return of the MEATWAD

As Gormagon jumps off the tower in his rage of temporary insanity, the rest of the group looks on in horror as we can see him going fast and faster, getting further and further away until he is just inches away from death and then boom, explosion a red mist shoots up all over the place and Gormagon is no more.  Just pieces of blood no bones, no material goods nothing just a mist.  Suddenly we are in some sort of dark place and see nothing but blackness.  Next thing we see is a dozen or so dragons on top of treasures untold and they all sat there quietly watching Gormagon.  Judging him and measuring him up.  A booming voice yells “Be seated” and Gormagon jumps in shock as a dragon larger and more elegant than the rest takes command.  Then a little old lady shows up with cards, shuffling and dealing.  She lays out a dozen and says “choose” and he reveals the fool reversed…. Navite and foolish…. “Choose” he grabbed the next card and showed the chariot reversed… “Lack of control, aggression”   She picked up the deck and dealt four cards and a booming voice says choose… he picks and the card is death upright….. No I will not accept this booms Gormagon…… she moves his hand to reveal the judgement card…..”Your fate is not yet sealed” “judgement rebirth” So let it be says a booming voice.  Gormagon was then sent back with a dragons blessing. 

As we all turn around after seeing our friend completely obliterated there stood before us an elegant kobold with beautiful designs.  As I continue to try and rap my head around the fact that my one time rival and fairly close friend in an odd way went from being a thundering arrogant giant to a loudmouthed little menace that is being called little brother.  He also know longer wants us to call him Gormagon but Gormbek. I try and figure out exactly what I should be feeling.  Loss of respect, anger or should I just ignore him and continue on my quest.  Until he gains my respect I will just call him by Gormagon because he does not rate me learning to call him by anything else if his life means so little as to throw himself off the tower.  Foolish Dragonborn.  Well off to the ways we go to get back to Estis.

After entering the ways we saw a light coming and decided that we should set up a speedy ambush since the last time we did that we were slow and got ambushed ourselves.  Well the trap was set and there was what I saw as one person so the group decided that diplomacy was the way to go and we eventually talked to this lady until she gained our trust and moved in closer.  Her name was Faith and she was completely hooded and using magic so Balaasar insist that se remove her hood she insist not but he was pretty persistent so she took off the hood.  Balaasar saw her face and lost his mind.  I interrupt the attack with one of my own to get him calm and about a minute or two later he does it again, this time Ashrynn  interrupts the attack and we try and calm down a rabid Balaasar.  He finally calms down and about a minute later loses his mind again, this time faith has had enough and just stops him.  Not beats him or knocks him out, she literally just stops him.  Well as we travel through the ways, we eventually run into a series of war bands, and we are running for dear life at this point in time. Faith is doing everything she can as the group runs and us with a little range occasionally turn and fire, we eventually see a road that was there before and head down that direction taking us a room with no exit.  Faith seals off the door and suddenly the room drops down and keeps on going until it comes to a screeching halt and a door leading out.  There is a hallway leading left and right and on both ends stairs, we take the right first and head down the stairs multiple floors and it is looking all the same so we head back and do the same on the other side.  Eventually we pop out into a city.  An empty city in the middle of what looks like the desert.  So we walk to try and find the end of the city and as we come to the edge we can see there is a massive drop, something like 500 feet.  We are on a floating island.  While everyone else is looking for an escape Gormagon is trying to cover his little naked body.  We try everything from rope to just looking for an exit until someone finds a boat.  A magic boat that flies.  We head back to solid ground outside of Cauln and when we land we start to head that way and notice that a massive dragon just pops out of the ground, I pull back on my bow then I realize that everyone else is bowing, so not to be that guy I bowed and next thing I know, the runt formerly known as Gormagon is making deals with this thing so we can get by, if we cannot get some red ruby or dragonball or something in two weeks we die.  Not sure exactly how we are going to get this but I’m not sure if I like others making my choices. 

Death and rebirth



As I fall down from the sturdy top of the tower, I realize something. I made a mistake; I shouldn’t have let the tower get to me. I’m leaving my friends behind. My family, I don’t really mind leaving behind. I fall, and fall, able to think on my life, and actions. I become bored of this fall, as it takes forever. As soon as I see the ground speeding up to me, I close my eyes, waiting for the ground to hit, waiting for death. I don’t feel a thing; I don’t even realize the ground hit me. All I see is darkness. I open my eyes to see a dim light shining in the area; I see a mound of gold and precious gems that I’m resting upon. As I stand, I start to slide down, seeing black pillars, with more mounds of treasure, and upon these mounds, dragons of old of different color. I then realize that the pillars I saw were that of a black dragon whose mound I was upon. I see then before me a table and two chairs. "Be seated". A voice says. As I sit, I prick my finger from a splinter on the table, I remove it and as I do a drop of blood falls and soaks into the table. I notice similar drops as well. I look up to see an old woman, clothed and hooded in black. She begins to shuffle some cards and lay them before me, "choose" she says. I make my choice, the fool reversed. She takes the cards and puts them away, shuffles and deals more cards. "Choose", I make my choice hesitantly, "CHOOSE" the voice commands me. I make my choice. The Chariot reversed. She places those cards in the box, and shuffles and deals 4 more cards. "Choose", she says once again. I make my choice and reveal the death card upright. I become down trodden, so I am to die, I think. However there is another card underneath it, which she stops me from seeing. The voice then speaks again, and as it does I realize that the silver I see is actually a dragon, larger than the others, and is none other than Larmaxle himself. "You will be my servant, made in my image, you are now dragon wrought, a Kobold. This mace before you is my implement for you. You are released from the tower on my command".




