait for thems to be out of sight, then I wait a bit more, before I drop to my knees and remove anything useful from the dead man.  I take his gold, and leave a few things out for the others to look through.

When we get back to the elven village, I pull out my sister's diary and begin to pour through it.  I come to realize though, that it's not Rosalyn's diary, but our mothers'.  In the book, she describes being pregnant with Rosalyn and I, how Rose was dying and I had given up my spark to her.  Rosalyn was losing her spark and was ill; apparently mom was also a great magic doer and healer before she died.  Rose and I were destined to be great because of mom and dad's abilities.  Mother was trying to attempt some ritual, called an awakening, which is supposedly SUPER dangerous, in the way that it almost never works, but she found a place in Arendia where an awakening can be done with a 100% certainty.  She never made it there though, and had to attempt the awakening on the road.  

An awakening gives any sentient creature a human-like intelligence.  Mother awakened me, and told me of how Rosalyn was dying, that to save her, I would need to give her my spark.  Giving up someone's spark cannot be done without the other dying, unless the spark is given up willingly.  Mother knew she was going to die, se we agreed; I'd give Rose my spark, and our mother would keep me alive with hers.  I lost my spark, but Rosalyn got mine and was able to live.  That's why father hated me; he was promised two children with great power, and only got one.  When Rosalyn died in the Waste, she gave me her spark, giving me a double dose of magic in the process.

Oh, and this place in Arendia that supposedly can make awakenings a sure thing, it's the circle atop the Glass Tower.

The next morning, after we rest from finding Xander, Ashryn makes everyone bags of holding.  Xander and I then break into my father's vault via the Ways, and take as much "residium" as we can carry.  We then head off to Estis' house to see if he's even still there.  He isn't though, when we left his house a few months ago when the magestirium found us there and we fled, they had apparently burned the place down.  Estis was nowhere to be found.

So, we decide to head off to Galanadel, to see Ashryn's mom.  We come to a ravine blocking the way though, and have to travel all the way to the coast just to cross.  We travel on, and come to another ravine, but this one we're able to follow the edge of up to Galanadel, only to find out that it ends right under Ashryn's mom's place.  We go to her house though, and the main buildings are still fine.  Ashryn talks with her mom for a while, and we find out that Estis is still alive, he stopped by here a month ago.  Ashryn askes her mom if she ever ruled over the Magesterium, and her mom tells us that she did, but only long enough to learn how to speak with her long dead husband.  Se was even able to spend a full day with him somehow.


The Short Vision....
those who burn, either burn bright... or burn out

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The fight with the magisterium is over… everyone is doing their share of searching bodies. I’m going to check out what may have been left behind by the Man of Fire…

His staff? Why would he leave this behind? It’s far too important! Might as well take it-

AH! What the-! Where- Where am I? I- I can’t see anything?! It’s all just white and blurry…

Wait- I think I see… Someone?


“Who’s there!? Show yourself!”


They are moving closer to me, I need to be- WHAT!! Where are my mother’s blades?! Where is my sword?!


“Do not fret… I am not your enemy. I do not mean you harm.” It was a man’s voice, older maybe late into the middle ages. If he’s human…

“Ashryn, do you know my voice?” What?! What kind of question is that?! NO of course not!


“Look I don’t know who you are, but if you’re not really my enemy then you will tell me your name! And explain where I am and how you know MY name!”


He’s chuckling… Grrrrreaaaaat, I feel all peachy inside right now…

“There is no reason I shouldn’t know your name dear child. I only gave you half of it.” hold on…. WHAT!!!!! I’M GOING CRAZY WHAT DID HE JUST SAY!?!?!? My jaw must have dropped a full mile down, because his expression shifted slightly. “Do you doubt my honesty? I do swear upon my very soul that what I speak is true. As for where it is you are, I am not allowed to say… you see bounds have been crossed just for you being here. You being alive originally would have crossed many boundaries.”


“I’m… very confused… y-you’re saying that, you’re my father? I’m sorry, no I don’t- I can’t believe that. My father died.” oh my gosh, what and why? This man must be insane or something, to think I would actually believe that. Wait hold on… “You can’t tell me where I’m at? Because that breaks some rules? AND me being alive breaks those rules? You really need to start making sense before I blast you into the next few moon cycles!” WHERE ARE MY WEAPONS!


He sighs, “I know that you can figure it all out. You’ve done so well already… I only wish I could have been there to help you grow. Help you learn.” That doesn’t answer any of my questions- or… wait… it- it does. “I cannot tell you everything, your time is limited here, but I can finally help you.” He’s close enough I can see- GASP – He! Is wearing my weapons! And that armor… Is that- real dragon scales?! Wait he doesn’t have all my weapons, my mother’s katar isn’t on him. He looks so pale… and his eyes are a pure silver color. “You have yet to actually awaken your power. You’re eager to learn and you have the strongest drive to gain more of the magic’s abilities. Ashryn Cadi Hhila Phirel. The name your mother and I chose for you it holds more power than you could even understand. Only you can fully find that power… and maybe you won’t ever learn it, but I can at least start you on your path.”


My name… He just spoke- my FULL name! I- why do I feel… warm? Ow, OW! My hands burn!“What did you just do! STOP IT!” The pain is going to make me cry it’s moving up my arms! What is he doing! I thought- I thought he said he was my father why would he do this?!


“I am doing nothing… you are doing it… you need to let it go. Build it up in your very soul then let it out… If you can control it then you have proven that you can begin a path that your mother once walked. Let it go Ashryn… “ He face looks like he’s in pain, why?


Dang it girl! You can stop fighting against it now! AHHHHH! It burns! “I- I can’t- It hurts… It hurts…“


“My dear girl, tell me… why is it you fight?” Wh-why I fight?


“I fight for my friends! My family! I want to protect them!” Even the tears on my face sting… my body feels like it’s shrouded in the inferno. “I want to survive, so that I can study magic! And use it for the good of the people! Teach those with the spark to control their gift!”


He knelt down, his height only an inch below mine. “And what of the magisterium? Tell me why they anger you so?”


I’m going to die- I’m going to fail- this pain is too much… “They killed families, and destroyed towns… just to stay in power over the world. I won’t let them do that… no…” I’m not going to die… I refuse! My strength is greater, my will is stronger!!

“I WILL NOT GIVE IN!!” I had to straighten rapidly, extending my arms wide. I felt it burst out, I SAW it burst free. Flames as pure as the true essence of a soul, colored to a red tinted purple.


“Only those with the gift to truly see the world around, can bend the elements within it.” My father’s voice echoed around me… “But you must have control………….”


