Combat, this is what I live for.  Finally testing my mettle and helping people all at the same time.  I am not to sure why I am still with this group of misfits since we clearly have no direction and are completely at the whim of whomever decides that we have a task at hand…
As I sit here, licking my wounds post combat with the bugbears I am concerned for the direction of this group.  I have made amends with BFM whom is a very lovely character once you get to know him and Ashrynn is also very nonobjective to most of anything that has been said or done.  Cutter on the other hand has this theory of his way or no way and threw a massive tantrum over the watch schedule because I would have been telling "The leader" what to do.  I am not sure how to take that but I will let the group figure this out on its own, if the group keeps him in power so be it if not there will be a revolution where a new power figure will be inserted.  Either way I could care less.  I look forward to being on the road again and back in familiar territory where I am not attacked every other day on the road.

On the road again

the morning after we fought the goblins, we had a peaceful day. traveling along the road nothing is spotted, least not by me, until i start talking about goblins. I have come to hate them, they are loathsome buggers, and somehow i mention elves and goblins, and i happen to spot a elven male hidden up in the trees. he waves us on after a few brief words, then we come to a scene of carnage unlike i have ever seen. a carriage is on fire, horses are mutilated and butchered. the bodies of an elven family are foud, the father-headless, his wife and child. i lay them to rest in the forest as best i could. xander and ashryn go to investigate and see what did this, and cutter and i look around. we however dont find much so we decided to go after the other two, who we cannot seem to find. when another elven scouting party come upon us. they direct us to Galandel where we stop at Ashryns home and meet her mother. ashryn told her mother about our adventures from the time we finished our rite of choosing, to the lake and sponge incident and upto arriving here. when we mention the sponge and lake she has the house sealed from prying eyes and ears, and tells us some mysterious secrets. the sponge she doenst know anything about, but this lake incident is the work of a cult called the Magisterium. and a name, Estis Glimmering, who i know from my races history was the name of the general who fought in the war between us and the tieflings making my people fight on two sides. he is 2 weeks down south just north of navarah, that is where our destination takes us. on the road again, we come upon another scene of less carnage. the horses are gone, signs of fighting and struggle. when all of a sudden a female elf jumps asking for help. she tells us what is happening and when goblins are mentioned xander takes off in the direction of the fighting with myself not far behind. cutter and ashryn hung back to question the elf, as i didnt want to standby while innocents were being attacked. rushing into battle was foolish, but neverthe less we were victorious. i really hate the goblin race, after coming head to head with bugbears, a giant wolf, and their leader a hobgoblin who got away. i took a beating yes, maby i might go a little slower into the fray with cutter. we ended up rescuing a male elf and his children. cutter decides to loot the bodies looking for gold while us three tended to the family. then came the question of watch, when cutter was unamiously voted to take watch, he got into a fit. his thinking,( im the leader you cant tell me what to do, you take watch. youre not going to listen to me? ok ill be back in the morning.) as he storms off. he doesnt want to lead, but doesnt want to be told what to do, i have to "prove myslef" to him that i can be the leader? we shall see what the next few weeks have instore for us

