Overnight in the Goblin Lair

Hilda to Jack: Young man, you are lucky to be alive. Your foolishness could have been the end of you, and may still be this girl's doom. As you may have noticed, my time on this earth is likely not much longer, the next time you waste it with stunts like that, when another could have benefited more, I'll see to it that you are left for dead.


Hilda goes to the girl and examines the mushroom scraps. (Medicine 19 to identify, and treat). Mutters conversation to the sleeping girl while working: Ahh, girl, what manner of ill fortune have you, to be carted of by goblins from the middle of the town. And what ill luck your father has. My time is valuable and will not come cheaply to him, however little I care for silver. I've made more effort for you than I've made for another in many a year. Had I known you were at the bottom of a goblin lair, I'd like as not have gone home, stoked the fire in my hearth and slept soundly through the storm.

(When she is done with the girl jack says)

Jack to hilda: yes, thank you lady of the woods, jack will sing your praise. You have given him many more days. No more will jack make this mistake, as to rush off or leave a girl in his wake. You're skill in fight and medicine is quite good. His dear lady of the wood.

*Omniscience) Hilda mixes some herbs together to counteract whatever the goblins gave the girl, a mixture of wyrmtongue, wrackwort and some goblin mushroom.  The girl's breathing becomes less haggard and rhythmic.  She'll sleep soundly throughout the night, and possible most of the walk back home.

Overnight in the Goblin Lair

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