The fire is just extending everywhere! And- Wait I smell… burnt grass? My vision wasn’t coated in the white blur from before. It was greens, and browns. I’m still in the forest? That's right… wait?! Who is near me?!?!?

Death of a family
the cutter story

So Bek seeing water and I guess feeling parched, decides it is a good idea for him to jump into the oasis as I am sitting back talking to Azahria.  Well after a while and me not getting what I wanted (I wanted her) I look back to see a struggling Bek as Azahria Ashryn and cutter and not in the middle of some sort of death lock debate.  Without a second thought, I jumped in to rescue Bek only to realize that either he is to far down.  Save him and possible drown or fail and just drown?  Well I take a massive breathe and go under, well I went and I went and I went until I realized I was not going to make it back up and right before I pass out, Poof I fall and I am suddenly in a room full of treasure with a passed out little Kobold.  It doesn’t take long for Bek to wake up and realize that we are in a dragons horde and we decide to rifle through things a bit after he ask the dragons permission and gets no response.  As we are sorting through the stacks of gold and books and platinum and armor and everything else we hear a bang as Ashryn, Cutter , and Azahria come through the door to the horde.  It is more than a welcome addition, but the problem is cutter is holding his sister’s lifeless body and I know how much he cares for her.  Shortly afterwards, De Rollo comes through the door and he is intent on killing us all but then suddenly the dragon pops down and then some sort of shield appears right in between us and them and suddenly the room gets heavy and we all pass out. 


I wake up and everyone else is passed out so I begin to rifle through the contents of the room and take a bunch of platinum, some armor a bag and other items that seemed like they would be great for future use.  As everyone else woke up slowly I looked at cutter at tried to console him and as I went to speak to him he pulled a knife to my throat.  I spoke in only kinds words as for the first time since I have known cutter, he looks like he is in genuine pain.  The loss of the only family he knows has to be hard on him and I let him know that to me he is family even if we do not always agree or get along.  With this I gave him a token to remember his sister by, her jewelry that I was going to sell in the next town and I told him how Bek had the diary and he lost his mind.  Cutter tackled Bek and fought over the diary with Bek eventually giving it and being upset at me for being honest. 


After the rest of the guys went through and took all the things that they wanted from the horde, we went to find an exit and since the other end was blown out during the three way battle royal.  Let me pause, apparently giant living iron golems exist.  Yes this thing that is a giant and made of Iron and wood and keeps calling me “Sir” it exist and even called Ashryn “Sir”.  I am not overly sure what this this is but we decided it could travel with us also.  So back to the exit we found a chessboard with a clay piece on it and I went to walk through the door and I was back in the vault in De Rollo’s house.  Well I went In with all the guys I took something like three dozen of those really valuable vials and headed back out as there was no exit from the inside.  I then went back out and moved the clay piece and it took us to the middle of an elven village and we all snuck out and acted like we were all natural until that damn giant piece of lumbering metal walked out and the village went nuts.  An alarm starts wailing and the group bolts to the tree line except the elves and we walk towards the building to help set up the defense of the village.  When we get inside we are sent to the Marshall who immediately knows we do not live here and questions our intentions and where we came from.  We spoke to the Marshall about everything from magic to the ways to the magisterium and he silenced the alarm after he got our friends.  Next thing I know, there is a loud bang and the marshal disappears and comes back and throws something on the floor telling me that I lied about the number of friends I had.  I assure him I did no such thing and then suddenly this big mass of cloak humanoid pulls down the hood and it’s a scarred up every so much uglier Balaasar.  I took him for dead or deserter or something but he is back and now I have to watch my back again because he is always flirting with Ashryn and I don’t like that. 


Much to the disappointment of everyone we had to explain this to the marshal and apparently Balaasar now has brought the Magisterium to the village since that is who he fought.  Well suddenly we have to meet the Lady of the land because she is the boss and now magic is coming here.  Well we meet with this lady, and I am reluctant to speak since her sister did save my life and give her own in the process and I believe the story of her sister anyways.  Well not too long into our meal, the alarm goes off and there is the magisterium running through the village.  Combat is set and the two side’s class.  Good prevails over evil after a fairly short fight in which we dominated and took out three wizards and the eleven villagers held their own.

To be continued ……..



Our new big friend! and old big friend, and new elven friends

All I could think of was water. It was wet, cool, refreshing and right there. So I leaped, without thinking that I couldn’t swim if my life depended on it. As it turns out, it did. Luckily for me Xander is my friend and attempted to save me. I’ll get there in a minute. As I’m in the cool water, I feel as if something grabbed my ankles and dragged me down. I grasp for anything to stop myself, but I reach nothing. Down I go, to the bottom, and the last thing I see before darkness takes over is a tall and wondrous figure diving into the water after me, at least I hope. I realize that I’m not dead, but that somehow I have found another way into the dreaded WAYS. I fall and hit the solid floor with a thud, just as my savior lands on top of me, and man is he heavy!! It is Xander after all. Once I begin and succeed to cough all the water out of my system we look around and realize. DRAGON HOARD!!!!!

It’s only a few minutes before the others follow me and Xander and fall through the opening, and then I realize that something is wrong. Cutter not being his usual disciplining self, and telling me I was wrong, is kneeling over a body. That body is of his sister, who quite frankly I’m sorry and not sorry she is dead. . But now maybe he will see what we all have been saying, his father is a murderous scum, and he needs to die.

And speaking of the devil which happens to show up in the dragons hoard is the villain himself. He starts to attack us with magick, but somehow cutter is stopping it for the time being. Azharia lends a hand in holding him off, but doesn’t have the strength it seems to stop him. Then when all seems hopeless Ashardalak appears and throws his might in against de Rollo. Magick is flying everywhere purple, blue, white balls of energy. I duck and hide and then I see it, defense emergency. I push this button with all my might as an energy bubble surrounds us and protects us, moments before there is an explosion of magick. Then all goes black.

I’m the second one to wake up, Xander is first and of course he is rifling through the treasure. But so would I, which I do upon waking up. I place the bone helmet on my head; find some damn good armor just my size. And then proceed to fill my back with coins and gems, also grabbing 2 rings and getting Larmaxles Rod, my implement of my power.  Afterwards, the rest start to wake up, and then the unbelievable happens, Xander has a moment of honesty and returns the jewelry he stole, and then rats on me about the diary that I have. Apparently his sisters ghost told cutter to find it and that it will hold secrets that we need.  And instead of asking for it he attacks me and demands I give it to him. Fine, he can have the damn book, as I throw it in his face. Just because his sister died doesn’t give him the right to do as he did. But no matter, trust goes both ways, and I trusted him in the first place guess that was a mistake? Time will tell.