I rejoin the others. Smaller then when I left, somewhat weaker but still capable. I am now towered by the others, instead of the other way around. They all question me why I am small, I shake my head. They’ve seen what I’ve seen, and heard what I heard, they know the answer. Once all has been answered we leave the tower, with haste. Back into the god forsaken ways we go. To Cauln this time is the path. As we enter and make our way to Quilo direction we notice a figure approaching us. It is a female figure, I call out to her. Cutter hangs out in the darkness, while the others question my judgment. She responds with some sort of code, to which I don’t know the answer and approaches us in friendship. Out of nowhere Balasar tries to attack her!! Not once but twice!! And succeeds however she is not felled by him, but puts a hold on him to keep him at bay. She shows her face and is none other than a Tiefling, like the stories of old about Bael'Tuath. She does some sort of ritual and makes herself appear non tiefling to my relief, as I seem to have a crush on her. She mentions her path of travel is Hystaria, to which I suggest she can travel with us. As she does I tell her of our adventures, leaving out sensitive details she doesn’t need to know about. We travel our way where we get beset by 2 war packs of the magisterium, we easily dispatch them and press on. Almost to the door, when a third pack befalls us. We try to take them out, but they are too much for us. Even faith is having trouble to keep up with their attack. They advance and force us to run, and run we do. We find a new path that we didn’t know of before and take it upward to a door. It leads us into a small room, a death trap it seems. The door is sealed on our side, and we can hear them pounding at the door on the other side. Faith puts up a wall of stone, but before we can do much more, I notice an altar with two crescent moons and stars on each side. Larmaxle wants me to serve him, but how can I serve him when he doesn’t answer me, when he doesn’t help me? All of a sudden, the room drops!! Down to where, we know not. But it falls, down, and down, suddenly coming to a crashing stop, with another door appearing before us. As we pass through and find stairs, and stairs and more stairs and hallways, and more hallways, we eventually find ourselves in a mud city, in what appears to be a desert, dry, and void of life. After much exploration and thinking, cutter mentions that we are in the Waste. The exact center of the Waste as there is only one city he knows of. He mentions we need salt if we are to survive, I go looking. I find salt, an old curtain which I make into a poncho, since I’m naked of all. After much debate and argue we finally decide to traverse the city, looking for a way out. I finally find some boats, in the middle of a desert city, which is 500 ft. up in the air! I realize that these will take us down, so we all hop on one and I steer us down and away to solid land.


Before we could even reach the grassland of Cauln, the boat starts to plummet and ends up crashing in the sand. We travel on, coming to a spot in the sand where it is solid then other places and shiny like gold. As investigate it, the ground starts to shift, and rise. Much to our amaze a gold dragon of epic proportions rises from the desert!! I bow, falling face first in the sand faster than anything I’ve ever done before. I motion the others to do the same, Xander with some hesitance bowed also. I give praise to the dragon as I assume is custom, begging he let us pass, and not to harm us. He agrees on one condition, to return something of his that was stolen. I quickly agree, not even thinking how it got stolen or why, or who stole it. He says it is a Red Ruby the size of an eagle egg, maybe bigger. I must return it to him in 14 days, I have 11 left. It is in Cauln, which is lucky because we are going that way anyway. I mention all this to cutter who then says that, this ruby, his dad has it. So as we make our way to Cauln, we devise a plan to steal from him, and return this ruby to the great gold one.

The tower

As we finally finish this epic fight which was a great team building exercise since I learned that being next to cutter in a fight is invigorating, Balazaar just sort of strolls up all nonchalant like.  Apparently he had been watching the fight from the tree line and did not want to interrupt thinking we may have thought of him as an enemy.  Not sure if he understands this but he is one of two dragonborn I have seen lifetime so there are three options available here, one he is with the enemy, two he is scared to fight or three he is just plain stupid.  No matter I will keep watch on him.  

After the fight, we hit the ways to head back to Estis and while we are in the ways we see a light as I sneak forward to see if I recognize the people pushing the light I realize that I may know one of them and run back to let the rest of the group know what is going on.  So in the hurry that we are in we decided to set up an ambush and just wipe out the other group, well we did not set up soon enough and the next thing I know meatball is getting wailed in the side of the face by some form of projectile.  Well the trap has ben foiled and now we are in clear combat with 7 individuals.  The combat is fierce, intense and at times blinding.  Not sure about everyone else but for a while I could not see and was relying purely on my other senses to fire my arrows at the enemy.  Hopefully I did not hit cutter or gormagon with my arrows but eventually I could see again and got in close enough to really lay down some arms.  Well in the end of the fight three of them escaped with two headed past the horses towards the door that we had just come through.  I made chase but lost them due to not being able to see and as soon as we could we went to check on the horses.  Three of them were dead or dying and the rest of us with dead horses took it out on meatball for the remainder of the trip.  

