Ashryns house

Bek: Balasar, it has dawned upon me that we need to correct the situation of you still being considered a child. I am not being hateful or spiteful at all this time, this is out of concern for you. So long as people know you are a child, you really have no say and should not be fighting. And in dragonborn customs it is illegal for you to do so. That being said, we have two options. First is to go to Cauln, find you a master if you are chosen, and loose you for a year to complete the Rite. Second is for one of us to become a master and train you. I'd rather not loose you for a year but those I believe are our only options.

Cutter:  We can't wait for Balasar to train for a year, with a master from Cauln or under one of us.  Even IF we sent you to Cauln for a Rite of Choosing, we all know the magisterium runs that, and they'd kill Balasar the first chance they got.  I declare, as my own man, that with what I have witnessed Balasar is able to do in battle and how he acts in the company of others, Balasar should be considered his own Dragon-man himself.  Any in favor?

Xander: As one to understand trouble and do foolish things himself, I am not the one to say when a man is a man but if the law of the land is he needs a master he shall get a master or forever be silenced in group choices.  Children are to be seen and not heard as Master Barton would tell me. So in all fairness i oppose. 

I'm sorry to say, balasar that Xander is right. It would be certain trouble for us to allow you acting as an adult when you are not. So I oppose, but that doesn't mean we won't try to get this taken care of quickly

Why even bother?  The whole Rite of Choosing is a sham.  If it weren't for how everyone else looks down on someone who hasn't taken it, I would have slept in that day.  I only did it because it's "the thing people do".  You know what makes you a man?  Not some badge or token of adulthood, WE barealy earned ours from Bootlum after we did our first job for him, we took him to Lake Alnoth and he threw our badges at us and told us to be on our way, he had more important matters to attend to.  If you can act accordingly, and especially if you have had to fight or kill to defend yourself, you should be considered an adult.  At least that's what I think.  

I've been thinking about it, cutter is right. The purpose of the Rite has been tarnished because of the  magesterium. I hereby withdraw my original vote. I agree in favor. But most won't, therefor we can just overlook this predicament.  

Balasar: Look this whole right of passage, in my honest opinion is null and void due to the magesterium taking a war stance and coming after me, my family, and my people. I don't care if people think I'm a child. I will prove myself time and time again that I'm more then capable of being an adult. Maybe if we not worry about this right of choosing for me and focuses on the task at hand and that taking down the magesterium, or am I the only who cares more about that then having some piece of medal saying if I'm a man or not! I am not letting anymore villages, towns and city end up like me! I said my part. 

Such childish behavior, your town is not the only one to burn, your village is not the only to get slaughtered and your family is not the only to die.  You fail to realize that you are not unique in pain, as we have all felt that and the fact that you rush to battle, no purpose other than hate makes you very similar to me not to long ago.  Rage, anger and that temper will not only get you killed but possible others also.  If anything mull it over and decide what you must but first to fight is not always the way to do things.

He's not been the first to fight, ALL of our fights with the magisterium have been reactionary, defensive.  Every time they attack us first, just for knowing that they exist.  Like what Ashryn keeps saying, we need to strike back once in a while.  I wholly agree with that, and with Balasar.  I think the time for deciding who's worth becoming an adult or who's staying a child for another year is gone.  Balasar needs to be included in everything we're doing and treated like an equal.  We need to let people know that we, as adults, see Balasar as an adult.

Look here xanader I'm tired of this crap ever since I came back all y'all done is come after me and made me look like an idiot. Ok I'm done with that crap now. The only ones that had my back since coming back are cutter and Ashryn, and now slowly bek. Yes bek you said some stuff about me but I forgive everything you say brother. This is not the time to fight amongst each other. So let's move from this petty crap and start coming up with plans and ways we are going to deal with this threat. And Xanader I know my village wasn't the only one destroyed and I know I'm not the only one who lost something but guess what I'm using my rage, my anger for the good of everything. Now can we focus on what we are going to do or we going to worry about what others think of me.