So, there we are, snooping and pooping, and taking things because I called out to Ashardalak about taking some stuff and he didn’t respond. So we take stuff. And then out of nowhere this giant (to me) statue of a metal/wooden man starts speaking to Ashryn! Put my book back please sir. Is what it says. I scratch it, lick it to see what it is, it’s a war forged. Come to find out, a statue magically made to become alive. Weird I know, but with magick what else isn’t impossible? His name is Ca’Le’Stos, I call him Cal for short, and we become friends. Or so I think, not everyone is amazed as I am but who cares. This group isn’t going to survive for much longer; I just have a very bad feeling about everyone.

After we have all had our fill of coin, gem, treasure and such, the group of us, now including Cal set off down the only path available to us. We come upon another chess board, but this knight is made of clay. Obviously someone has made themselves a copy of it, hmmm I wonder who…  so in I peek my head and to my wildest dreams it leads us to the vault in de murders house!! I pop back out kind of scared to be honest. I tell everyone where it leads and we head on through. Myself and Xander grab some more blue vials which we came to find out is ridium? Something these magick users like Ashryn and Xander need. Although I have yet to see Xander do magick, I must mention this to him, he seems a fake. But we are locked in, because like many vaults they only open one way. So we go back through the door way and move the piece, which is also new to us. It moves, the door is open, but this time it leads us to a quaint and peaceful looking elven village. Xander and Ashryn sneak on through; cutter shockingly struts through like he owns the place. Yeah right. He can’t even own his own being, his father owns it. And Cal, poor big hulking Cal gets spotted.  I however am smart and latch on to his back, under a cloak cutter gave him and hid myself among his possessions. But being how big he is, he is easily spotted and the alarm is rung. So I yell out to run and hide, I jump down and scurry into the brush, Cal and cutter following. While Ashryn and Xander do who knows what with who knows who in the village. All I know is after sometime; an elven villager comes following Cals tracks and talks to him, asking him to follow. I pipe up and ask is there food???? Because I’ll follow for the amazing offer of food. We follow him and he takes us to the office of this Lord Marshall, who seems to be in charge of everyone save HER.  He then questions us, and once again Xander has given away secrets that aren’t meant to be given away.  Ashryn told him little, but enough. After some conversation, him laughing at me for being a paladin, the bastard, he excuses himself to a commotion outside. We sit and wait for a few minutes when he slams open the door and accuse us of lying and having another companion about. I automatically assume its balasar except he is wearing boots and gloves, something a dragonborn or dragonkin never do. And it turns out to be balasar.

He then describes his adventures, when he last left us. He leaves us a lot, I’m not sure why but he does. He tells us of a story just like Xander Oakentree. Village burned, family killed, and he now has scars on him. Guess he thinks he looks badass now, still weak in my opinion, but that’s just me. We are told how it was the magisterium and hired bandits that did this. I pipe up about being scryed upon again, and Xander finds the looking ball. Hmm, I like that term, looking ball. Destroys it, and we then are set to go see the Lady of the Glade. Who is none other than Azharias sister? I didn’t know she had a sister… but she did, she’s queen, and very beautiful. I’m just awestruck how beautiful she is. She says it’s quite alright, but balasar disagrees, I then make mention that he is still a child to show him who is boss. ME.

We talk, we eat, and I fill my belly. But before I am able to let it settle and enjoy it, the alarm is rung again. It seems the magick doers have found us. To battle we go! It starts out well and good, minus the fact we get blinded by the treasure trolls, again. However for being blind we all did pretty well, balasar even held his own, which I’m surprised and amazed. He may have gone up a notch in my book. And Cal even did well, up till the point where I had to go save him, but that’s what I am for.

Then the big boss halfing? He puts up a wall of fire around him and the terribly deadly trio goes after him. Cutter does amazing, Ashryn does great, Xander pretty good to. Then there is me, I’m blind, deaf, and there is a wall of fire, I’m surprised I didn’t just walk into it and burn and die. But luckily I missed him because cutter told me he had knocked him out and was getting ready to subdue him. I would’ve just killed him and be done with it. But that’s just me again. With over whelming odds, the elves and even the lord Marshall manage to take them down, and with the lord Marshalls healing standard and our combined strength we do manage to save the town for now. But the boss got away, like they always do. I’m starting to wonder if we don't have a spy in our midst. One or two of these bosses seem to get away when one of those three are near. I need to pay attention better.

Game 12

We've met with the dragon, and Bek said that he's offered us a safe place to rest, unclaimed waters only an hour or so to the South, so we go.  There, I take a break and refill my water skins while Xander and our new "friend", Azahara, chat each other up.  Bek dive in the water of the oasis for a swim.

It's a few minutes before everyone realizes Bek hasn't surfaced in minutes.  Xander dives in after him, just as the rest of us all hear a call for us to keep our weapons out of our hands.  It's Rosalyn, standing atop a sand dune.  Some men who came with her then crawl over the top of other nearby dunes and draw weapons on us.  Rosalyn holds up a sliver of a gem, saying it led her to us, but just as I begin to wrap my head around why she would possibly be after us, I see my father behind her.  I knew She'd never follow us on her own out here, but I also didn't think our father would actually drag her out here for his own needs.

They surround us, but as soon as Ashryn, Azahara and I gain our bearings, my father and his men are surrounded as well by Waste Walkers, the people who took me in for my rite of choosing.  Azahara, Ashryn and I each know that we can't risk this fight now, so the three of us begin to flee.  Then, there's an explosion of wind, and the Gold Dragon Bek talked to appears.  It seems there's going to be a three way battle no matter what.  

Most of us are blown off our feet, but as the girls and I are about to find a place to run to, Rosalyn comes rolling down a dune, stuck down by the Dragon's wind.  She tells me to look for her diary, that it'll hold some answer, or a clue to fixing everything.  All I can do is nod, my heart is in my throat, but in the next moment it plummets to my gut, as I see our father pull his hand up, like pulling at an imaginary chain, and Rosalyn's neck snaps.

Both Xander and Bek haven't surfaced in a long while, and Azahara thinks there may be some sort of passage down in the water, lets even their corpses would rise to the water's surface.  The three of us, me carrying Rosalyn's body, all sink to the near bottom of the pool of water, and we do indeed find a passage.

We meet up with Bek and Xander, who take notice that I'm carrying my sister's lifeless body.  Xander tries to speak to me but all I do is put a blade to his throat.  Thinking back on it, I don't kow what came over me, it was like someone else was directing my actions.  ;p

Then we look in awe, as my sister's spirit rises from her body, and unfolds her hands like oppeing a book.  She's asking me to find her diary again, the last thing she wants to do before moving on is try to make things right.