Game 4

Waking up after the goblin ambush the night before, the party continue their trek to Galanadel. Traveling the wooded trail, a few days out from Galanadel, we come across a burned out carriage with the horses slain and three elven bodies. Xander takes off on his own, again, Cuter having to send Ashryn out to follow him to make sure he doesn't die alone. Cutter searches the area of the carriage while Gormogon keeps watch. Finding nothing at the site of the burned carriage, Cutter and Gormogon decide to go after Xander and Ashryn, who are further ahead into the woods. However, Gormogon and Cutter a leading horses through the woods, and are not trackers, so once they lose sight of the tracks leading into the woods, they have to resort to falling back to the carriage and waiting. Ashryn tells Cutter what they found, but only after having to ask for what they saw. Deciding they couldn't do anything about it, the party continue to Galanadel. On their way, Xander gets the feeling that he's being watched from the trees. In Galanadel, Ashryn meets with her mother, who rewards Ashryn's coming into adulthood with some family hierlooms, a falcata and a set of katar. We ask Ashryn's mother about the sponge. She tells us to forget the issue, knowing anything about it is apparently dangerous. We press he for information, and are told that there is a cabal of people known as the Magisterium. The Magisterium jealously guard this sort of secret knowledge, and are tied to some sort of progenitor race of people who lived thousands of years before. We are also told to search fro a person named Eustus Glimerring, who lives one day North of Nivarih. We spend the night in Galanadel, and leave in the morning. Xander still thinks we're being watched, being followed. Cutter faintly hears what Xander has been hearing, leaves rustling in the wind high in the trees. Xander, Ashryn and Gormogon are all paranoid, but Cutter just thinks it's the elven scouts that have been walking the roads, and who have shown themselves to be hiding in the trees, breaking their silence only to speak to Gormogon once on finding Galanadel. A woman bursts through the trees into the road ahead of us, bloody and crying. Goblins. At the utterance of the word, Xander and Gormogon barrel through the trees looking for a fight. The woman said "big goblins". Cutter wanted to clarify, goblins aren't big, bringing his hand up to about the height of a child, to which the woman raises her hand, above her head. These weren't normal goblins, and in their foolhardy hard-headed way, Xander and Gormogon were rushing right into a fight they would never have been ready for. Ashryn and Cutter take off after them to back them up, Cutter cursing their foolhardiness, the damn Berks. The fight. Oh it was a fight. Gormogon rushes in and gets what's finally been coming to him. Not a goblin, a Bugbear, a foe as big as Gormogon himself, knocks Gormogon to the ground in a daze. The dragonborn has met a foe that he HAS to take care in fighting. Xander rushes in and to the side, putting a few arrows into another bugbear. We find that a lone Elf warrior is fending off two bugbears and a hobgoblin, keeping them at bay and protecting two elven children, but Xander kills one of the bugbears. Ashryn rushes in, slicing at a bugbear but getting out maneuvered by a dire wolf. Gormogon can't stay on his feat, the bugbear keeping him on the ground and dazed. Ashryn tries her best, and Xander keeps putting arrows into bugbears, but these things are tough. The Hobgoblin commander orders his bugbear soldiers well, the battle moves back and forth and around the trees. Eventually the party kills the dire wolf, then the bugbears, one by one. The hobgoblin leader gets away, which is turning out to be a trend. Gormogon, Xander and Ashryn all approach the elf warrior, so Cutter decides to search the bugbears for what they may have, but only finds the maces they used in the fight. By luck alone, Cutter wasn't hurt as bad as the rest of the party. They unanimously decided that he should take first watch. Cutter would have suggested this anyway, but being chewed out for the searching bugbears and not talking to the elf warrior (the three others had that covered, no reason for a fourth person to interfere) hit a nerve. Cutter was being told what to do, again. The party didn't respect Cutter as the leader, he knew that, so he walked off and didn't come back to camp until sunrise. On his return, Ashryn tried to level the field by telling Cutter off, but he wasn't going to hear it. Cutter wants a level playing field, he doesn't need to be told that or forced into it, he's trying to work toward it himself. With Xander doing whatever he wants at every turn (Cutter believes he does this just to spite Cutter's leadership) and with Gormogon always rushing into situations and getting in over his head, This isn't a position that Cutter takes lightly, even if the others think that he's just using his role as leader as some ego boost. They couldn't understand what Cutter is trying to do. To Cutter, the only other adult seems to be Anshryn, who he would follow without question, but she doesn't want to lead. Cutter doesn't either, but he will nobody else is up to leadership yet, something else he's trying to build up in Gormogon.

Game 3

The morning after Gormogon and Xander's little fight, the party decide to pack up and head off towards Alnoth, their half-way mark onto Ashryn's home of Galanadel.  The party decide to get horses, Cutter mentioning his thoughts about the possibility of running into the Blue Fox once again, after all it had been a month since their last encounter, he had had more than enough time to regroup and ready more henchmen.  At least with horses, Cutter felt a little better about traveling the road.  Gormogon rented a horse from his mentor, and Cutter, Ashryn and Xander bought their own at a local stable.