(Xander looks at balasar very confused turns and walks away)

*looks to Ashryn- Well, what do you think?  Anything to add, or a vote?  Bek and I am For Balasar being treated like an adult.  Unless you think otherwise, your vote would either tie it or make Xander's vote null.

I made a mistake.

ok, first of all, xander hasn't given you any crap balasar, it was mainly me. Second of all, did nothing I say about your society seeing get a child do adult things illegal? Whether you can fight or hold your own or whatever is besides the point. If we ran into any other dragonborn that are adults and they see you with us and you're still a child, then you will probably be killed as will the rest of us. Yes the magesterium are a problem. I'm sorry for your loss of village and family but that's what they do. They kill all who opposes them. And if we were to run into other dragonborns and they attack us, you best believe I won't die because you chose to stay "considered a child". We are not fighting among ourselves, we are trying to save you. maybe ashryns mother can help us, or if one of us becomes a master then you can train and stay with us at the same time. I refuse to let someones anyones ego get in the way. For all his assholeness Xander cares about the group. For all cutters trying to do right, he cares. For ashryns quietness and not speaking she cares, and I care even tho I give crap to alot. You should care too, put aside your pain for now, they can't come back. But if the wrong people see you as a "child" even though you shouldn't be, you will die. And then where would your village and family be? No one will avenge them. I'm not saying to stay in the backround no nor am I saying to be an adult "technically". I'm saying trust me, trust us to help you.

why should some right of choosing define whose an adult and whose not! A whole new world was just introduced to the people of this land or we going to forget that! Ohh btw bek, where your medal as I remember only meatball had a medal but you sir do not so by all "technically" you are a child still even if you are still meatball in another body. So shouldn't you go through the same process then! 

(Balasar throws his cloak on and walks outside to get some air) 

Bek, I know you and Xander are trying to help, but the way you're talking to Balasar isn't helping.  You're both still acting like he's a child.  You two need to just forget all of that.  A new world is dawning, one without the magisterium dictating who lives and who dies.  We need to just forget ALL of that, and just accept Balasar as an adult, he's shown us as much.  If we treat him like an adult, then others will see him like an adult.  I have to agree with him though, but know I do agree with you and we need everyone to work together, but we cannot go around telling strangers that he's just a child.  Imagine what the marshal thinks of him since you told him, and imagine how that makes US look.


Tssani to Balasar (Alone, outside): Dragonling, Balasar. I believe I may have a solution to your issue of status. You see, while it is not so dire that you and your friends would be killed out of hand…honestly, who even came up with that?… The Rite of Choosing is important not because the Magisterium used it, but because it is one of the few things that all people of all races share; and that it predates the Magisterium. The Ancients used this Rite, in the form of Awakening. If you could not be Awakened, then you were a second-class citizen. It is the origin of our way of life; a way of life mutually agreed upon by all societies. The Ritual of Awakening can be performed by a Master. Tell me your story, Balasar, and perhaps I will perform it for you.

(Tells my story with a sadness and regret of my attitude towards the group)

im sorry ma'am it's just hard saying all this and I'm ready to prove myself and if you can help me I will listen to you and do whatever it takes.

Well, we can perform the Awakening here; my home rests above a ley line node. IT is powerful enough, but there is still a great chance the ritual will fail. There is only one place where the Ritual of Awakening can be performed without fear of failure. I understand you've all been there before: the Glass Tower. If we were to go there, I could perform it and grant you the completion of your Rite of Choosing. Your story leads me to believe that, although still young, you are willing and mostly able to make hard decisions when required, and to live with the consequences of those decisions.

Right m'lady. I am ready for this let me inform the others that we will go to the glass tower to do the ritual.

(balasar gets up and head back inside)



As I understand it, Balasar has more than proven himself to be seen as an adult. However I do understand both sides. The rite of choosing holds much importance to our society, that alone would deem it necessary to anyone and everyone to participate in.