After the fight we headed back to Estis and I tried talking to him about the ability I had since I had not learned magic through him.  Well the only thing that I could do was curse the group and Estis told me not to do it again in mixed company.  So I asked him outside and cursed him and well lets just say that I will not be doing that again.  After talking with Estis we decided to take the fight to the magisterium and went back to the tower. 

Once inside the tower we found a second hidden set of stairs and followed those until we found a room with a fire burning and lots of books and a desk.  Inside the desk was a note that read “Nightwind, in real trouble come ASAP.  Yesterday would be best Z.”  The books that were there ventured from the mundane like history to magical things and Ashryn seems to be entranced by what she finds in the book and spends hours upon hours upon hours reading these books.  I found a book on what seems to be my current affliction, warlock but I do not have time to read it yet so I pocket that with a few other items.

We eventually realized that the other group had been gone entirely to long and set out to find them.  Well at some point in time I separate from the other group and I walk for what seems like an eternity and I realize that the marks that I had been following were suddenly duplicating.  Well as I begin to freak out I see my friends following me and so I turn to talk to them and as I turn and talk the turn and walk away.  We repeat this process over and over and I begin to lose grip with reality.  I talk and no one answers I walk to them they walk away.  I start to get seriously aggravated and pull out the bow and start shooting arrows and as I hit them they drop one by one.  I do this and keep on walking and I see Ashryn walking towards me and I pull my bow to shoot and she yells” whoa Xander, what are you doing?”  I am thinking to myself this may not be real so I ask a question and she answers.  Well the other two things that were with her did not so I shot them walked over picked up my arrows and carried on.  The next thing I know Ashryn is having a conversation with cutter who is not there.  This went on for a while until we ran into the real cutter and meatball.  But for some reason we could not find Gormagon.  Well there is this loud noise that could only be Gormagon yelling and it sounds like it is coming through the walls so we start searing for him and go up further and further then we end up on the roof.  We keep going more and more until we find Gormagon.  Well after we find him we wander this maze of a place until we end up back on the roof.  Gormagon looks like he has mentally checked out as he lets out a terrible yell and says im done and jumps over the side………..

Physical and Mental loss
Gormogon Velltris Bloodfang

Having just finished battling these huge pigbeings and some purple crystals, lo and behold Balasar Shadow Bane shows up!! After he had done his own thing when we departed Estis' house he finally returned to us. So he joins us on our way back to Estis'(as cutter puts it, we are doing alot of back and forth). We enter The Way through the Pawns Door, and just as we are about to set out, we notice light heading towards us. Being as there isnt anyone allowed in the ways, Xander and ashryn go to check it out, and come back to report that it is the magesterium, halfings and treasure trolls. As you can imagine, we whisper the plan, tie the horse, trap them on two sides, and commence the killing. however we arent quite fast enough with the planning, as out of nowhere a green orb of snot hits Balasar in the face and they are upon us. I step out in front to block them, as cutter climbs up on my back im ready to charge and start killing, but they close the distance before i can move. So i drop him off and step up to face them just as a ball of bright light lands behind me and somehow (magick!!!) blinds Xander, Ashryn and Cutter for what seems like ages! However, once Balasar joins me in blocking their way, we seem to be doing ok, until he goes down, and i need to revive him. the treasure trolls and halflings just jump over us and kick us down again. And finally Xander, and then shortly after cutter are able to see again, Ashryn however is still stumbling blind. The Hafubavi Vercasean. The last thing i see before i am taken down is getting kicked in the gut by one of these little turds! and then darkness takes me. I have no clue how long i was out, or who did what to whom after that, but i remember waking up ashryn putting some stuff on me and then i heard two treasure trolls got passed. I take chase!! I see a blood trail, i hope its their blood. It is not. It is my horse, Charlie, or Master Archibalds horse he lent me. NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i gather everything off of Charlie and continue the chase. Another horse, this one has been hamstrung and is no good anymore, so i end its life, the same with the next one i find. which happens to be xander and ashryns horses. Cutters and Balasars horse are alive and well, minus small scratches. I pass everyone as i head towards the Knights Crossing and continue on towards Estis. i assume they are following as i can hear bickering. 

Daylight. Finally. Estis, and food, warmth and Ale. We enter his house, he greets us with food, drink and help, somewhat. I pass on the regards from Lady Sharna and Master Klanor to him, and we proceed to tell him about our run ins with the Magesterium again. He seems more interested in chastising Xander for using his black magickness, and helping him and Ashryn with their magick, so i help myself to a barrel of ale and proceed to drown my sorrows. The loss of Charlie wouldnt bother me so much, if I had not an honor debt to repay. I need to find a better warhorse for Archibald. We chat back and forth all of us, i dont quite remember what it all is about, as im to busy drowning in ale, and food. But i focus just enough to hear that The Ways lead to a magick source. The Glass Tower, ruins of an ancient city. so we decide to set out there at first light.