Then there's a laugh in the darkness.  Not only have we found ourselves in the Ways, but now my father was here, threatening us.  Azahara stands up to him, and tells us to run, but then there's another crash as the Gold Dragon enters the Ways through the oasis.  My father makes some motions with his hands, which makes Azahara all worried, and just before something rips apart the whole area the three of them are standing at, a shimmering wall appears as if out of nowhere and shields us from the blast.

The whole area around my father, Azahara and the Dragon is vaporized, and the three of them are gone.

I sit in stunned silence.  Xander hands me some of my sister's jewelry, I don't know why he has it in the first place, but I know when he had the chance to take it.  He then asks me what the hand motion meant that Rosalyn's ghost showed us, and I tell him she wants me to find her diary, that it'll have some clue or answer to what's going on lately. Xander barely has time to take a breath after telling me "Bek has that diary", before I tackle the kobold in a fit of anger, anger fueled by my sister's death, and knowing that two of my closest friends betrayed my trust.  Bek fights back, of course he would, though I'm not thinking about hurting him, just getting my sisters diary back.  He mutters something about me not being able to read it, but I can read it fine, though I don't find what I'm looking for.

I don't know what Ashryn had been doing, but she did something to get the attention of a nearby statue, which spoke out to her, with words.  The statues says it's not a statue, that it's a warforged, and it's named Ca'le'stos.  We end up bringing it along with us, I mean why not, we're already a strange group, why not add something even more wierd to the mix.

We full our pockets with gold and our bags with loots from the dragon's hoard, which also happened to be where the pool in the oasis led.  We follow the only direction we have, and reach a chess board as we'd expect, but the piece is a knight made of clay.  We pass through the wall ahead and amazingly it leads us to my father's vault in my house, but the door is closed so we can't go any further.  Bek moves the piece back in the Ways onto a different spot, and the passage leads us into an Elven village.

Everyone sneaks out into the village, except me.  I figure the best way to not be seen as someone who doesn't belong somewhere is to act like you're supposed to be there.  Ca'le'stos isn't as lucky as all of us, he immediately gets noticed by a pair of passing elves who run off to ring an alarm.  Everyone splits and hides, except Xander and Ashryn, who stay behind to try to calm things down.

A short while after we split, and a little while after tailing Ca'le'stos through the woods, he's stopped by an elven hunter.  They speak for a bit, and the hunter says he's going to take the warforged in.  Bek, who apparently was nearby, jumps from the brush and asks if there's food.  He has such a one track mind, I'm amazed this small creature is the same person that was Gormogon, new body of no.  With the two of them heading off with the elf, I come out from hiding as well, and we're led to a building.

Inside, we meet up with Xander and Ashryn, who have been sharing our side of our long tale to the village's marshal, and tell the marshal that we are running from the magisterium.  We speak for a while, then hear a comotion downstairs.  The marshal then throws a large figure into the room, and we're all amazed to see Balasar, all scared and cut up from what could be some hellish fighting.  Balasar tells us that the magisterium are on their way, they're following Balasar thanks to some blood they captured, and low and behold, Xander notices a scrying orb in the room, which he shoots down.

The marshal tells us that his village can take whatever the magisterium throws at them, but he expects us to fight along side him, which we don't turn down.  After all, the magisterium is after us, and we led them to this elven village.  The marshal also suggests we meet with the Lady of the Glade, their queen.

The Lady turns out to be Azahara's sister.  Azahara had mentioned wanting to build an army to overthrow her sister, who supposedly stole the throne form her.  Regardless, he we sit in front of their queen.  Ashryn does most of the explaining here, honestly, all the talk about magic sometimes hurts my head, but I'm still in my own thoughts after earlier.  The Lady tells us that there have been some happenings throughout the world lately.  Ravines have appeared or disappeared, and the floating city of Kilossos is no longer floating, or at least, not where it was last seen.  Whatever's been happening in the Ways, with the magisterium running wild with their magic, it's literally tearing our planet apart.

Then we hear another comotion outside.  The magisterium had found us.  Elves lined the walkways between tree houses and walked the grounds below with wolves.  My party and myself ready at the ground floor to protect ourselves.

The fight isn't too terribly long, and it definitely had its ups and downs.  I start the first few seconds blinded by magisterium magic, then deafened.  After I shake it off, I can see that even while some of my companions had also been struck blind, we were still managing to hold our own in the fight.  There were a lot of magisterium though.  The elves clean up their side of the battlefield, as our party swept around the other.  Ashryn must have spotted him first, because I hear her yell out "behind the fire wall, there!", and as I regain my sight, I notice a figure standing behind a protective wall of flame.  Whenever the sprigans do their magic, it's the guy behind the wall of fire pulling the strings.  I call out to Ashryn, who's close by, and tell her to have my back, we're going right to the guy behind the fire.

Ashryn makes the first move, cutting through a few magisterium mooks and clearing the way for me, and Xander, who rushes with us.  I sneak behind a tree, but manage to get all the way around and behind the real magic man, before knocking him on the base of his neck with the pommel of my dagger, sending him unconscious.  

The elves continue to clean up, the marshal even getting in on the fight, but the man behind the fire wakes back up and hits me with fire, and I fall unconscious.  When I wake up, the fight is already over.

Ashryn's Recollection, Part 1
One of many...

Alright… made it out, time to think…

Why do I feel so powerless against these people? Am I too inexperienced? Is my drive to help others, my friends, not strong enough? Is my resolve to fight broken…?


NO! This is nonsense, if I continue like this, I’ll decline to weakness. I cannot forget why I do this, I need to bring back my determination. Maybe looking back… back to before this- I’ll call it half blind travels. I’m sorry if I grow distant guys… here goes nothing…

Cauln, we went back at request of Estis. Mainly telling us to leave and get to safety. The road wasn’t safe of course. I’m glad to have learned what I can about Magic and I will learn more, period, I am mastering this… Getting too far ahead again, okay; In Cauln we eventually met Sharna, a woman that takes residence in the Rose Tower. She begins to show us some wares, as we were curious of the tower to begin with, but after Grog spoke to her briefly she took us into the walls. It became apparent that it worked the same way as the Glass Tower from before… ( That tower- no not yet, breathe, slowly Ashryn… ) At first we all leaned towards the edge of safety when she asked us ‘why are you not dead?’ though quickly settled by her second comment of violence not being allowed or tolerated in the room. She wasn’t threatening to begin with, but she did quickly confirm that we are wanted dead by the Magisterium- magastierium? Magi-sterium. Ugh why am I even trying to do this… I bet I had it right the first time. Stupid new words sometimes I swear. Alright, so after some better introductions/explanations we exchanged some information. But what I am really wondering about is that circle from the Glass Tower… which she said knowing that information would put us in even more risk. Gormorgon declined for now, but I will take note of this for later… this will be important. ( We- we should have just let her tell us. ) But the real table turner here was the trade for favors. Each one of us were given an artifact from her stores. Cutter and I got gauntlets, they were not the same of course, mine gave of this shine sort of like moonlight from a full moon reflecting off waters of a lake, honestly it’s pretty. Gormogon got something that reminded me of the war banners I saw in stories. It actually suited him well, very nice… Xander- umm, well crap… I’m not sure what it was he got. I wasn’t actually paying attention, I got a bit distracted- wait was it a belt? No I think that’s the same one.

