An Emotional Set of Days...

soul reaping

I. Have. Never. Been. This. ANGRY! I swear upon my dying breath I will rip out his very SOUL if I have to! That BASTARD, he is a pathetic excuse for a dragon worth no more than mud under my boots!!! He seals away my MOTHER and expects me to just leave after a “deal.” YEAH RIGHT YOU USELESS, IDIOT WORM!!

The day before

My mother says that we can take Balasar to the glass tower in order to perform an awakening to gift him with a traditional gain of adulthood. We all agree to postpone the other plans to get this accomplished. Balasar has been through a lot, we’ve all been through a lot, but he deserves this. We begin our trip back down south, following the divides in the world’s ley lines. As learned previously the tower lays upon a strong node, which is an area that ley lines cross, and has been constructed in a way that an awakening would never fail if it is performed there.

Oddly the trip was very peaceful… nothing attacked us. And honestly that bugs me… I’ve been itching for another fight recently. Well, the tower is just ahead we need to go on through…


This is getting crazy, we finally caught a small break. It’s short but we got one. Those first fights turned out fine… I don’t exactly recall what those creatures are but they were puny in size and packed a powerful punch with their spells. They were mostly just annoying… I need something stronger. Two rounds of those buggers we pushed through, that second one I actually purposefully engulfed myself and the Imp creatures with a blazing fire… I’m just glad my clothes didn’t fully burn up again, I have no more spares. Awe… I singed the sleeves and bottoms of the garb, dang… the few rooms before have been troublesome, spinning balls in a bowl producing elemental properties combined with four “corner” pools that knocked Bek into the bowl multiple times. Both bowls I must add. I’m very sorry Bek, trust me I know what being burnt alive feels like. Both inside and out though, unless he swallowed some of that flaming oil he probably doesn’t burn that bad. But if he swallowed oil then he has more than just “hot things” to worry about. Next up Kobolds, oh boy! I do hate these ones, bright red little devils. I’m going to gut them open… If there’s anymore. It went quick though, they hit real hard and were also very hard to hit. Squirmy little things. Mother (AHHHRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!) dispatched a few without much problem, eventually they all were though. Again I said it was quick. OH GOSH!!! This break is about to end and fast! Are the walls? MOVING? Son of a bitch.


{Was that..? A scream?}


(Normally I would have a very detailed memory of key points… and I would have many… but this time I felt my life breakdown and then watched as it was finally brought back up… and just as my world finally made sense emotionally. It grew red.) My mother sat in a chair in a small room, another chair across from hers. Yet, she also stood behind us all. Face blanked out and emotionless. The one across the room spoke as I called out with concern, she offered me a seat. Bek was first to the seat and as he came upon it she insulted him, claiming the chair to be infested… Is this really her? I walked up to the chair Bek sat in… Infested. And politely, I asked him to get up so that I may sit. He did so, but in case something was going to go wrong I signaled to stay by my side next to the chair. Again he did so. She asked if I was thirsty, I replied with a nod, she waved her hand and snapped her fingers. Before us a table appeared with a teapot, cups, and sugar. She poured my cup, “Is it still two sugars?” again I nodded. She put in the cubes and handed me to cup, I looked back to the others. I was confused and they shared my feelings. Then we began our discussion. The first question regarded her being the leader of the Magisterium. She told us that she was still the leader but not the current acting leader and hasn’t been for two centuries. Which makes almost no sense to me… how was I- (you know now, don’t you?) …born. The questions led from there; how she ended up here, a brief why, then topped it off with many concerns of dealing with the Magisterium. My mother claimed then that she would never allow them to hunt us especially me. Shortly we went over our new current situation: we are trapped in this tower and all we could think of was offering up the crystals that we don’t plan on using. Almost in ignorance, mainly in sarcasm, I spoke outward as if the dragon could hear me. He heard my deal and responded, the first one was countered. The dragon wanted something other than the orbs that we were offering. Instead of the Dwarven and Draconic orbs he wanted the Elven crystal orb in exchange for our freedom. But that didn’t cover my mother’s freedom or Balasar’s Awakening. He turned down my challenge so I had to revert back to normal trade. So in exchange for my mother, we traded a thousand platinum pieces and one hundred and twenty residuum. In exchange for Balasar’s awakening, we paid another thousand platinum.


I began to break…. We were talking amongst ourselves… Xander was concerned and questioned the legitimacy of my mother… I- I understand he… had to. Just to make sure… he was being protective… but I broke down, I couldn’t deal with being a barrel of emotion and never blowing up with it. I couldn't deal with it! I couldn’t! Not even a little bit… There was such a small chance that she wouldn’t be my real mother. And it seemed like just then my whole life could just be some lie! Everything I grew up knowing, just instantly could just all be fake or fabricated… I couldn’t even fathom it. I began to cry… in front of everyone. I felt so stupid, and vulnerable… and hurt… I couldn’t hold back the tears they just trailed down my cheeks… but- she… my mother came to my comfort as I had tearfully asked. She explained to me how this had come to be, nothing was a lie. The other her, she created in order to take care of me. For the time being the creation was not allowed to speak of my birth, the Magisterium or anything about magic at all. She came to defeat the Dragon of the Tower… but did not come with sufficient knowledge and left her trapped. She had found a way to go to a time when my father was still alive. And she could be there for only a day. It could be performed only once… periode. But not long after she noticed I was coming. All with distant magic she was able to create a golem and I was able to be born in the ancestral house where I could be raised through mother’s proxy… The rest I sort of blocked out… I was so happy I didn’t need to hear anymore of the story. She was real this is real… All that mattered at that time was not some fabrication… I could find some peace in that.


But… there is still something… that is a new thorn in my side… the tower’s “owner.” Heh, well I think it’s time for a new owner…

He seals away my mother. Traps us in the tower. Attempted to kill us many of times even though we tried to act peacefully at first. So you know what… I’m done with it… That… THAT- Useless! Weak! ARGGGGG!!!

That’s it! I’m going to take my blade and carve out his soul and crush it with my hands! I’ll take this tower for my own. I’ll use it’s power for myself!


I feel boiled up inside from these damned Dragons. They are arrogant and greedy! This one specifically I’m tired of… and I’m tired of avoiding this tower and being led into it all the time and being fearful of what it may do to us… No, now I’m going to take it! Then use it to power ourselves to match the Magisterium. And after this all I’ll take all the knowledge this tower has to offer and teach magic to those with the gift…

But first… heheheheheh, I’ll need to reap the soul from that worm.




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