We enter this confusing tower, and like the Rose Keep we search the stairwell, and find a hidden passage that leads to a study. A fire is lit, theres books a million, a desk but no one home. Cutter finds a note written in fancy flowing script and reads as follows; 'Nightwing, i need your help. come quick. Z'. i have no clue who these people are, but we keep the letter for now. Xander, Ashryn and Balasar stay behind because Ashryn is nose deep in a book and wont leave. so cutter and i decide to investigate further. we continue down the hallway to find a ladder leading up. up we go, and arrive at the top of the tower!! This cursed tower. however we appear to have lost the ladder way down, so must travel the 8 mile long staircase down the reach the study. the others have ended up falling asleep in the study as we return. We then all proceed to the ladder and up we go. i keep an eye on the floor door and ladder as we get to the top. its still there, we then decide to go back down. i rapid descend the ladder and slid down, down, down, down, down, until i fall i dont know how far, onto a wooden floor, in a wooden room that looks like an attic. WHAT!!!!! an attic there is no attick in the tower, where am i? i hate this tower!!!! i scream as i start to trash things and yell. 

i dont know where the others are, i dont know where i am. im lost, i really hate this tower. CHARLIE!!! this tower is getting to me, (GASP) a door! i decide to head through it, light a torch and proceed. i hear voices. great, now im hearing voices, Xander and Ashryn actually. they are yelling, fighting? no, cant be. were in a tower. i start to go mad, agry as i break my torch i drop. Falling, nothing beneath me, my stomach is in my throat and i don THUMP!!! i wake up groggily to see ashryn over me, or above me up some stairs? im not sure. they said i fell down. im all scrambled inside. i cant take this cursed place anymore. we go down the stairs only to find that we are at the top of the tower again!!!


Game 9

The party enters the Ways and rests, but are attacked by members of the Magisterium.  The horses are spooked, and most of the party is struck blind by magic, but Gormogon and Balasar (who had returned to the party after some time away) hold their own.  Cutter regains his sight, and throws one of the magisterium over the edge of the Ways and into the pit, then flanks enemies with Xander to quickly put them down.  Two of the Magisterium member flee, back to where the party had come from, and where the horses fled.

The party runs after the fleeing magic users, but arrive at a large corpse on the floor, Gormogon's horse, Charlie.  Continuing, the party find Xander and Ashryn's horses have been hamstrung, so Xander puts the horses down.  The party don't find the two fleeing magic users, but they do find Balasar and Cutter's horses still alive, though a little wounded.

The party returns to Estis, stopping to rest in the glass tower for the next night.  The water had previously made Ashryn drunk, and now it made Cutter invisible.  The party learn not to drink from the well any longer.  

Estis tells the party that each of the Ways' doors are located att he site of an ancient city, most are ruins by now, but Gormogon, Ashryn and Balasar know of a city that's still active- the one where the three all met.  The party tell Estis about meeting Sharna, and how the magiserium always seem to know where the party are.  The glass tower is mentioned again, this time in connection to a possible site of an ancient city, and the party decide to investigate it further.

The party return to the glass tower, and follow the hidden stairwell like Sharna had done so in the tower at Rose Keep, which itself had a similar illusion to the glass tower's invisible wall.  Following the staircase up, and holding to the walls of the staircase, the party find a new secret entrance.  The passage leads them down stairs, up hills and around corners.  Cutter thought this tower may act like the Ways, he couldn't figure out after all the travel, how they could possibly still be in the tower.

At the end of the long hall, the party find a study.  inside the study is a desk, and the walls are lined with book shelves, there's even a fire still lit in the fireplace, as if someone had just left the room.  As the party search the room, Cutter looks through the desk and finds a note- "N.  Need help, preferable yesterday.  -Z".  The N and Z are written in a fancy script, and the note is addressed to someone named Nightwind.  As Balasar, Xander and Ashryn stay within the study, Gormogon and Cutter continue searching the tower.  The hallway connected tot he study takes them to a ladder, wich oddly enough takes them to the roof after only a three minute climb.

Cutter and Gormogon can't understand how they ended up on the roof, so they climb back down and into the tower.  Gormogon and Cutter mark off more secret entrances, and return to the party to tell them that a ladder leads to the roof.  They beg the rest to follow, and everyone climbs the ladder.

however, this time the ladder only takes the party to an empty white room.  Gormogon and Cutter and flustered and the rest of the party in in disbelief.  Gormogon fast respells down the ladder, sliding on it's supports, while the rest of the party follow.  Another three minute climb and the party reach the bottom of the ladder, but Gormogon is gone.  Cutter thinks he just left the tower, so he tries to leave. 

Cutter and Balasar get separated from the rest of the party, and reach the roof of the tower after walking down to reach the entrance.  They wait for their party members to find them, since they were looking for the front door but found the roof, the rest of the party must follow.  They wait for nearly a day however, Cutter plain refusing to enter the tower again just to get lost.  As the rest of the party finally reach the roof with Cutter and Balasar, Gormogn runs and leaps off the roof into the forest, eight miles below.

The Dark Side of Life...
creatures from the ground!

