Toby Ironcross

Cleric of Moradin, battle cleric in the Iron Knights


Short and stocky, standing at 4’3 roughly 150lbs of muscle. He resides in Brelidah Hall. His armor and that of the rest of the Iron Knights is a deep grey, as grey as the mountains they reside in. And in the center of their breastplates, and on their shields and banners is a silver and gold anvil, the sign of Moradin.


In my early years, 85th to be exact, I had been a battle cleric for over 5 years now when I first met the dragonborn Gormogon. He was traveling as a youngling with a trade caravan coming from the East. Multiple races were included among this caravan so it wasn’t a race crime when the bandits attacked. But attack they did and they were merciless in their slaughter. Everyone in that caravan would’ve been killed if my unit had not happened upon them when we did. The 3 dozen bandits that had arrived ended up killing all but 10 of the people in the caravan, which included Gormogon Velltris, offspring to Galdrid Tarkin chief of the Bloodfang Clan. Once the bandits were disposed of, I set about to treating the wounding, praying for the dead. As I did so, I noticed that the youngling was following me. He seemed interested in what I was doing, and luckily we both spoke the common tongue so we were able to share information. He expressed a desire to learn, but also to fight, to not be helpless again. Maybe that is what set him on the path of warlord, to take over his fathers rule when the time came. We bonded him and me, dwarf and a dragonborn. I taught him my language although it was sporadic as he didn’t come by often, but when he did he would teach me his language and customs. We became close friends as the years grew on. He quickly reached maturing age, and the age where he would be sent off to the Right of Choosing. That is the last time that I laid eyes on my young energetic friend, he had set off for Cauln. The Iron Knights consist of one dwarf from each of the 13 clans, each chosen by the leader of that clan. We are sworn to serving Moradin, the great God of creation, and life, he who made us from stone, as well as the First Among Equals whoever it may be. I had been with the Iron Knights for 7 years. My great-great-great-great-great ancestor, Triston Ironcross, founded them many centuries ago to be the best that we had to offer. Regardless of name, stature, position, wealth everyone started at the bottom. All started as equals, squires to the senior knights. The Iron Knights are made up of soldiers, clerics, rangers, knights, anyone and anybody was accepted, providing they had the courage, heart, and strength to pass the tests and training. Each trainee was trained by a member from a different clan, so no one showed favoritism. Once one was believed to be ready to pass the test, to be accepted into knighthood, he was given a quest to accomplish. This quest required strength, wisdom, and endurance and many other skills needed. They had to travel around Auris, stopping at each capital in the lands and acquire a token from them and bring them back. No two tokens could be the same as what was brought previously, from the beginning to now there are no two tokens that look alike. If they squire failed, and brought a token that was already claimed, he or she must undergo two more years of training to take the test again.

Toby Ironcross

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