The Spark


we rescued Phrasias Gravestone, the elf warrior and his family. Maria, his wife, and his two daughters, Anna and Adela, were incredibly grateful for our timely arrival, to which they gave us the key to their house in Navarah to stay at when we arrive there. Moving onward, we traveled the Arendia woods for a few more days, suprisingly in a easternly direction, because Cutter thinks that we should go that way. Come to find out he had found a chess piece, a white knight made of pure marble. I inspected the piece, and then i to felt that we should head east. we did so, coming upon a clearing, strangly a perfect circle in the woods, from where i can see a tower, made of stone. cutter and my feelings of heading east lead us to the tower, that upon closer inspection is not made of stone, but of solid glass, with a stone backround on the inside of the glass. this tower, ashryn tells us, is one where her mother stayed at THE ONE TIME, that she got lost in the woods. we arrive to investigate, find it empty of life, but not of signs of someone living there. furnishings, books, clothes, and a room with a fountain. this fountain has 4 heads on it, much like a totem pole, a dragon, a lion, a bird of prey, and an ox. what they mean i dont know at the moment. we end up leaving this magnificent, and confusing tower, still heading eastward. however, it isnt very far at all that we stumble upon a piece of rock, with a chess board design on it. Cutter inserts the white knight on it, it clicks into place, and the stone does nothing upon first glance. we look closer at it and realise that it has become quick sand like, we are able to pass through it. we do so, and arrive in a place of complete darkness. a stone bridge greets us, over a chasm of nothingness. i light a torch and lead the way, coming upon a Y in the trail, cutter flips a coin and we go right. we come upon a T in the way, with a sign that has some strange words on it, that i can read in Draconic and everyone else can read in their own language. the words are Quailo, Thessault, and Viconia. we travel straight in the thessault direction and come upon another chess board door, this one with a white bishop on it. we pass through, woods meet our sights, however we remember the horses, our supplies, and return to go get them. upon exiting the knights crossing as we came to call it we camp for the night, and to gather more torch material. During my watch for the night, lo and behold, here comes a figure in the dark, and to my suprise it is non other the Estis Glimmering himself. he was looking for something strange that had happened, and asked us about it. we told him of the chess doorway, and he said that he had been looking for us. He felt the doors opening, to what he described as The Ways. A passage from another time, that takes you to another place, for quicker travel to destinations. He then tells us of the SPARK, or what he callse, MAGICK!!! I have no idea what he is talking about, no one does. he mentions the magisterium does Magick, that anything unexplainable, or magick wise, is under their gaze. He then tells us that, Ashryn and Xander both have this Spark of Magick. Ashryns mother has it also, although she told no one about this. Estis then asks if anything strange happend to any of us, i mentioned how we signed our names for the Rite of Choosing, using a crystal pen, light green in color. it had reacted differently with Ashryn and Xander then myself and Cutter. we also mentioned that ashryn and xander had been knocked out, but with all their stuff inplace, to which Estis then says that the Magisterium was tracking them by a crystal implant in the back of their necks. he removes them, tells us that The Ways locations must not fall into the Magesteriums hands. We decided to go and collect as many pieces of the chess keys that we can find. we start with the W.knight piece, travel into The Ways collect the W.bishop, a W.pawn, and a Bl.queen, which we start to run low on torches so cutter peeks out and hears something BIG moving around outside. Xander of course, wants to go and fight it, i suggest we turn around and go out another door, but limited supplies and the horses, and xanders insistence bend me to going out the queen door. the three of them sneak out, ready to fight, i exit last, holding the torch, let out a bellowing roar, and we all come face to face with the biggest, ugliest, boneiest bear we have ever seen!!! Needless to say, this bear is strong, and tough. it almost takes me out, however xander comes into close and the bear goes after him instead. we manage to kill it, i aquired a Dire Bear cloack, as we came to call it. a neckalce of bear claws. and alot of meat to last us a while. i then scolded Xander on his rashness, and foolhardiness of his plan, even if it was nessecary to exit and resupply, more thought and caution shouldve been used. i know what cutter goes through with the rest of us as leader.



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