Right after gifts, we had to leave. Our safety in Cauln wasn’t guaranteed and it would have been a matter of time before they found us there. And not much down the road, still far but not too far, we ran into another group of halflings. So first, Magic is A-Maz-Ing being able to use it myself, but every single time it is used against us. IT ABSOLUTELY SUCKS! A freaking wall! Out of thin air! In a matter of seconds too, oh and what and even greater surprise when these monstrous looking creatures can out of the ground. Oh and floating crystals too. The fight was a bit rough at first, and Xander kept shouting these odd words the just- just sounded vile and mean. Originally I said that he better not say any of those words to me, it sounds weird and frankly it’s scary, I don’t know where he learned that- gibberish, but I know for a fact Estis didn’t teach him that. At least he doesn’t do it often. ( So glad for that. ) Back on track though, Balasar returned to us. He seemed well, funny part is he was coming from the direction we were going so he just 180’d and went with us. Caught up a little bit, not much though… I didn’t really speak to him. It’s not that I don’t like him, I mean he carried me up the tower and let me sleep all the way up. Just, uh.. didn’t really need to, the guys got it covered. Back to The Ways we go, it has an amazing function but I still don’t like this place. Even better, not long into The Ways we caught wind of some light. Very faint but still noticeable, so Xander and I broke off from the group to scout it. ( Now normally it is Xander who does this, he is very good at it. I don’t mind doing it, I’m actually pretty good, but the whole “Ashryn… follow..” thing was really upsetting. I’m not sassy normally but I am not a servant… sad though, I’ll never say this to his face. No reason to snap at my friends. I shouldn’t complain to whoever I’m complaining to, myself I guess.. this is a bit weird I went anyway. ) There was more, more of those Halflings… seven, but the fight… I have NO clue what happened. I saw nothing. NOTHING! I was blind the whole time! I didn’t even see what blinded me. Cause you know? I WAS BLIND! Lots of sounds though, place was full of ‘em. Metal clashing, painful grunts, a few bodies hitting the floors, clomping of boots and shoes, magic and one odd scream. ( I say odd because all I heard was the sudden scream then it just got quieter… like AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa………. ) It felt like I was blind for hours and as soon as my vision came back I saw Gormogon laying on the ground and the others just ganged up on one guy. I darted to Gormogon right away, he wasn’t dead… ( It’s alright it’s fine… breathe Ashryn, breathe… finish the story… ) just unconscious, I applied my poultices to his wounds. Well the ones I could get to. Suddenly Xander dashed right past me, bow readied an arrow nocked, after two other Halflings that were escaping to the way we came in. I would have joined, but Gormogon needed healing more… They got away, so we regrouped and relaxed for a few moments. Xander seemed very proud of himself after that fight though I wasn’t directly told why, however Balasar claims that Xander shot one of the Halflings… blind! Blind! I don’t doubt his ability as an archer, but no one is that good. I am not ashamed to admit that he may be amazing at what he does and ever so slightly attractive, when he’s not being rude. ( Though he really isn’t towards me, just… around me. ) But even if he was the most convincing man in the world there is no way he made that shot. ) Sure I’ll let him have it. I think most of us were irritated that more than half or the group got blinded and basically rendered useless, me for the entire fight. It’s not within my control to be blind or not, so I hope this doesn't become some tease that doesn’t end… ( Like jump- nope Ashryn quit jumping ahead! Tell it in order. Boy it’s hot in this desert… AH! Back on track! )


I need to skip ahead, there's a lot going on right now…


Okay, the break didn’t last long cause someone randomly thought of our horses. Which were all in the direction of- wait for it… the Halflings escape rout. Yep that’s right. We booked it down the path. My horse, Gormogon’s horse, and Xander’s horse all dead or close to it. Either way they are all dead now… there was no saving them after being gutted and strung up… it’s not the sight I want to see again. We gathered our stuff from our now dead horses. Both Balasar’s and Cutter’s horses were fine, a few scratches here and there… We eventually made it back to Estis’s place. It was fine, looked intact so nothing had happened to it or Estis.


We spoke to him for a bit. Discussed a few concerns. Asked questions. It’s like a routine, we go somewhere and ask questions. We get our answers then sent on our way or given a new possible task. Which now the suggestion of wiping out the Magisterium at the source came up… which, HA, yeah we are told each gate into The Ways is where an ancient ruin will lie. So we all go, “Oh so maybe the Glass Tower is a part of a ruin!” Which is almost spot on! But I have something I must relieve to myself. If Xander ever uses that slang gibber gab crap toward me again, I will sew his mouth shut. I think I watched Sarin enough to know how to sow a bit… I could manage it. Phew, nope don’t feel much better. Well we went to that tower afterward. I think most of us regret it. May never go in it again. It played with our minds. Xander was seeing doubles… We ended up in strange places going in the walls appearing in hallways. A room that was empty but the roof was once there. We got separated multiple times, the first was me just wanting to stay behind and read. Balasar and Xander stayed with me, I bet they would fight over me. Just to humor me. Its funny that Xander doesn’t really seem to like leaving me with him if he can help it. I don’t think he like me being carried actually now that I think about it. Annnnnnd I’m off track again… But the whole part of this… the big, main event… that startled us all…


We made it to the roof, but it wasn’t our intention to do so… we were trying to leave and ended up atop the great, many mile high tower… then-


He just… Gormogon- He Just Jumped! None of us, no single solitary person, saw this coming… He jumped… ready to die. Out of anger? Frustration? It’s all the same at this point… and he fell, and fell, then-

Crap… I’ll have to get back to this later… the hell is this- Dragon?! Are you kidding me?