The party traveled westward, following the road as they did before.  At three days out from Cauln, the group suspected another ambush by the Blue Fox, but there was no sign of anything.  A little relived, but no less suspicious, the group carried on.  Two more days of travel took the party to yet another road-side inn, they had been fortunate enough to have an inn to stay at, at the end of every day of travel, but the inn they arrived at tonight had been reduced to a pile of cinder.  Searching the area, nothing was found in the remains of the inn, but Xander, having snuck around the perimeter of the inn, dropped in on a couple of goblins nearby looking over the inn.  A fight breaks out, as they do between adventurers and goblins, and the party is ambushed.  A fierce battle is fought, the party taking a few good hits, but they prevail, even keeping the goblins off their horses.

Traveling further down the road the next day, the party come to a fork in the road.  Taking the right fork, and starting their way up north, the party come to a bridge.  As they cross, a last second warning from Xander confirms the party's fear, the Blue Fox has struck again.  A pressure plate in the bridge sends one end of the draw-bridge mechanism to flip up, separating Ashryn and Xander from from Gormogon and Cutter, who were stuck on the bridge with the Blue Fox and his crew.  Ashryn and Xander mutter their own plans, able to share with Gormogon and Cutter but for some reason, not doing so, leaving the dragonborn and thief to their own devices, outnumbered 4 to 1 and not in a favorable position to fight.  The Blue Fox tells Gormogon and Cutter to drop all their belongings and they can leave.  Gormogon gets only a few seconds to respond before arrows fly at the Blue Fox, who takes his hits and doesn't seem to be bothered.  Cutter tells Gormogon to follow his play, to charge through the Blue Fox's lines with their horses.  Gormogon agrees, but of all the addle-coved things that Gormogon could do, he gets off his horse and walks in the opposite direction to try to lower the bridge!  So time is spent NOT doing anything to help the situation, Cutter and Gormogon could have broken through the Blue Fox's lines and came around to to help Ashryn and Xander by either buying them time or flat out crossing back over the river, regrouping, and fleeing.  Caltrops get planted at the far end of the bridge, the Blue Fox retreats, Cutter pulls his and Gormogon's horses out front to form a horse-meat shield wall while the two push the bridge wall back down to free Ashryn and Xander.  However, Ashryn gets caught under the bridge wall as it falls, pinning her to the ground.  Then, as if the situation couldn't get any worse, the Blue Fox comes back into the fight with a TREBUCHET!   After picking Ashryn up off the ground, the party retreats with their tails between their legs in a pitiful defeat.

After all this, when the party make their way back to a safe spot, Gormogon storms off in a tantrum and kills some trees.  Pissed that Xander shot first, before the two in the situation could even get a word in, Gormogan incites Xander into ANOTHER fight, this time with weapons.  Gormogon loses this time, lucky that Xander somehow didn't kill him, but Cutter sucker punches Xander with the pommel of his dagger and knocks him out.  When everyone wakes up, Gormogon is pissed at Xander- "if we have a third fight, there won't be a fourth.  Someone will either die or leave"; Xander is pissed at cutter -he's upset that Cutter sucker punched him, but if wepons are being drawn into a fist fight then a thief can fight like a thief; Ashryn is pissed at the situation, demanding that everyone calm down; and Cutter, pissed that his party is made up of half level-headed adults and half addle-cove berks.  Ashryn, who picked up the leadership role back in Cauln, not defaults to Cutter.  She doesn't want to lead, neither does Xander, and at this point Gormogon doesn't deserve to lead if he hasn't grown up yet.  

In Cutter's eyes, Xander doesn't deserve to lead, always running off on his own.  Ashryn would make a fine leader, but she doesn't want the responsibility.  Gormogon is too brash and hardheaded, he needs to realize that he's an adult and that he's leading people into fights.  He's come to blows with Xander twice, and has threatened death if it happens again.  He runs head first into combats, drawing attention and getting hurt for it, and even thought Cutter has suggested how Gormogon and he should fight together, he still hadn't utilized any of his party members.  Cutter NEEDS Gormogon fighting by his side, if not foe the extra security, but for the shield that he provides, by taking enemy attention off of Cutter.  The party it still four separate entities, not one, and that's why the Blue Fox has out smarted up twice.