After losing the trail of the two fighters that got away after the ambush, we decided it would be best to return to Cauln.  After arriving in Cauln, we all decide that we are going to rash for the night, me I sleep in the woods in usual fashion the first night.  In the morning, everyone splits up and I have no clue where they went but I decided to go see the apothecary and try and learn some tricks of the trade since Master Barton was always talking about herbs being the true way to take people down….. Poison.  So when I get to the apothecary, I ask if I could learn under his tutelage and he tells me I can get things and lift things and I accept.  The first thing he sent me to get was  a bottle of thyme which took me no time at all to find and apparently he was impressed because he allowed me more freedom and I told him whenever I was in Cauln I would come back for more instructions.  One night I decides that i need to visit smitty to pick up a few skills that may become valuable in the near future.  So I rent my room and head out after everyone goes their separate ways.  I cut a deal with smitty that may end up playing out pretty well for both parties but when I get back to my room there is a 7 foot dragon sleeping in my bed…… So I prick the bottom of his foot to wake him say some words that I do not understand (they just came out) and leave the room.  When I get downstairs everyone is intently curious as to what I have been doing and even though I assure them its ok when I tell them they all lose their collective minds.  Well whats done is done so there is nothing that can be taken back……

Well at some point in time Gormagon decided it was ok to speak on my behalf and tolk lady Sharna that I would come meet her and not only meet her but do her 3 favors in return for some sort of item that would make me more powerful….. Not being one to turn down revenge, I accept (even though I hate to admit to Gormagon he was right) and lady Sharna takes my weapons from me and does something with them but when I receive them back they seem different… stronger…. Really strong.  So I thank her and we part ways. 

As the group travels from Cauln back to the ways we run into someone that is very familiar… its Wyrm Banath the guy from the choosing.  This time he is with two other halflings and they look serious….. So Gormagon in his infinite wisdom decides that charging them is the way to go so he can just lob off their heads.  Well he goes and reluctenly we follow…. As he is going full steam he hits an invisible wall cleaning his clock…. While they try and get through this wall with brute strength cutter and myself try and find a whole in the wall.  Well as we are doing this grog ends up somehow in the middle of the bubble with the three halflings and six creatures that just came from the dirt, but they don’t look like dirt they look mean.  Well just then the wall falls and the halflings disappear.  I think get jumped by two of the creatures and I was able to hold my own until cutter arrived and helped dispatch them.  The rest of the fight was realativly calm with Ashryn Gormagon cutter and myself making quick work of the creatures….. As soon as the battle ends we continue to go to Estis but I wonder why all this is happening.  Why now… and why do I suddenly have an impulse to find a mate. 

Warlords Log 12483.12
Warlord Gormogon

Buttercup was raised on a small farm in the middle of…. wait who the Thrume(F***) is buttercup? back to the original story. We decided to follow the trail of the haflings that escaped they led straight out of the forest and into the grasslands, where the mighty woodsman Xander lost them. something about a groove, and i waved my hand to see if they were unsee able to the eye. they think I'm a fool, but then they realized what i was doing and think I'm smart! on to cauln now. this debt is making my head hurt. ah the silken boot, I've missed you. quick rest, food and drink is in order. i head to master klanors smithy and pay off my debt, apparently he was thinking i was dead, not the case yet. he reads the note from estis in the bag and has some look in his eyes, that of knowing? annoyance? unfriendliness? I'm not sure but he said to give estis his regards when next i see him. Baron Bootlum,. come to find out is the Mayor now, is my next destination. I need help with this one, cutter will do just fine. i go search him out, who happens to be all alone in the inn, where ashryn and xander went to idk, and grog is just grog. so we make our way to his dwelling place and to my annoyance he isn't home, but in alnuth again. a housekeeper, milly, answers and lets us in to wait for the mayors seneschal. his name i forget, but that's not important. i amazingly misdirect him(cutter would call it lying, but that's to harsh) into letting us into the mayors study where i hope to search for clues or information on the magisterium, the sponge, magick or anything pertaining to our risk of dying. unfortunately there is no such thing in here. i ask cutter to sneak into the study, not to steal just to look, but he says hes not a burglar and he cant do it. so we take our leave and go find ashryn who went to go see her master. to learn more about Herbs. once we find her, i try to talk one of them into sneaking into the study rather then wait for Mayor bootlums return, but they refuse. Xander will do it! ill ask him, i say, however they readily shut me down saying he would do it. never mind then, my belly calls my attention as does ashryns who grumpily says the cheese i gave her wasn't enough, humph. we dine on food and drink till night arrives and bed beckons. Xander gets a room, wait what? yes, believe it or not the first room he has ever rented. the cheapskate normally sleeps outdoors. i think hes up to something, cutter however beats me to it and is listening by his door as i arrive. all is quiet within. cutter slowly opens the door, when i have had enough waiting, i push the door open and the room is empty of xander. cutter rushes downstairs and outside to find the window, while i think stair take to long i jump out the window. not my brightest idea but quickest. ashryn is behind cutter as is grog surprisingly, but xander has vanished into the dark alley way. oh well, best not let a paid for room go un used, as i decide to sleep in xanders bed, cutter was just a bit to slow on the idea. OUCH!!! i all of a sudden awake with a stabbing pain in my foot as Xander is there. What in Larmaxles breath Xander!! he tells me to get out of his bed, i don't, he mumbles some gibberish at me and heads downstairs. somehow i forget how to put my armor on even though I've done this a hundred times. the three of us now awake question xander on his disappearance last night and what he was upto. he tells us the truth, surprisingly that he went to Schmidt of all people to make a deal, a stupid deal, and learn some slight of hand crap. fine, when Schmidt comes to kill you and us for "stealing" I'm going to say i told you so. 