(Ashryn turns to face both Bek and Cutter)


That's just the logical side of it. Personally, I would like to say he should be seen as an adult. Even if he has childish behaviors… or driven by blind rage. It's not like we haven't gone through the same thing. He hurts from loss, recent loss, and how he tries to cope with it is by being angry and focusing it on the magisterium. Bek I have to shoot down your ideas. We can't wait a year, and none of us have officially reached the title of master to train him and I'm not sure how long it will take. Sorry.


Xander would you please come back over here… we have many other things we need to discuss. Mom can help with Balasar’s situation if she can. We don't have any real plan, so let's start with what we know shall we?

(Xander walks back over to ashryn bek and cutter)

So what's the proposal on dealing with the magisterium and as I understand it your mother would know of the locations of some of there strongholds being she was formerly in charge of the group.

(Ashryn nods)

And you are most likely correct. So we should gather up all the information we can and take the fight to them. However it is possible that they have relocated their main stronghold so I say we strike a minor one first. After checking on the floating city of colossus. That's the basic structure of the plan. The details comes from all of us. So thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Concerns or problems?

It's all well and good that we have some what figured this out, but has no one listened to what i said? i said nothing about wanting him gone for a year, i don't. i said it was an option, and i know that none of us are masters. Which is why i mentioned Lady Tssani, who seems to be doing what is necessary.  The more we say, stop acting like a child, he is a child, you are a child, it makes us ALL children, yes I said all. And i said nothing about a medal, its not the medal that makes you an adult, but your journey to get there, hence the training. 

But i am done with that subject, Lady Tssani will take care of it, she has the right. Now as for the magesterium and our plan, the floating city is our next destination. We will wait until your mother is finished with Balasar and then no more will be said on the subject. Since it will take some time to get near Lord Ashardalks realm where we left the boat, I suggest that as we make our way, keep our eyes and ears open for the floating city, magesterium, and magick doers. And with that my friends, you are all still friends no matter how you piss me off, (I smile a toothy grin) i take my leave, and need some solitude.(i walk away)

Ashryn, I wonder if your mother knows anything more about my village and family then she has come fort and shared.  I truly am curious as to my exact lineage and why someone would destroy my home.  I assume someone in my home could use magic but I am not sure.


(Ashryn sighs as Bek continues off)

Good night then Bek… Alright, so I want an agreement on this idea. All for checking on Colossus after gathering the information we can, say “Aye.” I promise when Balasar comes back inside we will be doing this again, to one; get his opinion and two; to make sure this is what we settle on. I want all ideas forward.

(Ashryn looks at Xander, nodding to his comment) 

Then please, ask her…

i will and aye

I think this whole conversation is redundant and over complicated.  I'll give your idea an Aye Ashryn.  I really don't see any other course of action to take.

(Balasar enters the house seeing everyone looking at him)

ok guys and lady first I want to say sorry for how I acted towards all you especially xanader and bek if y'all can forgive me we got some business that needs attending. First of all I ready for the right of choosing which I can do with the awaking, which can be performed at two places here and a place we are all to familiar with. This brings me to my second point. I choose not to do the ritual here but at the glass tower because it is the best chance for it to work. So that's my choice right now. What do you say y'all with me on this trip?

Bek: (returns from his thoughts) balasar I accept your apology and must make one of my own. It was selfish of me to make your decisions for you. I am in agreement with everyone, to the glass tower we go, but be wary we may get stuck like last time. Let us follow Lady Tssanni on this and do as she says.

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The Awakening… at the glass tower. In order to pass through your rite…

(Ashryn nods then takes a look at everyone)

Alright then that is what we must do first. (Glancing more towards Bek) I actually have a feeling that we won’t exactly get lost the same way again. (She looks downward, placing one arm underneath the other and raising a hand to her cheek)


Ashryns house

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