The party sleep the terrible day off, and in the morning try to find another way across the river.  They do, and meet up with a large traveling caravan of halflings.  The party warn the caravan about the Blue Fox, and in thanks, an old halfling woman grants each member a fresh loaf of bread.  The party follow the river up to Lake Alnoth.  At the city of Alnoth, the party decides to buy passage across the lake via boat.  Gormogon looks right at Cutter and says "go find us a boat", as if he forgot who was in charge of the party.  He later claims that he meant it as a joke, but he didn't realize the situation he's in with Cutter.  Cutter tells him off, "YOU get us a boat."

Across the lake, and now in Elf territory, the party stop in at an elven inn before heading out into the forest.  Yet another goblin ambush in the woods, and the party is officially on edge.

Alnoth revisited

Once we decided to travel with ashryn to her lands, little did we know what was in store. No encounters for the first 5 or so days. We reached the way stations, safely, and arrived at a familiar spot. We encountered the Blue Fox here once before, so we were all on edge. However, nothing happened to our relief, until we reached the river and it's bridge. Xanders horse unfortunately tripped a pressure plate which raised a portion of the bridge to block him and ashryn from myself and cutter who were on the bridge, facing none other then the Blue Fox and his newly formed bandits. Who managed to block us from the front of the bridge as well, and started to rain bolts at us.

He was back for revenge, back for our valuables. I attempted to talk our way through, but was interrupted when arrows from Xander started raining into Blue Fox. I admit Iwas discombobulated and failed to rush the bandits, who brought a trebuchet of all things into play. 

Through our trusted steeds and combined strength of us, we managed to push the raised bridge trap down, get our horse and ride to relatively safety.

Where, once again, tempers flew, blame was pointed and myself and Xander fought it out with me being defeated. Once my rage settled, minds were cleared, leadership was passed to Cutter. We had to backtrack to the next Inn, and recover from there. We managed to find another bridge to safely cross, and finally arrived at Alnuth. We arranged for passage on boat to cross the lake after debate, and to begin our treck in Arendia woods. Our trip across the lake was faster, safer, and alot easier to be honest. Our first night in Arendia Wood was in a town call Hallostry (sp?). Restocked, re-armed, and rested. Traveling in the woods, not even into our first night, battle ensures. Goblins. Again. I really hate goblins. A war band however, this time. We managed to survive, and be victorious and walk away with new weapons. Now to rest.

Traveling adventures

So, first few days as an adult, and quite exciting they are. Found an exploding sponge, met a half-orc sailor. Got into a drunken brawl with Xander, and then passed out. Things will be interesting on our journey to ashryns part of the world. I should behave myself…

Alnoth, there and back again
Cutter -game 2

The group, consisting of Cutter, Ashryn, Gormogon and Xander, where to lead two wagons and a carriage  with Baronet Bootlum and his aid, Master Genisha, on a two week journey to Alnoth, ensuring their safety and that of the three drivers.  When Cutter and Gormogon arrived tot he caravanseri just before sunrise, they noticed Ashryn and Xander had not shown up.  With only an hour to spare, Cutter and Gormogon searched the city of Cauln for their two missing companions, splitting up to cover more ground.

Cutter found Xander, laying in a trash heap in a back alley.  Waking Xander, Cutter asked what had happened.  Xander had apparently been knocked out from behind by an unseen assailant, but all of Xander's gear, and oddly enough, all of his con was still present.  Thinking nothing more of it, Xander assured Cutter he was fine, and the two met back with Gormogon and Ashryn back at the caravan, and met a new companion.

Chance, a young half orc, had approached the Baronet to aid in the guard duty.  He had missed his rite of choosing, and wished to make up for it by jumping in on the next leg of the rite.  As it was settled, the group made off for Alnoth.