i want to visit this tower that's here. I've never been there yet, and i decide its time. the four of us, xander goes to learn herbage work, head towards the tower. the Rose Keep its called. a museum of sorts, as i have no clue what a museum is. the keeper, Lady Sharna says they house precious, rare artifacts. items from long ago. its all fascinating but i want to know more. Grog however knows her and tells her what i want to hear. "we would like to see the back room, with the rarer objects". she leads us to a room much like the Glass Tower, and there is a vast amount of items!! Rings! Weapons! Armor! you name it. "why are you not dead yet?" she asks. my clawed hand reaches for my war pick. no violence she says. i question her about that, she knows of magick, the magesterium, who we are and what we are upto for the most part. she knows of estis and why we are being hunted. she decides to give us a trade. information from her for something from us. i show her the drawing from the top of the glass tower. she says, are you ready to know this knowledge that will most definitely be your doom? i decline, not ready yet. however she says ill give you each a item in exchange for something from you. i offer a favor from myself, not in jest, in all seriousness. however she decides to make it a group favor, 3 to be exact in exchange for a Battle Standard for me, a Gauntlet for Ashryn and Cutter, a Sword for Grog, and a belt? for xander. she then says we must make haste back to estis, for our safety is limited in Cauln, and we will be in danger the longer we stay. so back we go, i feel we do allot of back and forth. upon the road back to The Ways entrance, we are stopped by none other then Wyrn Baneth, master halfling turd that is incharge of the Right of Choosing, who marks if you know magic or not, who is trying to kill us. I charge forward on charlie, cutter next to me, but we are stopped by some unseen barrier. Curse magick!! cutter and xander cirlce around for an entrance, grog leaps off my shoulders and sails over the top! Ashryn follows but isn't successfull. i then try to throw her, but i just cant get the force behind it. and then i see them!! 5 beings from my worste nightmare!! worste because i have never seen such monstrosities before. 3 beings that come up from dark liquid out of the ground. Giant bulls, of sorts, or pig men. but not human at all. 2 floating glowing crystal types. what? crystal can smash. the three halflings controlling the field and these monsters, dissapear go figure. and now the battle ensues. i destroy a crystale being. cutter and xander take out 2 piggies. grog and ashryn take out the third while myself and grog take out the last crystal who leave behind a crystal shard. i put them in my pack as I'm dranw to their glow.

Game 8

The party returns to Cauln, after losing the trail of the halflings who turned invisible and ran off after their last fight, and the party spend the night in the Silken Boot inn.  In the morning, everyone decides to tend to personal business in town; Gormogon goes off to see Master Klanor, the blacksmith he owes debt to; Ashryn goes to see her own master to train in ways to create new poultices; Xander runs off, to where no one knows; and Grog wanders the city.  Cutter goes off to Klanor's smithy to buy a buckler shield, but Klanor's prices are outrageous and Cutter can only afford a 7gp steel light shield made by one of the master smith's apprentices.

Gormogon returns to the Silken Boot just before Cutter, who was going to meet back up with Ashryn, but she would be busy for the next few hours creating healing poultices.  Gormogon and Cutter then decide to visit the now Mayor Bootlum.  The two arrive at the mayor's home but learn that Bootlum is out of town, he's gone back to Alnoth and wont be back for another week.  Gormogon wants desperately to get inside Bootlum's office to search for any clues he can find, so he tells the mayor's steward that Bootlum left a package for the dragonborn, and that he'd like to retrieve it.  Gormogon gets the steward to lead Gormogon and Cutter to Bootlum's office, where the two search the oom to no avail, Cutter doesn't know what Gormogon is looking for so he just acts like he's looking around.  The two then leave, and meet back up with the rest of the party att he Silken Boot.

Xander buys a room at the Silken Boot.  Cutter knows something is up, Xander NEVER buys an inn room, ALWAYS preferring to sleep out in the woods (Xander seems to either be a cheapskate, or just an outdoorsy kinda guy.  Cutter thinks it's a little bit of both) .  As Xander "heads off to bead"  (Xander sleeps in trees, not beds), Cutter sneaks up and parks his ears at the door.  Nothing.  Cutter waits for twenty minutes, then tries the door when the room has gone still, slowly opening the door which is then thrown open by Gormogon.  Xander is gone.  Cutter runs out of the inn, calling for Ashryn to join him, who doesn't know what's going on so she takes her time finishing up her meal before leaving after Cutter.  Cutter finds the alley that Xander would have had to dropped into, but only finds a mass of footprints on the ground and cant follow which ones belong to Xander.  The party  return to their own beds, Gormogon taking Xander's room for himself.

