Baddies We have fought and survived

Gormogon- continued by Bek

Bandits. First and foremost I despise is the Blue Falcon. He's smart, quick, and apparently good at gaining allies. He has gotten away once, and bested us the second time. 

Goblins. I really hate goblins. Not only are they small, and annoying, they have tried to eat/kill my Charlie, twice, along with the other horses. I despise them with a burning passion.

Hobgoblin, bugbear. Goblinoid beings, still pretty nasty and more dangerous then the Blue falcon maby. they hit hard, and are tactful with a hobgoblin, bugbears are.

Bear. not just a bear, but a Dire Bear apparantly. bones sticking out its back, tall as i am on all fours. really tough hide. But bear meat is tasty i hope.

The magesterium-gnomes, humans, treasure trolls (spriggans)

De Rollo, cutters father.More magesterium. Magick doers and evil things summoned from the dark.



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