To be Continued, in part 2…


the making of team 7

As we are sitting in a new tavern which name eludes me, Myself, Cutter, Bek Grogg and Ashryn start to hatch a plan to break into Master De Rolo’s house and steal this Ruby that Bek told some massive dragon that we would retrieve.  Cutter wants absolutely nothing to do with being caught inside the house so even though he lived there he insist on only giving us the layout and sending in Bek.  (Why send in someone that does not have the skillset to do the job needed?)  Well we all set up at different locations and I make sure I am alone at the back even though Grogg wanted to come with me I talked him into being with Ashryn.  Well after I see Bek scurry to the window I wait a bit and head in on my own accord because I’m trying to make a little money for future plans.  When I get inside Bek is struggling to open a door and there are two guards passed out on the ground so apparently the powder Ashryn and I made were successful so I dragged the two guards behind the bar and hog tied them and used my mask as a gag so when they did come to they couldn’t make any loud noises.  I look up and Bek is still struggling with the door so I come over behind him and apparently he had no clue I was there because I thought he was going to wake up the neighborhood with that shrill shriek that rang out.   I then headed down to the basement and there was no light at all and I couldn’t see anything but Bek heard a female groaning so he scurried away and me I was stuck, so I tried to follow blindly but couldn’t find them so I lit a torch and OH MY GOD…….. I am in love.  She is Gorgeous.  And she is tied up in the basement.  I don’t fully understand what is happening but she said De Rolo and a woman tortures her using the something down there as her point in the direction of a faint red glow.  Bek and I travel down that way and as we get closer we notice the orb that the dragon wants and bek runs over to grab it.  As soon as he does he gets shot across the room.  Not one to be deterred, he runs up and does it again, same result.  I am assuming at this point in time he is the definition of insanity so I just try and knock it of the pedestal and I pull the bow out and shoot it, it hits and the Eldrin lets out a scream that makes it seem like I was killing her. so we walk over and she tells us that the only person that can handle the orb without hurting her is cutters sister.  So we decided to go look for the key or something to allow us to touch it and head to her room. Searching the room we find a mysterious hidden room with the Vault and use the combination to unlock it and inside there is nothing but a series of vials with a blue liquid inside but when opened the vials empty immediately.  So Bek took a few and we went to Cutters sisters’ room looking for a key or something.  Well I did not find a key but I did find a jewelry box that I robbed clean as Bek was looking for a key elsewhere so then we went to De Rolo’s room because I was going to knock him out and search his room for the key but I didn’t even make it into the door before I was blown back to the wall and this loud alarm went off like I have never heard before.  Well Bek immediately ran back to the basement and I awoke a guard and following cutters orders didn’t even attack the guard as I ran back out the house.  I made it to the tree line and walked around to the front and met up with the rest of the group where I told them exactly what happened and where Bek was.  I insisted that we go save Bek but Cutter wanted nothing to do with it and after all was said and done we went back to the house against Cutters wishes.

Well we end up having a sit down with De Rolo where I told him Bek was in the, I was in the house and we knew about everything he had going on downstairs.  I explained to him about magic and dragons and the ruby and he somehow talked Bek into doing him a future favor for the girl.  Where I gave up a book on magic for the ruby( Bek has this compulsion to do the right thing all the time) Initially the only thing I wanted was the ruby so he insisted we had to take both so I said we just kill the girl and I was the bad guy then.  Well De Rolo has a thing for names since he insisted on knowing what all of our names were but we eventually left and as soon as we got outside, I was the bad guy for saying just kill the elderin but Cutter insisted on leaving her and since his dad is probably going to come after us I was curious as to where his allegiance stands so I ask “If it goes down and your dad attacks us what happens then?”  He insist we not kill him and have him sent to a human jail, I will allow no such thing to a man with such power and influence in the human world he either dies or ends up in a Jail in the elven territory where his influence means nothing.  After all this goes down me and the Elderin who I learn her name is Azhariah have a long conversation as to why she was tied up down there and she gave me the whole story, needless to say I did not believe parts and drew my bow on her but I quickly apologized and I made advances at her and was shot down because I am not yet a man of power.  But one day… one day I will have all the power and she will be attracted to me, but I will not accept her, not then, not ever. 

We all head south and Bek jumps into the oasis and as I finish my pouting from being turned down I notice him drowning so I jump into the oasis to save him and…… TO BE CONTINUED……

Game 11

The party's next move, after arriving back in Cauln, was to break into the De Rollo Manor to search for the ruby.  Cutter takes the party to a different tavern from the Silver Boot to discuss their plan, thinking it best to talk things over in a location they don't frequent.  Cutter draws out the floorplan of his house on a large piece of parchment, to be burned later in the tavern's private room's fireplace. 

Cutter will enter the house through his sister's wondow, and lead her on a walk around the property to keep her out of harm's way during the break in, which will be executed by Bek.  Ashryn is to stand at the front and wait for Bek to flee the house while Xander watches the back of the house.  Of course hardly anything goes as planned.

Bek breaks in through the window Cutter left open into his sister's room.  What happens in the house is unknown to Cutter.  As he takes his sister around the manor property, Cutter suddenly falls asleep.  Only moments pass, before Cutter is awakened by the sound of a loud screaming alarm coming from the house.

Cutter's walk with his sister had taken the two nearly to the front of the house, so he leads his sister there and meets up with Ashryn and run into the house.  Cutter tells his father that he had snuck into the house to talk with his sister, but that was long before the alarm went off.  Xander was caught inside the house but escaped when the alarm went off, and Cutter's father knew there was a break in, but Cutter played his best to seem innocent, and was fortunate to leave the house with his friends.

Outside, the party meet back up with Xander, who mentions how Bek is still in the basement, and how there was also an elven woman chained to the wall.  Cutter isn't exactly sure how to take this news, and at this point it'd be easier and safer to leave Bek in the manor and let him escape on his own, but Xander and Ashryn want to go back into the house and rescue him.  They also want to go back into the house to free the elf woman- something Cutter isn't sure that the party needs to do. Like they would know how to talk to Cutter's father, let alone just stand under the pressure of being in the same room as him.  Reluctantly, Cutter puts on a brave face and marches back into the house to talk to his father.

Ashryn, Xander Grog and Cutter all sit around a table, across from Cutter's father.  The air in the room is thick and heavy with the senior De Rolo's mere presence.  Cutter tells his father that they were all apart of the break in, that Cutter and his party are looking for a particular ruby said to have been owned by a dragon living under the sands of the waste.  Expectedly, Cutter's father laughs this off.  Even to Cutter, this sounds like a tall tale, something an insane person would say.  Xander mentions the party also came back to get their friend, Bek, who was still stuck in the basement.  That was apparently what Cutter's father was waiting to hear, and he left the room with a sadistic smile.