In the morning, the party question Xander on why he snuck out on them.  He says he snuck out to learn some new trick.  Pressing him, Xander tells the party he talked to Schmidt, and promised him a fee on any items that Xander fences in Cauln as payment to Schmidt, just so he could learn a few sleight of hand tricks.  That would be enough to have Cutter mad at his friend and worried for the party's lives, but Xander goes on to say that he has no intention at all to pay Schmidt his fencer's fees, so Xander openly admits he made a deal with a madman and doesn't intend to ever pay him.  Schmidt doesn't like not getting money he's owed, Cutter knows this first hand and warns his party "Schmidt has killed men for less, he threatened to kill me over only 75gp, and he's broken an eight year old's legs over only 10gp".  Xander says he's got more things to do, so he splits from the party once more for the day.

Gormogon splits the tension by proclaiming his interest in visiting the tower at the center of the city.  The party go, and when the enter they are welcomed by a woman named Sharna.  Gormogon asks for a tour, to which Sharna agrees to lead, but only so much as a boring museum tour through old uninteresting antiques.  Gormogon fumbles with trying to ask about anything mysterious, and Grog thankfully jumps in and asks the right questions, apparently he's well known here.

Sharna leaves the room, but not through any door as the party had entered.  She follows the wall of the tower around the room and disappears, much like Gormogon did back in the tower of glass.  As the group round the room, they exit on the same floor of the tower, but in a completely new space.  The room is full of rings, cloaks, armor and weapons, all manner of "interesting antiquities", as Grog puts it.  Sharna asks the party how they know about this sort of thing, and how they're still alive after learning about it.  Gormogon still can't find find the right words to say, most of the party really can't, they've seem to have been backed into a corner.  Cutter tells Sharna that she seemingly trusts Grog, who is trusted and trusts Estis, that alone should answer her question.  Cutter tells her that the party is at the beginning of a war with the Magisterium, and they they can use any information Sharna has on them.  Sharna asks the party if they're willing to risk their lives for this information.  Ashryn puts it plainly, there's not much more risk our lives can be put to.  Sharna gives everyone a gift.  

Gormogon gets a battlestandard, and Cutter and Ashryn each get a metal gauntlet.  Cutter's gauntlet can create a shield of force, and extend out to cover himslef and a few feet to one side to act as cover, as well as create an explosion of energy.  Cutter at least makes sure to give Xander the news, and tells him to visit the tower when the party next see him.  The party are then told by Sharna that they should return to Estis.

The party leave for the white pawn entrance they left when they fled to Cauln.  As they arrive at the area, they find three halflings waiting for them, the leader of the three is actually the MC from the party's Rite of Choosing.  Cutter knew they had something to do with the Magisterium.

The two parties fight, the halflings creating an invisible wall which Gormogon and Cutter crash into on horseback as they charge.  Grog leaps off of Gormogon, now on the ground and standing, and flies over the wall and lands amongst the halflings.  Then, the halflings summon creatures, what we would call demons, but the party only knows them as monsters "in the truest sense of the word".  Xander and Cutter circle the halflings, trying to find an opening in the wall by keeping a hand on it as they run along it.  As the halflings disappear from sight and the wall fades, Xander lets it known to the party, which gets him the ire of the monsters, which gang up on him two-to-one.  Cutter helps out Xander, while the rest of the party deal with a third monster and two dark crystaline beings.  Some good hits are made from both sides, but the party prevails.

At the end of the fight, the party ready to head back into the Ways, and return to Estis.

Game 7- Jr
Gormogon and the Goliath

Eating with Estis Glimmering has its perks. Good food, warm and dry with a roof over our heads, and safety. For the time being as we soon come to find out. ( Knock knoc knock) Estis answers the door, and in comes this man beast. He must be a beast for me to say this, a foot taller then me, but i clearly have him by muscle and skill.  which is come to light when myself and Grog decide to spare, with me being the victor in no time at all. Enter Grog the Goliath. ive never seen one before, he looks blue to me. he arrives with a message for Estis, the two talk behind closed door for a minute then re emmerge say Grog will travel with us temporarily, to lay in wait for the magisterium who have access to the ways. thats the plan, head to the rooks roost, (i made that up myself) and plan a trap for these pests. they cant see in the dark, neither can we so we are on a fair field, i hope. I mention to Estis about Klanor and his bracers he gave me for testing, and he starts to chuckle. He then asks how much i owe, i tell him 450GP. He goes into the same door he went in with Grog, comes out and gives me a pouch which i definantly here the clinking of coins. alot of coins. in it is about 4 dozen shiny silver ish pieces, which i come to learn is platinum. he says this is for you to pay your debt, i think it would be better if you are free of his debt and free to do my bidding as such is the more important. at first thought, very brief, my thought turned to slavery for lack of better thinking. but that is no where near the case. simply means i have a much more important job to do, then to be indebt to a blacksmith. 

