Ashryn Phirel

Elf, Two-Weapon Ranger


Ashryn is quite pale for an elf, she has silver eyes with a slight green tint and platinum colored hair. She wears her mothers old leather armor, which design mimicked dragon scales, long leather gloves extending past the elbows and a light elven cloak. The cloak is mainly to hide the armor in public, but it was a gift from a friend and is cherished. Occasionally she pulls her hair up with a silver ribbon with gold trims and leaf patterned design, however, she will only wear it for very specific occasions that mainly entitle her family name and power.


Ashryn Phirel, daughter of the great Orran Phirel and Tssani Phirel. The Phirel family carries high wealth and influence in the Elven city and it is said they where a family of dragon slayers back when dragons where said to exist. The story goes that Orran was slain by an Ancient Dragon and his body was unrecoverable. When Tssani found out about her beloved’s death she flew into a range of emotions and tracked down the beast. She successfully slew the Dragon, saving a western province from utter destruction. Hundreds of years passed, the family had no successor, Tssani refused to marry once again. In fact she did not love any other.
It is believed she prayed for years to the Gods, begging for one last glance of her husband and they granted her request. Tssani and Orran were said to have one full day together, within a few weeks it was became apparent Tssani was carrying a child. Weeks turned to months and later the child was born and given the name Ashryn…

~My childhood was very different from many other children, my mom kept me in the house for my first 15 years, then finally she let me go outside the house but I couldn’t leave the grounds until I was 20. I found a room with armor and weapons on the far northern part of the property and there I began to test myself. The times I got to leave the house, I was quickly pointed out as someone who was frail. Treated like I was weak, but people didn’t seem to really say anything because they knew who I was. I’m a Phirel one of the most honored families in the whole country, especially in this city, and that gets me “special privileges.” I don’t want everyone to treat me like this, acting like they owe this family everything… I don’t understand why either, what was so great about my family, what do I not know?
I got a bit too far ahead of myself, my point is; I’m not frail and I am definitely not weak, I don’t need my name in order to carry me places. If I am to get somewhere I want to know I earned it. I went through my library at some point, around the age of 40 or so, and I came across an older book with only two pages in it… the book had no label but its text described a bit about my families past. When I asked my mom about this book she sighed and took me to the room with the armor, she told me how the family was once known as grand warriors. This was thousands of years ago though, my mom was the last one and my dad was the last one to die… after that mom retired when she had me… at first I was slightly confused about it, but she moved my focus elsewhere.
“Ashryn” she said, “you are so close to the coming age, and I know you must have been angry with me to have sheltered you so long. I know you’ve been working hard lately as well, but time has ran short and I gift you my armor from my youth.” She gave me the biggest hug and said one last thing to me.
“One day, when you are ready, you may open the cabinet and take what is inside. However your are not to open it if you do not pass through the first rite of choosing.” She was stern and never broke eye contact, I gave a slight nod and she walked off leaving me in the room with my thoughts…
My birthday is just two days away, I will be 147 years old. Which means for 100 years I have been training myself to be able to best anyone to become a proven warrior. It also means that I will going through the rite and I will come above everyone, using my own determination and my own skill.

Ashryn Phirel

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