Cutter's father and Bek returned to the room after some time.  Xander and Bek went back and forth, mouthing off and trying to get each other in trouble it seemed, while Ashryn and Cutter played it smart and kept their mouths shut.  Xander and Bek gave the senior De Rolo all the information he needed to hear, and surprisingly, he actually let Bek leave the house when he asked to be excused, leaving the rest of the party to De Rolo.

Xander, Ashryn and Grog each go back and forth with De Rolo, giving and taking what information they can get.  None of it mattered though, Cutter's party members couldn't say anything that would get them out of the house unscathed, not unless Cutter's father wanted them to.  Bek comes back into the house, and give Cutter's father even more information about what the party is up to.  Finally, tensions hearted, Cutter and his party were let go to get the ruby, but only on the condition that Ashryn give up some book she found in the Glass tower, and that Bek fulfill some favor down the line.  With his party firmly screwed, Cutter retrieves the ruby and lets the elf woman out of her chains.

Earlier, Xander had came to Cutter and Ashryn with news about the elf woman being chained up in Cutter's family's basement.  Xander and Ashryn wanted to save her, Xander flip flopping between saving her and killing her.  Cutter wants nothing to do with the woman, thinking it best to just leave her to his father.  She's said to be some witch, held captive in the De Rolo house, and if she's said to be an evil witch, even IF it's his father saying it, Cutter would rather have nothing to do with her.  If the party set her free, and she gets loose to either enact revenge on the De Rolos or unleash whatever evil witch magic into the world, it would fall squarely on the party's shoulders.  However, Cutter seems to be the only person in his party worried about that.  Something that Cutter will come back to later.

The party leave Cauln immediately after leaving Cutter's home.  They make their way outside the city walls, only for Xander to pull his bow and knock an arrow towards the elf woman.  Cutter doesn't follow what happens, but Xander puts his bow down without killing the elf woman, so he must be on the side of keeping her around for a bit longer.  Bek looks to Cutter, and with that small child "gimme gimme" look, demands Cutter hand over the ruby.  Ashryn goes back into Cauln to get the woman clothes, and being that it's past midnight, Cutter thinks it best to go back into town to get a room at an inn instead of camp outside.  Cutter, Grog, Ashryn and the elf woman head back into Cauln to get rooms at an inn- Cutter tossing the ruby to Bek, if nothing more than to get him to stop pestering Cutter about it, while Bek and Xander camp outside the city walls.

The four day trek back to the dragon goes by quickly, and with the party not speaking to each other very much.  Cutter can't figure out why the elf woman is sticking around, and nobody is really giving him a good reason for it.

Finally, the group meet with the dragon, and Bek speaks with him again and hands off the ruby, saying nothing more than the dragon owns an oasis to the south, where the party will be safe.

It's not until the party reach the oasis that Bek mentions having been given another request from the dragon.  He's going to continue to work for the dragon and receive payment.  Xander seems to go along with that.

Xander is overheard talking to the elf woman.  Cutter isn't sure what they're talking about, but reminded the elf that only days ago, Xander drew a bow on her.  Apprently they're best buds now.  Ashryn then begins to talk with the elf woman about what she plans to do.  Ashryn starts kissing ass and the elf woman plays that up, making Cutter throw up in his mouth.  Cutter and the woman do not get along at all, jabs from Cutter and "you're just a child" remarks from the elf woman make up most of their conversations, until the elf woman reveals her plans.  She want to build an army to overthrow her sister, who is apparently some power back in the elven lands.

Cutter immediately remembers the time back in Cauln, before they left to drop off the ruby- That if this elf woman had any diabolical plans, it would fall fully on the party for blame, and here she is talking about raising an army to immediately overthrow some other kingdom.  To Cutter, this woman, who the party knows nothing about but is full in on helping her raise an army, is throwing up huge warning flags.

Robbery attempt

We made plans to break into the De Rollo house. Having come up with the idea for Cutter to distract his sister, so she wouldn’t be in harms way or any other way, he took her on a walk around the grounds. I climbed in through her open window, out into the hall way on the path to the basement. There are two guards walking about in the ball/dining room, when they see me. I start to panic, and toss some knockout powder at them. They don’t go down as quick as I would like, then they strike! I take a few hits, trying to let the powder do its work, but nothing. I then toss the last 2 pouches I have at them, still nothing. I’m beginning to doubt if this is even knockout powder, when they suddenly collapse.  I make my way to the workshop of De Rollo and try to pick the lock. It’s extremely hard to do so, my attempts have all failed. Xander pops up behind me and startles me as he tries to pick the lock also. I then leave him and continue on my way to the basement. Its pitch black down here, and I start to hear a soft moan. I go to where the noise is coming from and I see a very beautiful female eladrin! Chained up like an animal, a prisoner she was. “what’s your name?” she says its Azhaaria and that she was captured and chained cause she can do special abilities, and that the De Rollo said she’s a witch. I try to get her out, but I am shocked and thrown back as I attempt to cross the threshold of the iron bars.  Xander then shows up and decides to light a torch, what an idiot! But in doing so we now see her better and the way she has been treated. We then notice a soft red glow coming from the back of the basement. It is a ruby, big ruby, standing on a pedestal. I reach out to touch it and grab it when I am once again shocked and thrown back. As is Xander when he does the same thing. He also does the unthinkable! He goes to shoot the ruby with an arrow, puts a knick in it, and then we here from the cell, a scream of pain! There is no way for us to remove the ruby, no matter how hard we try, so we focus on finding this safe. Xander all of a sudden disappears, just like in the tower. I then find him, and follow him to a safe, where inside it is filled with glass vials of glowing blue liquid, that when opened turns into smoke and disappears. Nothing we do lets us know what this is, so I pocket a few for later. We then go head back upstairs, when we pass the cell; I promise to Azhaaria, that I will be back for her. But before we leave I ask her about the ruby. She tells me that the woman upstairs can handle it safely, and without getting zapped.  I describe Cutters sister to her, and she says that’s the same one. Oh no! Cutter what are we involved in!?!? We then head upstairs, first to search his sisters room. Where the only thing we find is clothes, and other stuff for a woman. Then we go to his fathers room, key hunting. I stand at the top of the basement stairs while Xander goes to unlock the door and enter. He unlocks it and just as he is about to cross the threshold, a zap and an awful wail meets our ears! I take off down the stairs and hide in the darkness of the basement.  I have no idea what is going on upstairs, but I hear footsteps, and scuffles, and yells. I still hide. Ages pass it seems, I talk with Azhaaria again, then I hide once more. More ages pass, then I hear footsteps coming down the stairs, I feel the power that this person gives off. Like I’ve never felt from a human before. He looks around for me; clearly someone told him I was here. He heads to the ruby and pokes it, Azha wails! He pokes it again, and again, and again, each time her wails get weaker and weaker. It takes all my being not to jump up, but if I do I would probably be dismembered. He then stops, and goes upstairs. I wait a minute to see if he’s really gone, and the go check on Azha. She is alive, just barely. What a monster!! I creep upstairs and slowly sneak out the door, as I do I hear a voice emanating power behind me. “Who are you looking for?” I jump, I scream, I take off down the hall, trying to hide, to get away. But he keeps coming after me. I try to fight my way past him, but it is no use, he is stronger than me in my state, and he understands my language. He tells me to stop this nonsense or he will suck all the air out of the study where my friends are. I cross my arms in defiance, but I stop attacking. He then invites me into his study to join the others and himself. I grudgingly follow. The 5 of us and De Rollo talk, my friends spill secrets, cutter stays quiet, obviously still afraid of his dad, but yet here we are. Xander tells him all, about the dragon, the tower, the magisterium all of it. After much useless bartering and secret spilling, we trade a book from the tower for the ruby. And he wants a favor from me for the woman. I accept, only to get us and her, and the ruby out of here. Cutter is the only one besides his sister who can remove the ruby, which he does so, and his sister tells him to tell us that we should flee as fast as we can, for father may try to kill us. Even after hearing that he still wants to believe his father. And he has a serious trust issue with me, for wanting the ruby, when it was my task to retrieve and deliver to the dragon. Once we are outside Cauln, an argument ensues. Mainly between Xander and Cutter saying Azha is evil, and a witch. I try to point out that she has done nothing wrong to seem evil, and warrant no such aggression. Ashryn once again, is mostly silent only to pipe up about getting her clothes. Cutter begrudgingly gives me the ruby; I and Xander then wait in the woods for the rest of the night till they return. As we head back to the dragons land, I deliver him his ruby and finally ask his name. He is the great Ashaardalak. And he wants me to serve him, as my kin served the dragons of old. I agree, asking if there will be rewards. He says yes, your kind is always rewarded, and your friends will be to depending on the level of their servitude. The Stupendous Ashaardalak then points us to unclaimed waters in this area and says we can rest there, safely for some time.