Two weeks went by rather uneventful, the only serious thing happening being the caravan getting ambushed by the "Blue Fox" and his goons.  Gormogon tried to intimidate his way past, but the Blue Fox just stepped back and let his henchmen fight Gormogon, who took two heavy arrow shots to his neck.  Such grievous wounds would have put anyone else down for good, but Gormogon pushed through, slaying the highwaymen in front of the caravan as the rest of the party cleaned up ambushes showing themselves on a nearby hill.  Cutter suggest next time the group is ambushed and outnumbered, they just push through the bandit's ranks and run down whoever doesn't move, no use fighting when the party doesn't need to.

Arriving at Alnoth, the party is paid for their work, and Bootlum and Genisha take care of what business they came here to conduct.  The party awaited their arrival the next day at a local inn.  Upon his return, Bootlum seemed perturbed about something he had found out during his business here.  Oddly, he told the party to head back to Cauln, for their cervice is no longer required, and handed each of the party members their mark of adulthood.  Cutter thought this was particularly odd, their job had been cut short, whatever Bootlum had found must have been disturbing enough that he would rush the second leg of the party's rite of choosing.  

Bootlum said he had more business to attend to at Lake Alnoth, and that the party could either leave now for Cauln; wait in Alnoth for Bootlum's return, and then return to Cauln along with the caravan; or to accompany the caravan up tot he lake as true hired guards, for a 100 gold paycheck.  The party, unanimously, voted to accompany Bootlum to the lake.

Reaching Adulthood grants us Level 1.  We now have powers!

It took three days to travel to Lake Alnoth, and when the party arrived, they found, to Genisha's horror, that the whole of the lake was lower in water level by almost three feet.  Such a massive lake, miles across, couldn't possibly lose that much water.  Genisha and Gormogon pondered that a cave had possibly opened up under the lake, but it would have to be a massive cave.  Cutter suggested that maybe the Dwarves had mined under the lake, and that may have been the cause.  Genisha spent the day testing the water for clues, but nothing could be gained from his instruments.  As the party get ready for bed for the night, the sky opens up, and a torrent of rain pours all night.

Nearly a foot of rain had fallen in the night, but somehow, the lake had lowered even further.  Cutter and Chance waded into the lake to look under water for any clues while Bootlum, Gormogon, Ashryn and Xander walked the perimeter of the lake to look for any clues.  In the meantime, Cutter went for a swim.

After a few hours, the other returned with a man, not bound by any means, but wounded, bandaged, and then shot in the let with an arrow.  Cutter and Chance had no clue as to what happened.  The man was unconscious, but was soon awakened for questions.  The man, Xander, and Gormogon all seemed to be talking circles, and may as well have been speaking dwarven, as Cutter couldn't follow anything being said.  Xander drew his bow and knocked an arrow towards the man, but Cutter told Gormogon to take Ashryn and Xander for a walk so he could talk with the man.  He said he didn't know what was happening with the lake, and that some shenanagins had been taking place between Gormogon, Ashryn, Xander, himself and two elven women who lived in a cabin in the woods.  Cutter couldn't get a straight story, so he took Ashryn aside to talk about what happened.  Xander called the man out for lying, Gormogon pinned the man to a tree by lifting him off the ground by his collar, and Bootlum was angry at everything going on.  Someone mentions a sponge, and Chance takes it from the man and throws the sponge into our camp fire.  To every ones surprise, the sponge explodes, badly burning Chance and sending him flying back thirty feet.  Having solved the lake's mystery, we head back towards Alnoth, with a wounded man and a rather angry Bootlum.  As we make our way back, it begins to downpour again, and an easy three day journey turns into a slow four day slog.  Arriving back at Alnoth, the wounded man is given proper healing, the party is paid 100 gold each, and we all make way back to Cauln.

At Cauln, in an inn, Gormogon's leadership is questioned by Xander.  The two want to fight, but Ashryn and Cutter declare no weapons.  Taking the fight out back of the inn, Gormogon and Xander slug it out, with Gormogon the victor.  Afterwards, Ashryn tells the party that she wished to return to her home, to the elven lands to the far north west.  it would be, for the most part, the exact same trip we took to reach Lake Alnoth, but the party decide to go anyway, not wishing to let their friend travel the long road alone

Rite of Choosing

Cutter was on his way to the ceremony before the rite of choosing, but was stopped short by none other than Schmidt, a street thug with the worst kind of reputation.  Pulling Cutter into an alley, Schmidt told Cutter to pay up the 75 gold he was owed.  Cutter didn't have that kind of money on him, so he played along with Schmidt to be let go, and ran off towards the ceremony stage, procuring some coin to lighten up his debt on the way.

