Game 15


So we slept in Tssani's cozy little "house arrest" room last night, and in the morning she somehow was able to make us all a decent breakfast.  The strange, and pretty cool part actually though, was when Tssani started going around her room, opening little hide holes and pockets of hidden closet space or shelves under her bed, dragging out what little adventuring gear should find and hind from her two-hundred year stint locked up here.  She put on some leather armor and grabbed a spear, and we left for the roof to complete Balasar's awakening.

The awakening didn't really last THAT long.  It felt a lot longer than it actually was, because Tssani would methodically place, adjust, check twice and then replace almost every single item she put out around the circle.  Incense, candles, small beads that would roll a half inch off its mark just to be picked back up two or three times and placed delicately back in its proper spot before it would move again, all with Balasar sitting in the direct center of everything, and even then he had to shift to the side a half inch probably three different times.  Tssani would then slowly and purposefully read off from a scroll to complete the ceremony, and, with a bright flash of blue-ish light, Balasar still sat in the center of the circle.  Nothing looked different, though it doesn't take someone in the magisterium to figure out that something WAS different about him.  Somehow this awakening mad him an adult.  Still, I really don't see the need for it, everyone else was handed a pin and told "congrats, you're an adult now", it just seems like the normal progression of things.  Anyway.

Ashryn tells us all that she want to kill the dragon, here and now, at the top of the tow.  Everyone is kind of surprised, and actually wants to go along with her.  I do my best to dissuade her, at least for now.  I'd follow her into a fight with a dragon, but only because it's suicide to go alone.  I'd much rather we all came back when we are ready to fight something that big, not just in scope but the idea of fighting a myth to the death, it's insane.  But, everyone else gives Ashryn the ok to go now, so I guess we all die together fighting this thing or maybe we'll luck out and only one or two of us bite the dust.

We descend back into the tower, even if we wanted to fight the dragon on the roof top, we couldn't, as the thing is imprisoned in its own tower and can't actually leave.  We expect to go past Tssani's room on the way down, but instead the hall opens up into a large open room with three dragonborn standing inside.  One says something along the lines of "you expect to leave and face our master, blah blah blah"; he gives us a speech about having to pass through them first basically.  It's a tough fight too, everyone is having a hard time actually hitting these guys, they've upped their defenses; they know how to fight and we're still trying to stand on our own feet at the best of times.  Bek and I run up to a standard that the dragonborn had planted, I figured it must be the same sort of thing that Gormogon and that fire magic doer had, so if it's giving the dragonborn a boost, I decided to get rid of it.  Didn't work out that way though, i tried to break the pole but it wouldn't budge.   Bek took it out of the ground and planted it for us, like now we're player capture the flag in the middle of a fight to the death.  One of the dragonborn takes it back though, and finally I'm able to remove it and toss it to Xander, who plants it for us and we manage to finally mop up these guys.

Our next fight was the dragon himself, and it's much more difficult than the fight we just had with the dragonborn, given that that fight wasn't really that easy either.  The dragon had enough room to move, which it used to its advantage, flying around and making it difficult, if not impossible, for most of us to even try to hit it.  I spend most of the fight trying to just chase after the thing; it can become invisible on top of fly above us to a different spot in the room.  I can't keep track of who's hurting it the most, but I know Ashryn, Tssani and Xander are the only ones able to even reach out and touch this thing.  All I can do is try to hit it with a sling bullet; poor Balasar is reduced to throwing spears and chasing after them when he misses the dragon.  Finally though, Ashryn manages to score a great sword strike on it, leaping into the air and plunging a blade deep into its side, but then, as a sort of final "screw you", the dragon falls right on top of Ashryn.

It takes the combined effort of myself, Xander and Balasar to lift and roll the dragon off of Ashryn, and it seems like we take too much time doing even that, dragons are big after all and that means they're heavy.  We barely get the thing off Ashryn, whose face is beat red and purple, I think even one more second and she'd have been gone.  She was definitely crushed by the fall, looked like a wrist was smashed, and I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't have at least one broken rib.  Balasar picks her up though and carries her out of the tower, and we find one of our old camping spots from one of our other run ins with the tower.  We're going to rest up, give Ashryn some time to be able to walk on her own again, but in the mean time, I think Xander and I are going back into the tower to look for the dragon's hoard.  Everyone seems to have forgotten, that's one of the main reasons why Ashryn wanted to kill the thing, she says we shouldn't let that thing have what we gave it. those primogenitor spheres.



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