After Ruby Robbery

Xander (Elf Ranger)

Well guys…… no deaths…. was expecting it but it didn't happen and robbery was def In the cards…

Bek (Kobold Pally)

Lol oh well

Cutter (PC Twin Bro)

Didnt think anyone would die. Kinda figured you intended to rob Cutter's family's house though, when you were passing notes and decided to go in on your own.


It happens I guess. 


Robbing Cutter's family just happens" huh… 😑


No. Him stealing stuff and going on his own


Oh. Yea.

That and I got yelled at for going inside



Yea. Cause you were supposed to stay outside. Not go in to kill Cutter's dad or steal from his sister.


Their fine


Well he didn't kill your dad, so that's fine.

All I'm saying is none of this would have happened if I could have killed the eldarin


Why didnt you then. You had multiple chances.


Didn't think about it till later


So we kill innocents?


Well…. apparently your family does




They would have killed her


Oh Cutter’s family you mean




So we kill innocents now cause his family would have?



Your argument is not very strong


How is it not strong? Would you jump off a cliff cause his family might? I didn't realize we are murderers



I didn't realize we were suicidal either

Just cause u don't realize it doesn't mean anything…. I tried to kill the blue fox as I go we're talking it out…. remember

You were*


We aren't suicidal no one is talking about doing cause Gormogon jumped. You're talking about killing someone just because Cutter’s father was going to. All because you don't want to get yelled at for going inside


…… same difference


Oh no. Big difference between suicide and murder my friend

No one else has their 2 cents?


And we aren't even sure the eladrin is innocent. Dont be fooled by a pretty face.


Don't know she's evil either


Thats my point. We know NOTHING about her. She could be a witch, she may not be. She could be the leader of an underground eleven revolution that wants to kill humans, she may not be. We. Know. Nothing. And we found her in a cell.


So that's good enough to kill her? If she's that bad why didn't the guards have her? But because your father says she's evil, even tho he doesn't consider you his son, you believe everything he says


Damn…. burn


Oh don't even start because u didn't want to get yelled by someone "not your friend" you're willing to kill an innocent woman


And I was willing to run back in for u…. but it's cool Xander doesn't rate a thank you


Well I haven't had a chance to thank you yet


We slept I. The woods together overnight

So lies


Uh also just left the house so other issues on hand to deal with


I have no other issues

Matter of fact we turned I. The dragonball



We turned in


And that was also when you and Cutter wanted to kill her as well



Well the way you two are acting, maybe I'm better off trusting my father over you. One of you wants to kill an "innocent" woman as soon as meet her, and the other wants to fuck her even though he's a kobold. Both of you need to get your priorities straight and stop acting like douchebags.


Wow, no one ever said anything about fucking anybody.


You got all googly eyed as soon as you saw her


Ok, so that means nothing about fucking so chill out.


And Cutter didn’t want to kill her, stop saying he did. Cutter would rather not have anything to do with her. Xander is the murder hobo here


Whoa…. if the problem was her being free then I was gonna just fix the issue take the orb kill the chick n go…. then she lied to me…. I didn't like that


No you were all about killing her instead of letting her go


And why could you trust Cutter to hold onto the ruby? Why was it so important that you have it.


It has nothing to do with trust. It was tasked out to bek to get it back and return it


Only when he said the ball controlled her n without the ball he couldn't…. do quick fix we take ball, kill her and carry on


I was not. I never said we should kill her, I said you and Xander deal with it


I'm talking about your dad

You didn't even wanna go back in for Bek


I was about keeping her locked up. Either at Cutter's family's place or somewhere else


And how would we have done that without the ball


On what proof? Cause your dad said so?


And I followed orders and didn't kill anyone


Because I didn’t want to deal with my dad, number 1. You say first hand why. And for two, I know he could get out on his own, like we planned for him to do


You didn't say that when you could’ve


Well I see myself as the Xmen version of gambit in this dnd universe good guy one day bad the next


I’m more inclined now to trust my dad over you two, the way you guys are acting. The elf isn't my problem. If dad couldn't deal with her and you two wanted to free her, then you two can deal with her. The job was only to get the ruby. If it meant the Eladrin went free then that's my dad’s problem.

I did say that!

over and over


over and over????


But no, we had to save the princess and convince my dad that we talk to dragons!


That's y’alls stupid fault giving away secrets


One job. Get the ruby.




You mean you and Xander's fault. Cutter and Ashryn one or be quiet. You started spouting names just to spite Xander

*knew to be quiet


I said nothing to him


You gave him Xander's name. Then started talking after Xander did.




I gave away no secrets like you guys did, the ways, crystals, wards


AND. You left us hanging fate we came back to get you


Were you in danger? He's your dad, the best dad in the world apparently. Then I came back


Again, you guys. Cutter (PC Twin Bro) kept him mouth shut because hes smart. 15 years of dealing with Cutter (PC Twin Bro)'s dad does that




Nobody said hes the best dad in the world. But hes at least got his shit straight.


Then go back to daddy and enslave ppl



Bek stalks off in anger.


You guys are funny


Am I crazy? Seriously. Stop shaking you head and tell me. Brennon not on here and it actually pisses me off he won’t say anything. Am I crazy or is this shit not stupid and being forced on Cutter?


What's being forced on Cutter ??


Bek's bull shit basically. He gets so damn angry and doesn't get things. Last time he tried to kill Cutter (PC Twin Bro) over not getting what’s going on.



No one’s trying to kill anyone

And I'm not blaming anyone …..


I know not now. I’m saying this is what led to the fight last time, and it seems like I’m always to blame. Am I missing something?


No you’re playing your character he is playing his there is no blame to lay….

He's still stubborn and thinks it's my fault he got found in the house

But no, your pc's just have very different views on everything

Which sometimes he's right sometimes your right rarely am I right


Alright cool. As long I’m not being a dick here. I try not to be.


You’re good


After Ruby Robbery

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