One botched pocket picking later and Cutter's fate was sealed.  The dagger was sharp, his hands quick, but Cutter didn't account for just the sheer amount of coin that was being held in the belt pouch which had just been freed from its leash.  The bag fell into Cutter's hand, but the coin spilled out, and ont the ground with a loud clatter.  The owner of said belt pouch saw Cutter, and quickly grabbed him by the collar.  Cutter tried to talk his way out of that mess, but the man wasn't buying it.  He lead Cutter to the stage by force.

Onstage, Cutter saw a sea people.  Men and women looking to "bid" on a new apprentice to pass on their skills in their trade.  Other kids on the stage would approach a podium, and introduce themselves, and if a person in the crowd thought the child would make a decent apprentice, they would approach and an interview would commence.  Cutter introduced himself, by full name, Maximilian Derwyn Von Liechenstein De Rolo the third.  "I need to—" he cut himself short, as to not be too obvious, "I want to get out of the city.  Travel, and see other places."  His introduction went on, and two hands raised above the crowd, as such was the custom of a teacher interested in approaching the potential apprentice.  

To Cutter's dismay, one hand belonged to Schmidt.  Schmidt questioned Cutter, about what he meant by leaving town, reminding Cutter that he still owed 75 gold, and that if he didn't pay up, Schmidt would kill him.  Luckily, the other hand that raised was that of the man Cutter failed to pick pocket.  He just happened to hear Schmidt's final threat.  The man said he would take Cutter, and Cutter agreed.

The old man lead Cutter into the waste, of all places, where his training would begin.  A year spent out in the desert, learning how to live there, and how to keep the peace.  Often, the old man would receive a guest who would unload provisions and goods, seemingly without any compensation, and shortly after the old man would disappear into the waste for upwards of two to three days.  When the old man thought that Cutter was ready, he took his apprentice along in one such excursion.

There was a camp, out in the desert, with people milling about and setting in to bed.  The old man told Cutter that these people were committing an act of war, and that they needed to die.  Cutter was stunned, arguably so; he was only a 15 year old, the son of a minor Cauln noble, and he was just told to murder someone.  The old man explained his reasoning, which somewhat assured Cutter.  If this was an act of war, those people invading the waste, and that it was the old man's duty to keep the peace, then Cutter had to follow along.

The next year went by with much of the same.  Learning under his new master, which Cutter only happened to learn his name off of passing by traders, Master Raulic.  Soon, at the year's end, Master Raulic and Cutter returned to Cauln.  There, Cutter was more or less left to his own devices, but not before the second leg of the Rite of Choosing had to begin.  Cutter, as well as three other aspiring adults in this year's choosing, were to guaranty the safety of one Baronete Nerius Bootlum, from Cauln to Alnoth, a two-weeks journey, there and back again.  As the first day back in Cauln came to a close, Cutter and his new group of caravan guards -Gormogon, Ashryn and Xander, readied themselves to head out next dawn.

Establishing Leadership

Xander had to be shown who was in charge, either the easy way or the hard way. He chose the hard way, unfortunately. Gormogon didn't want it to be done this way, but hopefully there will be no more.

The story so far...

Each person started out like all the others before and like all others will. With the Rite of Choosing. This passage into adulthood is recognized by every race and every class and every nationality as the only path to adulthood. Gormogon was sent by his father to Cauln to prove hismelf. Ashryn's mother sent her with her best friend Saris to Cauln, to avoid political entanglements for her daughter. Cutter has always lived in Cauln, but his Rite took him far away. Xander followed a mysterious stranger. Each has passed their Rite, save for the final test. A mission of sorts, to serve as escorts and bodyguards to Baronet Nerius Bootlum, a charismatic young man, who could be the mayor of Cauln one day, and possibly rise higher.


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