Gormogon Velltris Bloodfang

Offspring of a Dragonborn Clan Chief, at 18 he stand 6'8 and weighs 300lbs


One of many offspring birthed to Lord Galdrid Tarkin, leader of the Bloodfang clan, I, Gormogon Velltris was born. I was big from birth, much bigger than my siblings. But size is not everything as i have found out the hard way. I am a slow learner, not very bright, my siblings have surpassed me so far. And because of this, it’s the reason I am sent to Alnoth for the Rite of Choosing.

Aliases- Meatball, Big Guy, BFM



Coming from my homeland in the east, a desert land, harsh and unforgiving, i travel with traders to Alnoth. My father, the clan chief of the Bloodfangs, has sent me to Alnoth to learn, train, and to expand ties with the rest of the world. I don’t amount to much yet, I’m just really big, my father is not very happy. He is starting to become embarrassed and ashamed of me thus my travel to Alnoth. His hope is that with the Rite of Choosing i will either succeed or fail and disappear. If i succeed he will have a worthy offspring to take rule of the clan, if not then he will no longer have to be burdened with my failure. All I carry with me, so i have a “chance” my father said, is a hide armor, and the standard mace that scouts carry.

Gormogon Velltris Bloodfang

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