Physical and Mental loss

Gormogon Velltris Bloodfang

Having just finished battling these huge pigbeings and some purple crystals, lo and behold Balasar Shadow Bane shows up!! After he had done his own thing when we departed Estis' house he finally returned to us. So he joins us on our way back to Estis'(as cutter puts it, we are doing alot of back and forth). We enter The Way through the Pawns Door, and just as we are about to set out, we notice light heading towards us. Being as there isnt anyone allowed in the ways, Xander and ashryn go to check it out, and come back to report that it is the magesterium, halfings and treasure trolls. As you can imagine, we whisper the plan, tie the horse, trap them on two sides, and commence the killing. however we arent quite fast enough with the planning, as out of nowhere a green orb of snot hits Balasar in the face and they are upon us. I step out in front to block them, as cutter climbs up on my back im ready to charge and start killing, but they close the distance before i can move. So i drop him off and step up to face them just as a ball of bright light lands behind me and somehow (magick!!!) blinds Xander, Ashryn and Cutter for what seems like ages! However, once Balasar joins me in blocking their way, we seem to be doing ok, until he goes down, and i need to revive him. the treasure trolls and halflings just jump over us and kick us down again. And finally Xander, and then shortly after cutter are able to see again, Ashryn however is still stumbling blind. The Hafubavi Vercasean. The last thing i see before i am taken down is getting kicked in the gut by one of these little turds! and then darkness takes me. I have no clue how long i was out, or who did what to whom after that, but i remember waking up ashryn putting some stuff on me and then i heard two treasure trolls got passed. I take chase!! I see a blood trail, i hope its their blood. It is not. It is my horse, Charlie, or Master Archibalds horse he lent me. NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i gather everything off of Charlie and continue the chase. Another horse, this one has been hamstrung and is no good anymore, so i end its life, the same with the next one i find. which happens to be xander and ashryns horses. Cutters and Balasars horse are alive and well, minus small scratches. I pass everyone as i head towards the Knights Crossing and continue on towards Estis. i assume they are following as i can hear bickering. 

Daylight. Finally. Estis, and food, warmth and Ale. We enter his house, he greets us with food, drink and help, somewhat. I pass on the regards from Lady Sharna and Master Klanor to him, and we proceed to tell him about our run ins with the Magesterium again. He seems more interested in chastising Xander for using his black magickness, and helping him and Ashryn with their magick, so i help myself to a barrel of ale and proceed to drown my sorrows. The loss of Charlie wouldnt bother me so much, if I had not an honor debt to repay. I need to find a better warhorse for Archibald. We chat back and forth all of us, i dont quite remember what it all is about, as im to busy drowning in ale, and food. But i focus just enough to hear that The Ways lead to a magick source. The Glass Tower, ruins of an ancient city. so we decide to set out there at first light.

We enter this confusing tower, and like the Rose Keep we search the stairwell, and find a hidden passage that leads to a study. A fire is lit, theres books a million, a desk but no one home. Cutter finds a note written in fancy flowing script and reads as follows; 'Nightwing, i need your help. come quick. Z'. i have no clue who these people are, but we keep the letter for now. Xander, Ashryn and Balasar stay behind because Ashryn is nose deep in a book and wont leave. so cutter and i decide to investigate further. we continue down the hallway to find a ladder leading up. up we go, and arrive at the top of the tower!! This cursed tower. however we appear to have lost the ladder way down, so must travel the 8 mile long staircase down the reach the study. the others have ended up falling asleep in the study as we return. We then all proceed to the ladder and up we go. i keep an eye on the floor door and ladder as we get to the top. its still there, we then decide to go back down. i rapid descend the ladder and slid down, down, down, down, down, until i fall i dont know how far, onto a wooden floor, in a wooden room that looks like an attic. WHAT!!!!! an attic there is no attick in the tower, where am i? i hate this tower!!!! i scream as i start to trash things and yell. 

i dont know where the others are, i dont know where i am. im lost, i really hate this tower. CHARLIE!!! this tower is getting to me, (GASP) a door! i decide to head through it, light a torch and proceed. i hear voices. great, now im hearing voices, Xander and Ashryn actually. they are yelling, fighting? no, cant be. were in a tower. i start to go mad, agry as i break my torch i drop. Falling, nothing beneath me, my stomach is in my throat and i don THUMP!!! i wake up groggily to see ashryn over me, or above me up some stairs? im not sure. they said i fell down. im all scrambled inside. i cant take this cursed place anymore. we go down the stairs only to find that we are at the top of the tower again!!!



“We enter this confusing tower, and like the Rose Keep we search the stairwell, and find a hidden passage that leads to a study. A fire is lit, theres books a million…”

Too bad we didn’t find a Barn and a Noble, huh?

Physical and Mental loss

Well, an attic is kinda like a barn…

Physical and Mental loss

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