The tower

As we finally finish this epic fight which was a great team building exercise since I learned that being next to cutter in a fight is invigorating, Balazaar just sort of strolls up all nonchalant like.  Apparently he had been watching the fight from the tree line and did not want to interrupt thinking we may have thought of him as an enemy.  Not sure if he understands this but he is one of two dragonborn I have seen lifetime so there are three options available here, one he is with the enemy, two he is scared to fight or three he is just plain stupid.  No matter I will keep watch on him.  

After the fight, we hit the ways to head back to Estis and while we are in the ways we see a light as I sneak forward to see if I recognize the people pushing the light I realize that I may know one of them and run back to let the rest of the group know what is going on.  So in the hurry that we are in we decided to set up an ambush and just wipe out the other group, well we did not set up soon enough and the next thing I know meatball is getting wailed in the side of the face by some form of projectile.  Well the trap has ben foiled and now we are in clear combat with 7 individuals.  The combat is fierce, intense and at times blinding.  Not sure about everyone else but for a while I could not see and was relying purely on my other senses to fire my arrows at the enemy.  Hopefully I did not hit cutter or gormagon with my arrows but eventually I could see again and got in close enough to really lay down some arms.  Well in the end of the fight three of them escaped with two headed past the horses towards the door that we had just come through.  I made chase but lost them due to not being able to see and as soon as we could we went to check on the horses.  Three of them were dead or dying and the rest of us with dead horses took it out on meatball for the remainder of the trip.  

After the fight we headed back to Estis and I tried talking to him about the ability I had since I had not learned magic through him.  Well the only thing that I could do was curse the group and Estis told me not to do it again in mixed company.  So I asked him outside and cursed him and well lets just say that I will not be doing that again.  After talking with Estis we decided to take the fight to the magisterium and went back to the tower. 

Once inside the tower we found a second hidden set of stairs and followed those until we found a room with a fire burning and lots of books and a desk.  Inside the desk was a note that read “Nightwind, in real trouble come ASAP.  Yesterday would be best Z.”  The books that were there ventured from the mundane like history to magical things and Ashryn seems to be entranced by what she finds in the book and spends hours upon hours upon hours reading these books.  I found a book on what seems to be my current affliction, warlock but I do not have time to read it yet so I pocket that with a few other items.

We eventually realized that the other group had been gone entirely to long and set out to find them.  Well at some point in time I separate from the other group and I walk for what seems like an eternity and I realize that the marks that I had been following were suddenly duplicating.  Well as I begin to freak out I see my friends following me and so I turn to talk to them and as I turn and talk the turn and walk away.  We repeat this process over and over and I begin to lose grip with reality.  I talk and no one answers I walk to them they walk away.  I start to get seriously aggravated and pull out the bow and start shooting arrows and as I hit them they drop one by one.  I do this and keep on walking and I see Ashryn walking towards me and I pull my bow to shoot and she yells” whoa Xander, what are you doing?”  I am thinking to myself this may not be real so I ask a question and she answers.  Well the other two things that were with her did not so I shot them walked over picked up my arrows and carried on.  The next thing I know Ashryn is having a conversation with cutter who is not there.  This went on for a while until we ran into the real cutter and meatball.  But for some reason we could not find Gormagon.  Well there is this loud noise that could only be Gormagon yelling and it sounds like it is coming through the walls so we start searing for him and go up further and further then we end up on the roof.  We keep going more and more until we find Gormagon.  Well after we find him we wander this maze of a place until we end up back on the roof.  Gormagon looks like he has mentally checked out as he lets out a terrible yell and says im done and jumps over the side………..



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