Game 10

Gormogon is dead.

He jumped off the Glass Tower, to the forest floor eight miles below.  No one knows why he jumped.  The party plays witness, in horrid detail.  Suddenly, everyone sees Gormogon, as if standing beside him yet not physically there, in a dark space surrounded by ancient creatures.  Dragons.  Gormogon stands at a stone table, across from him an old shriveled woman, and above, a silvery dragon of immense size.  The woman reads Gormogon's fate through cards, judging him as being rash, foolhardy and to remain dead.  Gormogon protests, and Gormogon is shown a hidden card that the old woman wasn't aware that she placed, a card of rebirth.

The silvery dragon above proclaims Gormogon to be his servant, and remakes the dragonborn in new flesh.  The party see their companion, now standing with them atop the Glass Tower, a kobold with silvery scales.

The silvery scaled dragon also proclaimed the owner of the Glass Tower would let the party leave, and with that, the group left without hesitation.  The party leave the tower in favor of following the Ways to find more dens of the magisterium.  As the party travel the Ways, they meet another travler.  At first the party attempts to set an ambush, Cutter disappearing into the shadows and Xander knocking an arrow into his bow from afar, but the traveler, a woman, hails the party.  Her name is Faith, and she is a Tiefling.

Seeing her as an enemy, Balasar charges her, but it's Xander and Ashryn who counter his attack before Faith can stun him.  The party apologize for Balasar, attacking tieflings is written into dragonborn nature, but nonetheless the party make a valuable friend.  On their journey through the Ways, the party cross paths with agents of the magisterium on multiple occasions, the first few fights being easy enough to handle.

After a few days of living in his new body, Gormogon suddenly breaks down in the middle of a meal at camp in the Ways.  He's no longer convinced he is who he used to be.   He proclaims Gormogon Velltris Bloodfang to be wholly dead; he can no longer hold the clan name Bloodfang, and he no longer feels like his old self.  The Kobold decides his new name would be Bek.

Three days into the party's trek through the Ways, they are attacked by magisterium agents, but too many to combat on their own.  The party is forced to flee, running into an unknown, previously hidden passageway.  Chased into a room with an alter of an old god, Faith closes the party off from their pursuers with a stone wall and collapses in exhaustion.

The party feel the room shake, the altar splits in half, and the group is then pressed onto the floor as if they are rapidly ascending at a staggering speed.  When the room stops behaving strangely, the party find they've arrived in a new location.  A door, which had previously not been there, opens up into a stone corridor.  The party follow one direction, which leads to a spiral staircase.  Descending he stairs only brings back memories of the Glass Tower, as one after another, the stairwell leads to a long, empty hall capped with another descending staircase.

After three staircases leading to nowhere, Cutter and Balasr decide to head up, leading the party to a new door way, which itself leads into an alleyway in a city.  The party finds them self in an abandoned city made of mud brick, the sun high in the sky and the air warm.  No one knows where the Ways had lead them.  Cutter climbs a building and looks out over the roofs; a city as far as he could see, and as empty as the Ways.  

The party follow a road to the city's edge, only to find it end at a cliff face.  Five-hundred feet below them lay a sea of sand.  Cutter had a feeling he knew where they were when they entered the city, but this confirmed his suspicions; the party had entered the Waste.

The party follow the edge of the city around, trying to find a way off what Cutter assumed to be a plateau in the middle of the vast desert.  The party arrive as some shipping docks, only to find boats floating in the air.  Not too worried of how the boats are floating, more so how to get home, the party take a boat and ride it to the ground.

Previously, in the Ways, Faith had told the party of how magic works in this world.  Anyone intending to do magic needs a crystal that corresponds to the location that person is in, as each territory of this land has its own crystal that permitted magic.

The boats, it seems, were tied to the Waste, as once the party's boat crossed from the Waste into Cutter's homeland, the boat began to fall to the ground.  Luckily the party was only a few yards in the sky, and the fall wasn't too painful.

As the party traveled over land, they crossed a sand dune which had apparently been the bed of a sleeping dragon!  The dragon stopped the party, commanding they answer for waking the dragon up.  Bek talks with the dragon, and squares away a deal.  The dragon wont eat the party if they retrieve a ruby stolen from the dragon.  The ruby, as described to Cutter, sounds like one his father keeps.

The party leave the dragon to its sleep, returning to Cauln, but as they approach, they find the grounds around the city ripped open, and a new canyon formed just outside the city walls.  The party enter Cauln, ready for whatever happens next.


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