Human, Brawny Rogue


Cutter is of average height and fit but slender build. He has dark brown, almost black hair that goes down past his ears, and piercing green eyes, and an X shaped scar on his chin, as well as one on his left cheek. He wears around his neck a sort of scarf, which was given to him by someone special. Crimson in color, the scarf isn’t well suited to skulking and sneaking around in shadows, but none-the-less, Cutter wears it with pride, in remembrance of this person. Cutter uses only a dagger in his “work”, claiming it to be the “best tool for any job”; one of the better known theories as to why he has gained the nickname “cutter”.


Cutter, or more precisely Maximilian Derwyn Von Liechtenstein De Rolo iii, is the bastard son of a rather unremarkable minor lord of Alnoth. After his Rite of Choosing, Cutter was abandoned, it seemed his father thought it was the perfect time to unburden himself with the child and left him to his apprenticeship, cutting most ties and dropping any form of communication between cutter and himself, only remaining in contact with the boy’s master in case he ever amounted to anything that the minor lord could use to heighten his own social standing.

There are more than a few theories as to why Cutter got his name. Some say he got it from his skill as a cut purse. Others say, that the last person to make fun of his scarf was cut to ribbons, and that’s also why the cloth is crimson red. Some say he got the name because his strikes cut so deep, or because he has cuts on his face from more than a few brawls.

More plausible than those ideas of fancy, however, is that the term “cutter” was used by a wandering vagabond who happened to pass through town one day. The traveler didn’t look like he owned much, stopping in town only long enough to spend the night in an inn and purchase dry rations, but the air around him was heavy, like he was someone important, or dangerous. Nobody approached the traveler, and everyone ran if he try to approach the towns people, but when he came to Maximilian, who stood his ground and actually let the man approach, the traveler was impressed. The traveler merely asked which direction the next town was in and left, with not but a simple “thanks, cutter”.


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