Bek Rowe

Small, wirey, paladin of Larmaxle


4’00 rather scrawny and quick smaller dragon then what I used to be. I am no longer Gormogon Velltris Bloodfang, but Bek Rowe, servant of Larmaxle himself. Platinum tinge scales with semi lightning stripes on me.


As I fell down from the tower top, I pondered my lifes existence. I thought of friends, family, what little there was, and my adventures. More importantly I thought of the fall down. I got bored of the fall and tried to fly. I see the ground get up to me and blackness. All around me as I fall on coins and treasure. I see before me the dragons of old, of each color. Judging me, watching me. I proceed to be judged by fate herself it seem, and I loose what I crave most, strength. I become smaller, weaker, no more a leader but a servant, a paladin of larmaxle.

Bek Rowe

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