ashryn and xander have decided to train for 1 week with estis, to learn this magick. i have no clue to sit around so grog, cutter and i go to nivarrah. we go to the Gravestone Manor, and lay our heads there, while we wait for my Bastard Sword to be made. oh it is a marvelous piece of work. able to wield it with 1 hand expertly, but 2 hands it becomes a living extension of myself. once this job is finished we make our way back to estis' house, where ashryn has her magick learned and something is off with xander. im not sure what it is, i must remember to ask him later about it.

on that note, (bang bang bang bang) the door is pounded on fiercely. estis answers the door and in falls a friend of his, a messanger, all beat up, exhausted, and looking like death. he manages to gasp out that "the magisterium know of you, all of you and where to find you, you have a day at the most" and with that he collapses dead at our feet. without a moment to loose, we all gather our gear, put on our armor, estis goes his own way, the five of us, you guessed it, back into the ways. only this time we dont head to rooks roost, but out to pawns pike.(i made that one up also) i decide no fire, no light for tonight, as we are being hunted. turns out it didnt matter, they knew where we were. 5 halfings on horses, HORSES, approach us. they know we are there, and told us to show ourselves or they will kill us. i try to be somewhat diplomatic and say we warrant no such threat but they dont budge. so charging i go. the others go about there own sides, cutter in the darkness failing to team up with someone until later and then he lays down the law and shows those haflings what for, xander well, once again to close at first but later gets some distance like he should and makes pin cushions out of them. ashryn is trying her best, and doing pretty good until these little 2 foot hulrads(dragonborn for shit bags) start kicking us like we are empty buckets. and grog, poor grog, reminds me when we fought those bug bears. hes up they see him hes down. never had a chance. i do all i can to keep everyone but xander alive, since hes out of harms way. but to add insult to injury these hulrads dissappear!! like cowards!! and one of them is green skin, yellow eyes and purple hair! a treasure troll!! but no gem in the belly button. after we finally defeat them, 2 run off like scared rabbits, i take the ears of the spriggan i learn its called, but still have no clue what it is, ill call it a treasure troll. we heal up, and find somewhere to camp safely.

Game 7

Mid meal, there's a knock on Estis' door.  Entering the hermit's home is a tall, grey skinned warrior, a Goliath, named Grog.  Estis takes him into a back room for a few moments, and then reemerges to speak with the party.  Grog has told Estis, who tells the party, that the Magisterium has access to the Ways, the Rook that the party so narrowly missed was more than likely them, only moments ahead of the party.

Estis tells the party that they need to take care of the situation.  The party is to confront the magisterium, take what pieces they may have acquired, and end them.  The party comes up with a plan, to ambush this person inside the Ways at one of the junctions.  

Xander asks Estis how he can know when the Ways are opened, to which he responds with "I can just feel it".  Like old bones warning of rain or cold weather, Cutter imagined.  Ashryn asks what these people can do with their abilities.  Estis responds with "they can create floods, forest fires, gales and any other manner of disaster".  These people seem to just "do" magic, so Cutter coins "magic doer" as a bit of a joke.

On another note, the diagram etched onto the glass tower's roof has no correlation to the map of the Ways the party drew out, there are no overlapping lines between the two.

Ashryn wants to spend how ever long it takes to learn magic from Estis.  She's so enraptured by it's mystery, and the history her parents have with it, that she seems to take learning it almost as if she is learning of her own family history.  Xander sits by and watches, unable to learn as of yet, but determined to do magic one way or another.

Gormogon, Grog and Cutter head off to nearby Nivarah, to visit the Gravestone Manor, as well as to pick up a few things and pay off some of Gormogon's loan to a master smith back in Cauln.  Before the three depart, Estis gives Gormogon a sack of coin, and says that it should pay off Gormogon's loan of 400GP.  Gormogon opens the coin pouch to find a few dozen platinum pieces inside.  Nothing really happens in Nivarah, Gormogon asks a weapon smith to forge him a bastard sword, which would take three days to complete.  So Gormogon, Cutter and Grog stay in the Graveston Manor for the time being.

One week after the party met back with Estis, while the party eats breakfast in his home, there's a knock at Estis' door.  A messenger, pale and drenched in sweat, warns Estis of the Magisterium's approach.  The Messenger dies then and there, and the party is told to flee, somewhere far via the Ways.  The party, Grog included, head off into the Ways and back to the location where they had found a white pawn, which Grog tells the party has dropped them off only two days South of Cauln.

The party ride North towards Cauln, but as it's already night time here, they stop after two hours, enough time to give them space away from the door to the Ways they came out of.  As the party rests, they are awakened by five halflings on horseback.  Gormogon and Grog standsat the ready and confront them, while Ashryn, Xander and Cutter hide.   The head halfling can tell there are others hiding, and commands they show themselves, all while Gormogon intimidates and challenges the five halflings into passing us by without any trouble.  

The halflings appear to be with the Magisterium, and they know who the party is.  A fight breaks out, which sees the small combatants easily knocking down the much larger Gormogon and Grog prone, and then sending them skipping across the ground like stones on a lake with a kick.  Cutter can't get anyone to help him out in combat- the party knows he needs someone to take the enemies attention off him but nobody would give him a decent shot, until Ashryn opens up on one of the halflings so Cutter can run in and finish it off.  The party take down three of the halflings, but two of them manage to turn invisible and flee.


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