Game 9


The party enters the Ways and rests, but are attacked by members of the Magisterium.  The horses are spooked, and most of the party is struck blind by magic, but Gormogon and Balasar (who had returned to the party after some time away) hold their own.  Cutter regains his sight, and throws one of the magisterium over the edge of the Ways and into the pit, then flanks enemies with Xander to quickly put them down.  Two of the Magisterium member flee, back to where the party had come from, and where the horses fled.

The party runs after the fleeing magic users, but arrive at a large corpse on the floor, Gormogon's horse, Charlie.  Continuing, the party find Xander and Ashryn's horses have been hamstrung, so Xander puts the horses down.  The party don't find the two fleeing magic users, but they do find Balasar and Cutter's horses still alive, though a little wounded.

The party returns to Estis, stopping to rest in the glass tower for the next night.  The water had previously made Ashryn drunk, and now it made Cutter invisible.  The party learn not to drink from the well any longer.  

Estis tells the party that each of the Ways' doors are located att he site of an ancient city, most are ruins by now, but Gormogon, Ashryn and Balasar know of a city that's still active- the one where the three all met.  The party tell Estis about meeting Sharna, and how the magiserium always seem to know where the party are.  The glass tower is mentioned again, this time in connection to a possible site of an ancient city, and the party decide to investigate it further.

The party return to the glass tower, and follow the hidden stairwell like Sharna had done so in the tower at Rose Keep, which itself had a similar illusion to the glass tower's invisible wall.  Following the staircase up, and holding to the walls of the staircase, the party find a new secret entrance.  The passage leads them down stairs, up hills and around corners.  Cutter thought this tower may act like the Ways, he couldn't figure out after all the travel, how they could possibly still be in the tower.

At the end of the long hall, the party find a study.  inside the study is a desk, and the walls are lined with book shelves, there's even a fire still lit in the fireplace, as if someone had just left the room.  As the party search the room, Cutter looks through the desk and finds a note- "N.  Need help, preferable yesterday.  -Z".  The N and Z are written in a fancy script, and the note is addressed to someone named Nightwind.  As Balasar, Xander and Ashryn stay within the study, Gormogon and Cutter continue searching the tower.  The hallway connected tot he study takes them to a ladder, wich oddly enough takes them to the roof after only a three minute climb.

Cutter and Gormogon can't understand how they ended up on the roof, so they climb back down and into the tower.  Gormogon and Cutter mark off more secret entrances, and return to the party to tell them that a ladder leads to the roof.  They beg the rest to follow, and everyone climbs the ladder.

however, this time the ladder only takes the party to an empty white room.  Gormogon and Cutter and flustered and the rest of the party in in disbelief.  Gormogon fast respells down the ladder, sliding on it's supports, while the rest of the party follow.  Another three minute climb and the party reach the bottom of the ladder, but Gormogon is gone.  Cutter thinks he just left the tower, so he tries to leave. 

Cutter and Balasar get separated from the rest of the party, and reach the roof of the tower after walking down to reach the entrance.  They wait for their party members to find them, since they were looking for the front door but found the roof, the rest of the party must follow.  They wait for nearly a day however, Cutter plain refusing to enter the tower again just to get lost.  As the rest of the party finally reach the roof with Cutter and Balasar, Gormogn runs and leaps off the roof into the forest, eight miles below.



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